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Friday 13 May 2005 - "How To Hit A Nerve Without Even REALLY Tryi

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep,

?How To Hit A Nerve Without Even REALLY Trying !!!?

BLAXLAND WHARF ? Scott carries a whole bunch of stuff to the boat for the latest charter. Scott tells Alf that he?s annoyed that the charter was booked at the last minute but Alf thinks that they should just be pleased they?ve got a customer in these recent slow times. Hayley the approaches and Scott says that he can?t talk, as they?re about to go out on a charter. Alf has a knowing smile as Hayley tells Scott that she booked the charter ? so they could have some romantic alone time. Alf tells Scott that he had to keep things a secret - to the bemused Scott.

DINER ? Robbie & trash are talking anti protest plans to colleen, who?s not sure that the bay can withstand the might of the mackling corp. Josie enters, and Trash ignores her. Nearby, Dan talks to Leah, and when he wonders if she is listening to him, a flustered Leah recites what Dan said. Leah approaches Josie, and tells her off for what?s happened to Jesse. Josie insists that things are more complicated that Leah realises. Josie is however taken a little aback when she hears that Jesse/Martha have broken up. Josie is keen to have a sensible conversation with Leah, but further ranting from Leah convinces Josie to bail.

NEAR SURF CLUB ? Dan sees peter (with surfboard under arm) as peter runs up to him from the beach. When Dan asks, peter says he?s only been back in bay for a few hours/. Peter insists that he needed to surf straight away ? esp. after debriefing on city for stalker case. Peter insists to Dan that he should have caught stalker earlier. Clare then approaches and Dan seems V surprised when peter & Clare so openly pash right in front of him.

BLAXLAND ? Hayley comments favourably out the hampers that Scott & Alf had mad up for the charter. Hayley tells Scott that she thinks they need some alone time 0- and on cue, Alf bails from the boat. Hayley then helps Scott release the boat form the wharf. When Hayley enquires, Scott says that he?s got the perfect secluded spot for their romantic day.

DINER ? trash wants to bail, as she doesn?t want to be in same place as Josie. Robbie wants to finish his milkshake, but he caves. Leah & colleen talks about what Josie might have meant when she said things were complicated. Irene enters, and joist tries to get Irene to talk to trash for her, but Irene assures Josie that she?s NOT going to do that.

NOAH?S ? Alf & Beth talk about how Beth is about to loose her job at the school. Alf then tells Beth about how hes? thinking of ditching Martha from their business partnership. Beth is intrigues by this ? and asks to be kept informed. Beth suggests that she could be interested in getting involved in the partnership, esp. since her school job is on shaking ground. Dan. Peter & Clare enters and Clare tells Dan that she?s going to take some leave of absence from her job for a while. When Alf asks, both Dan & care suggest that they?ll try the new lemon zinger drink that Alf suggested.

BEACH HOUSE ? tash is talking about how much she hates the resort, and Josie, but Robbie is more interested in his stomach ? as he hardly even started having that milkshake at diner before they bailed earlier. Robbie & tash are surprised when Kimmy arrives. He tells that he?s home from work early because he has medical appointment, but when asks, Kimmy says that appointment isn?t for anything serious. Tash & Robbie agree to go to Noah?s = so they can talk about anti resort ideas and Robbie can get a smoothie all in the one place. When Ronnie & tash are gone, Kimmy rings Josie, he suggests that she meet him at beach house to speak bout the job, so they both don?t attract attention.

NOAH?S ? sally & Flynn enter, and when peter sees then he approaches sally and apologises to her for not catching stalker before sally was kidnapped. Sally insists that she only remembers that peter saved her life. Peter appreciates this and they hug. Peter then goes over to Clare ? he thinks something is distracting her, but clare (who does seem distract) insists that peter is wrong. Morag enters, and tells all who are there that she?s discover the resort at the van park is just stage 1 of the mackling redevelopment plan ?which will also incudes lots of townhouse, and a golf course. Alf & co are not pleased, but Alf leads the charge to resist the evil takeover on their idyllic seaside town ? and his gusto convinces other that they can win this fight against macklins.

BEACH HOUSE ? Josie & Kimmy talk about the job that Kimmy will be doing ? incl. his salary, commission for each sale etc. when Kimmy wonders why Josie is planning to employ someone without previous experience, Josie insists that she have faith in kimmy?s potential ? and that a young, local face will help things along.

NOAH?S ? in the gym, Clare tells peter that she?s got a promotion in the city. She tells him that she?s going to turn it down but peter doesn?t think she should pass up this opportunity.

BLAXLAND ? Hayley is keen to get romantic but as she attempts to kiss him, he moves away and suggests they go for a swim. Scott removes hi shirt, ands Hayley goes with the flow and removes her top, revealing the multi coloured 2 piece she has on beneath the top. Both dive into the water.

DINER ? Leah, colleen, Irene & Dan are all talking about fighting the resort etc. peter & Clare enter, and peter tells Dan about Clare?s promotion. Dan is surprised when peter says that he?s going to move back to city to be with Clare.

MACKLINS ? Robbie, Tash, Alf & many others are protesting outside the office, when Kimmy & Josie arrive. Robbie & Tash can?t believe that Kimmy is on the side of the resort. After Kimmy & Josie fight their way through the angry crowd, Josie calls the police. She also asks Kimmy where his allegiances lie. Kimmy assure he that he?s all for the resort. Josie & Kimmy then enter the building together.

BLAXLAND ? Hayley & Scott are swimming and when Scott gets close to Hayley, she once more backs away from him. Hayley insists that she?s done swimming for today, and Scott flows her as she climbs back aboard to boat. Scott confronts Hayley about shutting him out. Hayley apologises for the way she?s been behaving. Hayley promises that things will change, and she backs this up with lovingly placing Scott?s hand on her stomach. Hayley & Scott then kiss.

MACKLINS ? Laura, several other police & some media ppl arrive at the scene of the protest. Alf & Moarag try to get the protesters to calm things down a bit. As Laura begins to move ppl away, Josie & Kimmy exit the building. Robbie & tash confront Kimmy about him siding with the enemy, and they soooooo DON"T care about his ?great opportunity, baby on the way? reasoning (partic Tash)

DINER ? when tash, Robbie, Irene & the other enters, Morag & peter make it clear that there are better ways to protest against such developments. In the kitchen, peter & Clare assure Leah & Dan that they will visit often. Alf thanks both peter & Clare for all they?ve done whilst n the bay. In the main area of the diner, Josie approaches tash, but tash makes it clear that she?s not going to listen to a word Josie says. Josie is TOTALLY taken aback when tash says that she doesn?t want to be like Josie ? a person who?ll do ANYTHING for money. Josie exits, leaving tash bemused as to why that last comment affected Josie as much as it did (note ? I have to say, it was a FANTSTIC, rather innocently ironic line from tash, given that she doesn?t know about Josie?s brothel madam past).

MACKLIN ? Kimmy & Josie are talking about both the resort & the opposition t it, when a firebomb comes through the window. It land on the floor and a blaze erupts. Kimmy grabs the fire extinguishers and tries to put the fire out. (end of ep)


Jesse asks Leah to lie for him again, Dan finds out that Leah lied to police for Jesse about the mackling break in, and Tash insists that she?s not going to live in same house as the traitorous Kimmy.

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