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Morag is suspicious of Josie's new found wealth, and this week she does a little detective work which uncovers a link to millionaire Ian Osboure.

Put on the spot Josie admits that Ian is Tasha's Father and has had the Beach House bugged to observe his daughter and assess whether she is worthy of his fortune.Morag is appalled,but Reluctantly agreees to keep the information to herself.

However, it soon becomes clear that surveillance at the Beach House is not limited to Tasha when Flynn recives a call from the coutrys top cancer specailist wanting to see Kanes file.No one else knows about Kane's condition- so has the medic found out about his illness through Ian?

Also this week~

Alf confessess that he and The Guv were childhood sweetheart's torn apart by religious differences....Leah learns that Dan's wife has been speading rumours that he was a violent towards her..... Kim plays with fire by flirting with Matilda in a bit to win Kit.

Kane devised a plan to keep Kirsty in the dark about the operation to remove his cancerous testicle.Having duped her in to believing that he had to work away for a week, he checked into hospital.However, although the operation was a success, he later discover's he need's to have chemotheapy, he is wondering how he can keep this from Kirsty while she is doing her HSC.

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