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Something to say

Sunday Mail, The

22 May 2005

TAMMIN Sursok (left), the Home and Away star whose album Whatever Will Be is released today, says she doesn't want to be pigeonholed as just another soapie-star-turned-singer.

"Sometimes people think when you come from a television show, you are just going to come out with something that is quite meaningless - the same word repeated 55 times," she says.

"It is good to let people hear there is something more, that I have got something to say."

Sursok is not abandoning acting. She has been filming an American feature film called Aquamarine and has auditioned for several Australian films.

But her next big step is to release the album in London.

"I will probably work there for a few months in the middle of the year," she says. "Despite what you may have read, I am not moving to London."

Talkin' Tunes

Sunday Mail, The

22 May 2005

IN THE middle of last year, on her 21st birthday, former Home and Away actor Tammin Sursok excitedly opened her biggest birthday present to reveal a shiny new electric guitar.

Now, less than a year later, the diminuitive star has soared to the top of the Aussie music charts with her platinum-selling debut single Pointless Relationship and the equally enchanting follow-up, Whatever Will Be.

And as if that s not enough,Tammin is set to release her debut album - also titled Whatever Will Be - tomorrow.

And, fingers crossed, her guitar-playing skills will be up to scratch in time for her to tour.

So, what can we expect from the album?

Good question! We sat down with Tammin over lunch to find out...

"The album, as a whole, is definitely a reflection of me and my life, Tammin told Factor X.

"I think that because it took two years to record there are a lot of songs that express what I felt like at the beginning of the whole process and then a lot of quite mature songs done right at the end. It seems to be a good mix.

So, can Tammin choose a favourite among this good mix?

"Whatever Will Be is my, sort of, baby. It was one of the first songs I heard when I was writing the album, and it just means so much to me.

Everyone gets down about little things at times and the song s really about knowing there s a plan out there for you and just realising that it s OK if things don t always go to plan. Whatever will be will be, you know? It s very much a reflective song.

I m very proud of it.

"Another one of my favourites is called Tender. It s quite a raw, edgy, yet sad song.We sang through it once or twice and it just had so much emotion. Every time I sing it, I feel like I m really, really in the song.

"Another favourite is World Without You. It s quite a dark song as well, but the lyrics are very in-depth and special.

Other tracks to listen out for include: the funky mid-tempo, quirky song, Backwards Again; the catchy, uplifting, up-tempo

It s A Beautiful Thing; the beautifully melodic piano ballad Something Better; the up-tempo Better To Lonely; the rockier Almost Me; the guitar-based, mid tempo It s A Little Late; the cute and quirky Around The World; the more raw-sounding Ordinary Day; and of course, the uptempo, guitar-driven hit, Pointless Relationship.

Sounds like a very promising album indeed, but does Tammin feel pressure knowing it hits the shelves tomorrow?

"I think you always feel pressure; the album is everything about you and everything about your music. But whether or not it does well, I m really happy with it and proud of it, so..." So whatever will be will be?

"Exactly, Tammin laughs. "Whatever will be will be!

Tammin s debut album Whatever Will Be will be released tomorrow.

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