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Monday 23 May 2005 - "Josie 2005 Secret"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ?Josie 2005 Secret !!!?

VAN PARK HOUSE - Cassie (wearing an awesome pink top & matching skirt) is keen t go to the beach - but Ric really wants to listen to the radio so he can win tickets the the upcoming concert by a band called Magic Dirt. Sally enters the room - she ?suggests" they turn the volume on the radio down, before e Sally heads for the shower. Diesel enters - and Ric & Cassie tell him she?s in the shower. Diesel insets that he?ll wit. Cassie asks diesel about why he dumped Tilly - and Cassie realises that diesel has feeling for someone else (she doesn't?t know who).

JIM WALLIS? PLACE - morag thanks Jim for telling her about Josie & 1989. When Jim says that someone else has recently asked about this info, morag suggests that it was Marc Edwards but Wallis can?t remember the person;s name. When morag asked if Jim will tell the authorities what happened, he is reluctant, but he eventually agrees to her request.

DINER - Alf & Martha enter, and when they see josie, Martha launches a verbal attack against her. Alf suggests that Martha should calm down, but when Martha walks away, Alf launches a more subtle attack on Josie. He wonders where the woman who wanted to make the bay her home had gone - and Alf really played on the emotions of Josie;s trashed relationship with Tasha.

VAN PARK HOUSE - Cassie is getting frustrated staying at the house, but she likes it when Ric suggests that they can use the double pass to the concert (if he wins) as their 1-st official date. Meanwhile, diesel is looking at a framed pic of sally, when sally enters the room (dressed in bath robe with a towel on her head). Sally is surprised to see diesel - ans suggest that they arranged their study session for tomorrow. Diesel insists that it was for today. Sally suggests that diesel should come back later today for that study session.

DINER - Robbie & Tasha enter but they aren?t keen on Martha?s suggestions that they should sit in the way of the bulldozers that are going to demolish the van park.

VAN PARK HOUSE - Flynn arrives, after his hospital shift and suggests that Ric & Cassie be noisy elsewhere. Cassie grabs her disc man and suggest to Ric that they can listen out for the radio competition on the beach. Ric agrees and they exit, and Flynn lies down & relaxes on the couch. Seconds later,. Ric & Cassie re-enter - with diesel, who tells Flynn & the others that he?s been beaten (his lips is cut etc). When Flynn enquires, diesel says that he was ?jumped" by several unknown attackers.

JOSIE?S FLAT - moarg arrives and tells Josie that she knows EVERYTHING about 1989. Morag explains that a drunken regular customer arrived at the brothel one day, and he tried to force himself on Josie. She hit him over head with a lamp which killed him. Moarg continues by saying that since Jim Wallis was a regular customer at the brothel, Josie asked him to help her cover up the murder. Jim did so - if Josie slept with him for no charge this time. Moarg insets that Kim is prepared to tell the authorities what happened in 1989 - if Josie doesn?t convince the Mcklin corp to abandon its resort plans for the bay. Josie insists that its not that simple, but morag insists that WILL go to the police. Morag exits - leaving the flustered Josie to work out her next move.

VAN PARK HOUSE - Flynn is talking to diesel about what happened when sally arrived. She is shocked.

DINER - Ric is listening to the radio on the disc man, and he tells Cassie that the announcer has said the codeword for the concert. Ric rings the station - and WINS 2 tickets to the concert. Both Cassie & Ric are overjoyed at the news. Nearby, Tasha & Robbie still aren?t keen on Martha?s protest ideas, so they bail.

VAN PARK HOUSE -after sally helps diesel put his shirt back on, diesel insists that a tutoring session will take his mind off the bashing. Sally is reluctant - but she agrees. Sally goes to kitchen, where Flynn tells her that he?s suspicious of diesel?s account of what happened.

BEACH - Tasha is inspired by mar ha, and decides to help her after all. She suggests to Robbie that they should hand out all the anti resort flayers they?ve printed - and Robbie concurs.

VAN PARK HOUSE - sally & diesel are stying when Ric & Cassie enter. They tells sally & Flynn about the concert. Both sally & Flynn are uneasy about it, but they agree to let Ric & Cassie go if they contact sally & Flynn as soon as the concert is finished. Tasha & Robbie enter, and sally suggest that th house is too noisy for studying. Diesel, however, loves sally?s suggestion that they will go to SBH and continue studying there.

JOSIE?S FLAT - Josie (whose wearing black fishnet stockings) answers the phone. It?s her mysterious contact. Josie insists that she NEEDS help, as she can?t get the Macklins to quash the resort as its too soon for their (Josie & mystery person) plans

DINER - Robbie & Tasha enters, and they tell Martha that they?ve already handed out heaps of anti resort flyers. Martha is really keen when Tasha suggest they print, then hand out, some more. Tasha, Robbie & Martha exit.

SBH -sally is impressed by how quickly that diesel is catching up with his studies. Diesel insists its because he has a fantastic teacher - and diesel clearly loves it when sally places her hand on his shoulder when she?s looking at some of his work. Hyde approaches - he thoughts someone had broken into the school, but he is very encouraged that diesel is trying so hard to catch up. After Hyde is gone, sally?s phone rings. When sally is off the phone, she tells diesel that Flynn was on the phone. Flynn reminded Sally how late in the day it has become. Diesel responds by saying that he?d never order his girlfriend/wife around like that

NEAR BEACH - Josie tells moarg that she can?t get the macklins to stop the resort, and PLEADS with Morag for her NOT to go to the police. Josie assures morag that more is at stake than just the resort, but Morag WON?T change her stance (end of ep)


Why is Josie NOT worried - despite the police closing in on her?

and Tilly decides that a makeover (dishevelled hair, dark eye shadow, short black dress etc) is the way to get boys interested in her !!!

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