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Jodi Gordon Q&A

Guest brissyboy

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Name: Jodi Gordon

Famous for: Playing Martha on

Home And Away

Birthday: February 1, 1985

Star sign: Aquarian

Born: Qld

Lives: Sydney's eastern suburbs

Colour of eyes: Blue

Colour of hair: Brown

Height: 174cm

Nickname: Jods or Joels

Pets: Spoodle called Frankie

How old were you when you first

started acting: 19

What is the best thing about your job: Working with fantastic people who you are constantly learning from, and making great friends

Why did you want to be an actor:

I have only just started but I hope to get better and better and learn more every day

Career highlight: Travelling overseas to model and getting this role on Home And Away

Amazing adventures:

When I went overseas in 2003, I travelled around Europe, London, America and also went to the Maldives. It was so amazing, I would definitely encourage everyone to see the world

Funniest moment: Probably all of my embarrassing moments. I couldn't put my finger on just one, but I have to say I can be quite clumsy

First competition you won: Modelling competition when I was 13 Best friends: I have two of the best girlfriends a girl could ever ask for

Do you have siblings: A brother sometimes he's my best friend and at others my worst

Favourite clothes: Anything vintage, and beautiful dresses

Likes to eat: My mum's home cooking

Favourite colour: White

Favourite movie/video: Old School, Million Dollar Baby

Favourite book: I'm usually just a magazine girl unless I'm going away on holidays - then I get lost in a great novel

Favourite holiday destination: Bora Bora, I'd love to go back one day for my honeymoon

Favourite website: I guess I only ever check my e-mails

Favourite sport to watch: The footy. League or union, whatever is playing

Hobbies: I love going to the markets, shopping, seeing movies and hanging out with girl/guy friends, playing sport and barbecues

Admires: My family - they're the best people I'll ever know and love

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