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Eras of Irene Roberts characteristics.

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Irene is one of those characters that every few years her personality changes and sometimes goes back and forth and it’s understandable that such long term character would change but thought I just give breakdown on how look at how Irene character personality changes over years. 


Played by Jacqui Philips is  alcoholic guest villian  and by end of 1992 appearance showing signs of redeeming herself. 


Lynne Mcgranger takes over and she is recovering alcoholic and Irene is being written comically character and tad bit like Colleen Smart in respect of putting her foot in it occasionally.


Although still bit comically at times but Irene is now written more like central Forster  mother of show now that Pippa gone and has taken Smith siblings and others under her wing and working as school administrator has made her somewhat more businesslike. 


Irene has return to work at diner and is part owner and business partners with Leah and durning this era Irene is lot more fiery and can get as sort tempered as Alf Stewart  and  at times she acts with  no prisoners attitude with likes of Josie and Colleen etc . 


Irene did mellow somewhat in this era and did not act with such no prisoners attitude and seemed more tolerant towards Colleen and did not seem to act as harshly towards Braxtons moving to town and  unlike other older Summer Bay  residents who were rather rarely about Braxtons  making Summer Bay home. 


In recent years her character seems to  go back and forth as there times when Irene acting as ideal mother figure or friend  giving right advice and go to person and there other times when her character can be rather childish and petty and sometimes can used crude words towards and showing double standards. 

So there’s my break down and what’s you thoughts on Irene Roberts characteristics over years?. 






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I think 1998-2004 was my favourite era of Irene, although when you read it like that it looks like she was just filling Pippa’s shoes, Irene was very much wearing her own. I preferred her in the school secretary role to Pippa, the odd couple dynamic of Don & Irene worked much better than him & Pippa who often butted heads. 

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I think one of the things with Irene now is the show don’t want to acknowledge her age, much like they don’t want to do it with the show itself. We know Alf’s old and a granddad and we’re allowed that, but no more than one grandparent of post-teens.

Neighbours did it with Karl & Susan after a while, they wanted them stuck in parent age group rather than as the grandparents so they never reached 60. Irene’s the same.

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It's hard to be sure, and it may be a combination of things, but since about 2015 it's been increasingly hard to view Irene as a mother figure to teenagers. Bringing Olivia in really broke the spell, when instead of continuing Irene in the surrogate grandmother role she'd played during Olivia's 2005 stint, they wrote the same stock "You're like a mother to me" lines. Since then, possibly through a combination of the regulars' ages being raised and possibly as a result of that, they seem to be playing Irene more as a mother figure towards adult characters rather than teens. The one time she did announce a teenager should move in with her so she could sort them out, with Bella, the result was a total disaster, as if to demonstrate that Irene can't really fill that role anymore.

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Yeah I notice Irene stopped becoming a,foster mum and started having adult housemates like Nate,Willow and Jasmine now they've even eased her out of that think this easily longest time she has lived alone


Might be very small spoiler as don't know how behind UK is



I thought for sure Bree would move in with her 


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