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Sharni at home with other stars

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Sharni at home with other stars

Sunday Herald Sun

15 May 2005

In a year when Home And Away is enjoying its best ratings and Neighbours is celebrating 20 years, we can look back on the numerous actors who found their start in both soaps.

The list includes Kylie Minogue, Jason Donovan, Guy Pearce, Peter O'Brien, Melissa George and Delta Goodrem.

It has long put paid to that once-snobby actor prejudice against working in soaps.

The latest actor to make her breakthrough, is Sharni Vinson (pictured), 21, a bubbly and talented Sydneysider who recently joined Home And Away as 15-year-old wildchild Cassie Turner.

"Am I having fun? That's an understatement -- I'm having the best time of my life," she says.

Vinson, who has been pestering and amusing her family since she was a toddler with her impromptu dress-up concerts -- both her mum Norelle and late grandmother Shirley were professional dancers and filled a chest with their costumes -- has finally seen her dream come true.

"Every day is different and it's everything I've ever wanted to do," she says.

"I've signed a contract for three years and because Cassie's at school I'll be reliving forms 10, 11 and 12," she adds with a laugh.

"It's actually cool. All my memories of school are good ones."

Another more poignant plus to come out of Vinson's career breakthrough is the pleasure it would have given her grandmother. Their close relationship, before Shirley died when Vinson was only 14, has provided an unexpected inspiration for playing Cassie.

"Cassie was brought up by her grandmother after being abused by her father then dumped by her mother," she says.

"She's developed a bit of a wild streak, but that makes her really challenging to play."

Cassie arrived in Summer Bay a few weeks ago, fostered by Sally and Flynn, and she quickly became friendly with resident bad boy Rick (Mark Furze).

But Vinson points out that Rick is good for Cassie.

"He helps her through her own grieving process (he had similar childhood experiences) and she finds that attractive. He also treats her wonderfully like a princess," she says.

Vinson had her own real-life taste of the latter -- being a princess that is -- when at the Logies.

"I was first on the dance floor at the after-party and the last to leave," she says.

"I really want to just have fun and enjoy myself while no-one knows who I am."

But here's guessing that won't be for long.

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Sharni Vinson is 21 :blink: . She looks like shes about 16.


Depends on who is looking! To me she looked like an adult and that was before I found out her age.

At the moment I am finding it difficult to warm to her character so the thought of 3 years of "Cassie" is a bit depressing. However, the character is only new so perhaps Cassie will improve - I suppose that will depend on what direction the writers take her and whether the actress can make it believable (which is what matters to me not her age or looks).

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