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Monday 9 May 2005 - "Josie's Whispers"

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ?Josie?s Whispers?

Van park house - sally has to rush off to school, after she had to clean up after baby pippa vomited on her. Flynn tells sally that he will make sure Ric & Cassie get to school on time. After sally exits, Flynn goes upstairs and knocks on the bedroom door. He opens it and isn?t impressed with both the state of Ric?s messy room, and the way that Cassie & Ric acted around each other when Cassie is helping Ric disguise that his shirt is missing a button.

Near beach - Jesse & Morag are walking & talking about his raid on Josie?s flat. Morag tells Jesse that ballmack enterprises are a small time construction Co (who?ve not done anything as big as the proposed resort before). Morag also says that she?s not found a connection between macklins & ballmack yet. The duo encounter Martha - and after Morag continues her walk, Martha assures Jesse that Morag will sort things out.

SBH - Hyde chastises sally for being late, he then inrtroduces her to a new student, Diesel Williams. Hyde tells diesel to get rid on his nose ring whilst on school premises. When Hyde has walked away, sally insists that things will be easier when Hyde gets to know diesel. As they talk, sally makes diesel feel a lot more comfortable to be a his new school - and sally isn?t pleased when a couple of students make derogatory comments about diesel.

Diner - Ric, Tilly, Tash, Robbie & Cassie enter. Robbie is talking about his driving test later today. Nearby Ric & Cassie are V playful with each other - alf sees with and is not pleased.

SBH - Tash talks to Robbie ideas for protesting against the resort - and she?s not pleased when he?s more interested in his driving test. Nearby, sally introduces diesel to Ric, casse, Tilly & henry. Diesel is surprised that they?ve not heard of the singer/guitarist that he?s named after (Johnny diesel). Tilly suggests that she can show diesel around, but sally suggests she?s already given him the tour. Tilly insists that he might need more help (like she did on her 1s-t day). When diesel goes to his locker, Tilly confirms that she really likes him, but henry speaks unfavourably about the new boy.

Noah?s - Jesse tells Martha that Josie has affected him getting a lease on a new place to live. Martha is really concerned when Jesse smashes a glass when he reaches for the phone. Martha suggests that Jesse should calm down, but Jesse exits (still in a bad mood).

Macklins - Jesse enters, and confronts Josie bout what she?s done. Jesse insists that he?s not going to let the macklins build this resort in the bay, but Jesse is intrigued when Josie insists that ?this? goes way deeper that Jesse thinks (and there?ll be a lot of trouble if he crosses that line). Brett enters that room, and he & Jesse have a verbal confrontation, before Jesse decides to bail.

SBH - Tash opens her locker, and looks at the wedding day pic of her & Josie. Robbie approaches and apologises for his insensitivity earlier. He vows to REALLY help Tash after his drive test. Nearby, Tilly & diesel have just completed a tour of the school. Diesel thinks he?ll be able to find his way around now without further assistance, which disappoints Tilly. After Tilly walks, away, a couple of male students make derogatory comments about diesel, but this stops when sally approaches. Diesel declines sally?s offer of lending him some money for lunch. When Sally walks away, it?s cleared that diesel is appreciative of her concern for him.

Diner flat - Morag suggests that Jesse shouldn?t continue with tactics like his confrontation with Josie earlier. Jesse tells Morag the thing that Josie told him about this whole thing being ?really deep? and Morag is intrigued by this.

Macklins - Josie is all but whispering on the phone when she says that all is going according to plan. When Brett enters room, Josie begins to speak up again (but she sound V fake). After Brett tells josie that construction will commence soon, he assures Josie that NO ONE will discover what they are really up to.

Noah?s - alf tells sally & flyyn that he thinks Ric & Cassie are getting too close. Flynn backs this up with the shirt story from that morning. Sally insists that she & Flynn will have to set ground rules. Nearby, Moarg tells Jesse that ballmack have recently changed their name form the Maddox Corp. both are suspicious of why the change of name.

SBH - henry doesn?t get why Tilly is interested in Diesel. Just after henry bails, diesel walks by Cassie & Tilly and Cassie suggest that they should do something together. Tilly doesn?t think that Beth will let her hang out with diesel on the beach tonight, but Cassie insists that both she & Tilly would love to hang out with him.

Diner - Josie enters, and tries to talk to Tash. Tash ignores her. Robbie then enters, and although he sounds downtrodden, it?s just an act - he passed the driving test (show Tash his P plates). Robbie & Tasha exit, whilst Brett gets off the phone and tells Josie that Morag has been digging into their affairs.

Diner flat - Josie suggest that Morag should back off her inquiries, but Morag isn?t budging. Morag insists that she?ll discover, and use, Josie?s 1989 secret against Josie if the resort goes ahead. Morag makes it clear that she wants Josie to leave - and Josie complies.

Noah?s - Robbie s talking about a car that he?s thinking of buying. Jesse overhears this, and offers to help Robbie. Nearby, Tilly asks henry to cover for her tonight - he begrudgingly complies.

Van park house - Cassie gets a text message from Tilly. Cassie tells Ric that Tilly is going to go to the beach. Ric suggest that sally & Flynn won?t let Cassie go out on school night - but Cassie thinks she can persuade them. Sally & Flynn enter, and they tell Cassie she can?t go out tonight. They also do the ground rules thing. When Ric & Cassie go upstairs, Ric is surprised by sally & Flynn?s talk, whilst Cassie thinks it?s all V funny.

Macklins - Bret is not pleased that the Morag situation is not solved. He wants to handle this problem himself, but Josie insists that she?ll take care of things. Brett & Josie kiss befor Josie exits the room. Once she is out of Brett?s audio range, Josie makes a whispered phone call - she insists that she needs some help with the Morag situation (note - you have to wonder who is on the other end of the line - Ian Osborne perhaps??? That?s pure speculation).

Van park house - Cassie enters Ric?s room, and she?s still keen on going t beach. Ric isn?t keen on going any more, and Cassie promises that she won?t go either. Soon after, Cassie exits the house via the back patio.

Near surf club - Morag is walking and she encounters Cassie & then Hyde. As Morag crosses the road, she is almost run over. Indeed Hyde has to help Morag to her feet after she dived out of the car?s way (end of ep)


Martha is NOT pleased when Jesse calls her Josie,

whilst the battle between Morag and Josie intensifies.

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