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Monday 16 May 2005 - "I'm Movin? Out!"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ?I?m Movin? Out !!!?

MACKLINS - peter is asking Josie & Kimmy about what happened and whom they think might be responsible. Kimmy thiks that it could be anyone of the protesters. When Josie is asked, she has a flashback of her confrontation with Tash in the diner in the last episode. Josie then tells peter she has no idea who could have been this.

NOAH?S - Jesse arrives, and as he is opening the storeroom, Jesse is distracted when alf confronts Jesse about his recent behaviour. Jesse isn?t keen on a lecture (and gets quite angry) but alf insists that Jesse MUST lift his game. When alf tries to bring Jesse up to speed with the macklin Corp?s grand plans for the bay, alf is surprised that Jesse already knows (in spite of Jesse supposedly lieing low recently)

BEACH HOUSE - tash & Robbie are talking to Martha about the resort when returns home. Kimmy tells Hyde about the Molotov cocktail that was thrown into the macklins office. When Kimmy says this, Robbie & Tash look V surprised (ie it appears that they are not responsible). Kimmy & Tash get into a heated argument about his choice to work at macklins. Kimmy leaves the room shaking his head in frustration at Tasha's attitude.

DINER - Irene in frustrated as she tries to find something. Leah enters the kitchen and quickly finds the whisk that Irene is looking for. Irene tells Leah of her frustration about the whole Beth situation, and Leah suggests that Irene should bail form her shift early (*as it?s not that busy today). As Irene exits the kitchen, Martha tells Morag about the Molotov cocktail incident. Leah overs this (and seems to be thinking that Jesse might be involved). Morag assures Martha that she?ll discover who is responsible. Morag also makes it clear that she doesn?t agree with that kind of protest.

MACKLINS - Josie is being very secretive again as she talks on the phone. She insists that the plans MUST be hurried up. Josie is V panicky, frustrated as she talks.

BEACH HOUSE - Tash & Kimmy continue to argue about Kimmy?s job, and Irene & Hyde also begin to argue about the differing point of view. Tash comments to Kimmy that he is now causing Hyde & Irene to fight.

NOAH?S - Jesse exits the storeroom and asks Morag about her 1989 inquiries. Jesse isn?t pleased when Morag says she wants no more to do with him. Meanwhile, Martha (beside Morag) refuses to even look at Jesse?. Jesse then launches a verbal attack on Martha - saying that she told him that she knew that their relationship would be a rebound one etc. alf suggests that the angered Jesse should leave - and when Jesse does bail, he encounters peter outside. Peter ask Jesse of his whereabouts when the Molotov cocktail attack happened - and Jesse insists that he was talking to Leah at the time of the macklin corp incident.

HUNTER HOUSE - the impassioned Tash continues to tell Robbie how wrong Kimmy is, whilst Beth pays partic attention when Tash mentions the hyde/Irene argument. Robbie suggest that Tash should calm down - he thinks she should be against the resort but not THIS intense. Robbie then answers a knock at door - and Josie, who wants to speak to Tash/. Josie & Tash go into the entertainment room - and Tash REALLY takes offence when Josie wonders if she was responsible for the Molotov attack. Tash berates Josie - before Tash bails.

DINER - dan wants to talks about their wedding but Leah insists that she is way busy. They kiss, and as dan exits, Jesse enters the kitchen. Jesse wants to talk to Leah - and Jesse makes it clear to dan that this is private. After dan exits, Jesse tells Leah that, when peter visits, to say that they were talking at the time of the Molotov attack. Leah is NOT impressed - esp. in light of recent events.

BEACH HOUSE - Tash & Kimmy have another confrontation. They end their friendship - and Kimmy bails. Hyde goes after him.

NEAR SURF CLUB - Hyde catches up with Kimmy. Hyde assures Kimmy that he supports Kimmy in all this, as Kimmy walks away, Hyde encounters Beth. She insists that she doesn?t want to be seen alone with him - as she doesn?t want to be thought of a scarlet woman. Hyde can?t believe this is happening, as Beth walks away.

LEAH?S - dan is concerned that Leah seems so distant at the moment - and that the wedding seems so insignificant to her at present. Dan is further concerned when Leah says that Jesse asks her for a favour. Peter enters- and dan is not impressed when peter asks Leah where she was at the time of the macklin office attack.

MACKLINS - Kimmy arrives and sees that Josie is in tears. Both comment on how vehement that Tash is being against them - and the macklins plans.

NOAH?S - alf is not impressed when Jesse arrives late for work (again). Alf is partic concerned that Jesse appears to have been drinking. Jesse insists that he started the bar, and won?t have it taken from him. Peter enters, and asks Jesse if he?d like to amend his earlier statement (alf, Morag & Martha watched on with interest).

LEAH?S - dan & Leah have a massive fight about not only Jesse asking Leah to lie for him this time, and things got worse when Leah reveals the lie about the macklin break in. Dan is partic angry, not about Leah lying to police, but for lying to him (esp. because Jesse is involved).

NOAH?S - Jesse tells peter that he was home alone at the time of the attack. Jesse says that he thought he?d need an alibi or police would thinks he?s responsible. Peter asks if police can search Jesse?s place - Jesse says they can, as hes got nothing to hide.

BEACH HOUSE - Hyde tells Irene about his ?chat? with Beth. Kimmy then tells them how Josie is in tears at the office. Tash comes downstairs at this point, with a large bag over her shoulder. Tash insists that she can?t live in the same house as Kimmy. Tash then bails.

HUNTER HOUSE - Robbie is working on an invention (for the 1-st time in ages) when there?s a knock on the door. It?s Tasha - who kisses Robbie and tells him ?I?m moving in?. The bemused/shocked look on Robbie?s face is priceless. (Note - I have to say that Isabel Lucas? portrayal of Tash was partic fantastic in this episode)

LEAH?S - Dan continues to be annoyed at Leah because of the Jesse thing. Peter enters, and tells Leah there was no evidence at Jesse?s [lace which indicates that he was responsible for the attack. Peter exits.

NOAH?S - Jesse enters the store room. He opens the box he carried in - it?s full of items that are used to make a Molotov cocktail. Jesse closes the box, and then puts several of the other boxes in the storeroom on top of the incriminating one. (end of ep)


There?s lots of tension between hayley, Scott & Kimmy,

and Jesse accidentally elbows hayley in the stomach

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