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Hunk gets on with life after a Logie

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Hunk gets on with life after a Logie

Sunday Telegraph

22 May 2005

Unlike many a young soap opera star, Home And Away's Chris Hemsworth seems genuinely humble about his newfound heart-throb status.

"It's flattering but you honestly don't have time to notice it because you're working five days a week," says Hemsworth, recent winner of the Logie for Most Popular New Male Talent.

"I'm not in danger of it going to my head. I'm a pretty grounded person and I've got an older brother to keep me in line."

It's been just over a year since Hemsworth joined the cast of the long-running soap, providing a bit of balance on the eye-candy scales, which had been weighed down in recent years by a bevy of bikini-clad girls.

But it's not just his appealing, honest good looks that won him the Logie.

Since taking on the role of Kim Hyde, Hemsworth has proved himself as a more than competent actor, one who is likely to enjoy a fruitful future - but it may not be in this country.

"My ideal place would be working on film," the 21 year-old says.

"I'd love to stay here, but unfortunately there's not enough work at the moment.

"I've currently got another 18 months to two years left on my contract and after that I've got plans to go to LA."

Adopting a gypsy lifestyle for work is something Hemsworth has already grown used to, having swapped his Melbourne outer-suburban existence for Sydney city life.

You'd think an avid surfer would welcome the move north, but Hemsworth yearns for the swells off Phillip Island.

"Yeah, I miss the surf," he confesses. "It's a lot colder but just a whole lot more consistent down there."

Home And Away, Weeknights, 7pm, Seven

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