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Wednesday 18 May 2005 - "In This Box, Hayley's Future Is&quot

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ?In This Box, Hayley?s Future Is ?

SURF CLUB - in the gym, Jesse is punching the punching bag like there?s no tomorrow. At the bar, Beth thinks that she should wait (to become a partner) until things are 110% sorted between alf, Jesse & hayley. Alf wants Beth to become a partner now - but he agrees to at least talk to hayley about it. Alf goes into the gym, and tells Jesse that he thinks (if things got THAT bad) that alf could (physically) take on Jesse.

HUNTER HOUSE - Tilly wants to know which outfit would be better for her date with Diesel but henry doesn?t care that Tilly likes Diesel, ie he?s just interested in berating the new boy. Beth arrives home - and despite the fact that Beth doesn?t exactly look her best, Tilly asks Beth the outfit question. Beth assures Tilly she has other things on her mind.

BEACH HOUSE - both Kimmy & Scott are jointly fussing over hayley - and they are working together quite well. Irene comes downstairs - and when asked, hayley says that the ultrasound confirmed that the baby is totally fine. Hyde is partic annoyed that Jesse didn?t apologise to hayley, but both Irene & Hyde object to scott & Kimmy talking about ?sorting Jesse out?

SBH - next morning, Tilly is talking to Cassie about her upcoming date with diesel. Tilly is annoyed that henry continues to speak unkindly of diesel, but Tilly I surprised when Cassie suggests that Tilly should be a little cautious of diesel. Nearby, Beth walks past Hyde, and although she initially ignores him, Hyde & Beth patch up their friendship.

DINER - Irene is expressing her opinion of recent events to Josie. When Joes is exiting, she encounters Morag, who insists that she is getting closer to Josie?s secret. Josie insists that ?it?s always a pleasure to speak to you Morag? before exiting. Nearby, alf asks Kimmy if hayley is up to seeing visitors. Kimmy insists that she is. Talk then turns to Jesse - and Kimmy insists that he thinks Jesse is missing a heart, whilst alf comments that Jesse?s certainly not missing a drink.

BEACH - Jesse awakes, and it?s clear that he has NO idea how he got there.

BEACH HOSUE -Kimmy & hayley talk about how great it was to see the baby on the ultrasound again. Scott enters, and gives hayley some flowers. After Kimmy leaves for work, scott & hayley comment that there intriguing situation just might work after all (as Kimmy & scott seem to be getting on a lot better).

SBH - a rather annoying kid is hassling diesel, but when sally approaches, diesel makes light of the situation. Diesel really appreciates it when sally insists that giving him extra (catch up) tutoring will be a pleasure for her.

DINER - Irene is surprised when Beth says that although Beth & Hyde are friends again, the situation between Beth & Irene is still icy. Nearby, Ric wonders why Cassie is playing with her food - Cassie insists she?s concerned about Tilly & diesel. Diesel enters, and Cassie suggests that she & Ric should join diesel & Tilly for a doubler date. Diesel is totally ok with the idea, but when diesel walks away, Ric tells Cassie that he isn?t keen on being volunteered like this. Cassie insists that she?s not taking no for an answer.

MACKLINS - Josie arrives, and Kimmy tells her that a guy named Roy phoned. Josie insists that he?s just an insurance salesman - but the tone in her voice suggests otherwise.

SURF CLUB - Cassie suggests some ways that Tilly can stay cool during her date. Diesel arrives, and he comments on how good Tilly looks. Tilly is pleased by this - and really likes it when diesel kisses her on the cheek. Diesel?s actions aren?t so pure though - we can see that he?s just acting this way because the annoying kid is nearby.

MACKLINS - Josie is talking secretively on the phone to ray (about Morag closing n on her secret), but when Brett enters, Josie speaks more loudly as she berates the ?insurance salesman?. Brett & Josie are about to kiss when Kimmy arrives. Josie introduces Kimmy to Brett, but Brett isn?t impressed when Kimmy had little interest for the locals in buying some of the new apartments. Brett suggests that Kimmy should lift his game, and when Kimmy has left the room, Brett wonders why Josie hired him. Josie insists that she can see potential in Kimmy

SURF CLUB - Cassie & Ric are telling diesel & Tilly a VERY exaggerated version of the time when Cassie dared Ric to ?borrow? the surf club?s 4WD buggy (in the ep where they both got fake tattoos). The foursome decides to play pool and Ric suggests to Cassie that she had nothing to worry about (as Tilly & diesel seem to be getting on fine).

MACKLINS - Josie isn?t keen when Kimmy suggests that he?s trying to sell the apartment to the current van park residents, incl. colleen. Josie then takes offence when Kimmy takes the blue folder (think when Jesse broke into Josie?s house). Josie insists that Kimmy doesn?t need to know what?s in the folder - and quickly puts it in ger bag. Brett enters - and tells Josie that the van park sale is now officially gone through. A builder enters, and Brett wonders where the foreman is. The builder tells Brett that foreman is waiting in car for them. Builder hands Brett on box full on bits & pieces that were found at Van Park and Brett tells Josie & Kimmy that he?s going to Van Park to show investors that sight of the resort.

SURF CLUB -Cassie & Ric decides to bail, since all is going well between Tilly & diesel. When they have gone, diesel tells Tilly that hes? had a great time today. Tilly then takes advantage of this - she quickly kisses diesel on the mouth, before she exits.

HUNTER HOUSE - Tilly tells Henry about her perfect date with diesel, but henry makes it clear that he doesn?t want to hear about it. (Note - love is definitely blind for Tilly, as, once more, she can?t see the REAL truth about her & diesel)

NEAR BEACH - diesel looks very contemplative, and its clear that he?s anguished about using Tilly the way he is.

NOAH?S - alf tells Beth that Morag is drawing up the papers for Beth to officially become a partner in the bar. Jesse hears this, and is really annoyed. Jesse can?t believe that hayley voted against him - and vows to fight this decision.

BEACH HOUSE - Kimmy enters, and he tells Scott & hayley about his fraught day. Kimmy is pleased that hayley & Scott haven?t abandoned him (like Tash) because of his decision to work at macklins. Kimmy then concurs with Scott & Hayley?s thoughts that their ?committee? seems to be working very well now.

MACKLINS - Brett quickly looks through the box that the builder handed him earlier. Although Brett doesn?t notice it, we see the folder containing Hayley?s REAL paternity test results !!!!!!! (end of ep)


What?s Diesel?s secret? and Kimmy treats colleen like a star - in a bid to get her to buy one of the new apartments

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