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Running From The Past

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Story Title: **Running From The Past** 
Type of story: One Shot 
Main Characters: Dean Thompson
BTTB rating: T
Genre:   General.
Does story include spoilers: Yes .
Any warnings: Mentions of violence
Summary: 5 lines max - What if when Bree first came to the bay, she told Dean the truth about her abusive husband.



Bree had only been in the bay a few days and so far the place was perfect to her, she had a great job, the surf was good and an added bonus was that the locals were all nice people, well the ones she met so far anyway.

After a day of craziness at the hospital Bree decided to go and try out Salt, she had heard some good feedback about the place from her co-workers so was excited to give it a try and if she was honest after the day Bree had, she was also looking forward to having a drink.

Once she walked into Salt, she noticed how busy the place was and started looking for a spare seat anywhere, it was then she had spotted Dean, the two had met a few days earlier due to him helping fix Bree surf board, the pair had seen each other a few times since then, even going on a surf together.

Bree walked in Dean direction "Mind if I join you?" Dean shows a smile "Of course, take a seat." Bree does exactly that "Thanks." Dean looked at Bree "Big day I take it?" Bree nodded "I love my job but I'm exhausted." Dean could see that "How about I get you a drink, sounds like you need one and I could do with one myself." Bree grins "Thank you." Dean smiled before getting up and walking towards the bar.

When Dean got there, he quickly acknowledged his sister before looking at the barmaid "Two beers please." The waiter turned and got to work as Mackenzie walked towards him "Who's the girl, don't tell me that you and Ziggy have broken up and you are rebounding?" Dean could laugh at some of the things his sister said sometimes "No we haven't, that's Bree the new doctor." The barmaid then hands Dean the drinks and he quickly walks away from his sister.

Once Dean gets back he hands Bree her beer before taking a seat and glanced at Bree "So why the bay?" Dean paused "I mean if it's private you don't have to say." Bree shakes her head "No it's okay, I think I can trust you with this, just promises it stays between us." Dean nodded "Of course, it goes without saying." Bree takes a breath "After I finished high school I made the mistake of marrying my high school sweetheart Jacob." Dean knew people made mistakes after all he was the master of making them "Well we all make choices we regret." Bree lowed her head "It's more then just regret, it's living in fear of him." Dean could hear Bree voices shaking as she spoke and it only made him worry about her "Why?" Bree starts tearing up, she usually not a strong person but she never admitted this to anyone before "Because he abuses me." Dean was shocked, from what he could see Bree was a strong woman, but now he knew why that was and not only was she strong she was brave "I'm sorry Bree, you don't deserve that." Dean looks at Bree and can see she's emotional "May I hug you?" Bree nodded, truth was she could use a hug right now.

Dean walked over and hugged her tightly "It's okay, you are safe here, as long as you are here I'll be here for you, I will help you if you need it." Bree held onto him tightly "Thank you Dean and I'm sorry for unloading my crap onto you." Dean shakes his head "There's no need to apology, you can talk to me anytime." Bree shows a smile and for the first time in a long time Bree knew she could trust a guy. Bree honestly felt relieved now she had told the truth to someone and she also knew that her and Dean would end up becoming great friends. 





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