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One Right Thing

christine king

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Name of Fic: One right thing

Type of Fic: Long Fic

Rating: T/A

Genre: Romance/Drama/Mystery

Rating: Violence (V/D)

Characters: Mackenzie, Logan, Emmett, Bella, Nikau, Chloe, Ryder, Theo, Cash, Jasmine

Spoilers: Yes

Summary: Mackenzie and Logan are happy together but when Emmett returns things get complicated. Is Emmett really back for Mackenzie?


Chapter 1:


The Beach


A girl is running on the beach. Their is a trail of blood behind her. She stops for a second and wipes the blood from her nose. She looks back into the darkness and doesn’t see anyone. She decides to run up the top of the beach and onto the grass area. She soon finds herself in front of the surf club. She looks around for a rock and throws it though the window. She puts her arm though the broken window and opens the door. She soon gains access. She heads up to salt and goes to turn the light on but before she does she is attacked by someone! They grab her by the throat and chuck her to the ground. They start kicking her until she blacks out.




Mackenzie opens up salt and finds a broken and bloodied girl on her floor! She soon calls the cops!



Cash arrives and Mackenzie gives her statement. Not that she knows much but she is just shocked and confused. Why her restaurant?

Cash: Are you ok?

Mackenzie: I’m not in hospital!

Cash: It’s still your business.

Mackenzie: I know and it’s important. But that girl? God.

Cash: I know it’s horrible.

Mackenzie: Who is she?

Cash: Still trying to work that out.

Mackenzie: She looks maybe 18? Younger?

Cash: Yeah could be.

Mackenzie: What or who did she get herself involved with?

Cash: That is the question.

Mackenzie: So my restaurant is a crime scene.

Cash: Yeah I know it sucks. We will try to get everything wrapped up quickly. I know you are losing money.

Mackenzie: Yeah which isn’t helped by the crime scene!

Cash: Yeah sorry.

Mackenzie: it’s not your fault.

Cash: Not yours either.

Mackenzie gets a message on her phone from Emmett “coming back to the bay. See you soon xx”

Cash: What’s up?

Mackenzie: Just an old friend.

Cash: Well that’s the first smile I’ve seen from you all day. Must be some friend.

Mackenzie: He is!

Cash: So he was only a friend?

Mackenzie: He’s my… I guess you could say ex. But not really. I treated him pretty badly and then when we had a chance for something real he left. It’s complicated.

Cash: Don’t I know complicated!

Mackenzie: Oh really? That is a story I have to hear!

Cash: Another time.

Mackenzie: I will hold you too that!

Cash: So if your ex is coming back what about Logan?

Mackenzie: Me and Logan are happy. I love him.

Cash: And this other guy?

Mackenzie: He might not even be back for me!

Cash: Hmm seems unlikely but who else would he be back for?

Mackenzie: Bella?

Cash: Bella? What?

Mackenzie: Not romantically! They were friends! Good friends. He was her mentor.

Cash: Oh are you talking about Emmett?

Mackenzie: Yeah how do you know?

Cash: Felicity filled me in!

Mackenzie: And she heard it from?

Cash: Tane.

Mackenzie: Ah of course Ari told his brother.

Cash: You and Ari were?

Mackenzie: Together yes.

Cash: Then Mia?

Mackenzie: Yep.

Cash: I’m sorry.

Mackenzie: Me too. I was a mess after the break up. I hooked up with a lot of guys including Emmett. But he looked out for me and he forgave me for using him then we actually become closer and then he left for NY and that was that.

Cash: And now he is back?

Mackenzie: Yep.

Mackenzie gets another message on her phone from Logan this time “come home I have a surprise xx”

Mackenzie: I have to go. Logan has a surprise.

Cash: Oh lucky you!

Mackenzie: I’ll tell you about it later. And we will get to that story soon. See ya.

Cash: Bye.

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Chapter 2:


Mackenzie comes home to find the house clean and no Logan in sight which is surprising considering his message. She soon hears noise in her bedroom though and goes to investigate. She opens the door and finds the window open but still no one their. She doesn’t remember opening the window which makes all this more weird. She goes back into the lounge room and finds her phone sending a message to Logan “At home, where are you?”.




Mackenzie has fallen asleep on the couch waiting for Logan to come back but he hasn’t. She is very worried now and with multiple unread messages and calls on her phone to him that he hasn’t replied too she picks up her phone to call the cops….


The Police Station


Cash gets a call from Mackenzie about Logan going missing. Cash tells Mackenzie that he saw Logan earlier and he seemed fine so is wondering why he has suddenly disappeared! Cash starts ringing up everyone he knows in the bay seeing if anyone has seen or heard from Logan. The only person Cash can’t get a hold of is Jasmine either which is weird since she told him she was going to work but he just called the hospital and they haven’t seen her all day! So she and Logan are now both missing. It makes no sense! Cash calls Irene but she hasn’t heard from Jasmine either. All Cash’s calls to her are going to voicemail so she hasn’t turned her phone off but it could be on silent though but why? And where is she?


A warehouse


We see a young kid sleeping on the ground. Their is a noise and it wakes them up. They get up and is scared & they make their way towards the light switch on the wall to turn the light on. The light comes on and their is no one else in the room. The kid goes towards the door making sure it is locked and it is making it more weird. Where did the noise come from? The kid gets a message on their phone “come home otherwise I will come their”. The kid knows who the message is from and is very scared that the person they are running from will come find them again. They decide to send a message to someone else “Hey, you said if I ever needed help you would come well I need help so please come”. The kid puts his phone in his pocket and looks towards the door. Their is no noise anymore but the kid is still worried, he doesn’t know how long he can stay hidden for and whether he is safe here or not. He hopes the person he texted will come soon.


The Next Day


The Police Station


Cash has got security footage from the hospital and it shows Jasmine arriving at the hospital car park but not her going in. Which means someone or something made her leave before she got to work. But what? Or who did?


The Hospital Car Park


Cash finds skid marks from under where Jasmine parked her car meaning she left in a hurry. But still why? And why didn’t she contract him or Irene? This doesn’t make any sense.


Irene’s House


Irene is home alone when she gets a text from Jasmine “I’m fine. Don’t worry about me. Tell Cash I’m not coming back. Sorry”. Irene is confused. Like this makes no sense. Where is Jasmine? And what has happened? Irene sends a message back to Jasmine “Where are you? What’s going on?”. Irene calls Cash to tell him about Jasmine’s weird message and he doesn’t get it either. What is going on?




Cash returns home and Cash and Irene hug.


Cash: What the hell is going on?

Irene: I don’t get it.

Cash: Me and you both.

Irene: This isn’t Jasmine. She wouldn’t just abandon us with no explanation or anything. Something must be going on.

Cash: It makes no sense.

Irene gets another message from Jasmine “Things weren’t working out in the bay. I wanted out. I’m sorry”. Irene shows Cash the message.

Cash: She can’t even tell us where she is or what she is doing?! And we were solid! We were making plans for the future! Like this makes no sense!

Irene: I know!

Cash: Someone else must have Jasmine’s phone or someone is making her say this stuff. None of this is right.

Irene: Witness protection?

Cash: Robbo is dead, no.

Irene: Kidnapping?

Cash: Who?

Irene: I don’t know.

Cash: Everyone loved Jasmine.

Irene: I know. She wouldn’t just leave.

Cash: Well whoever this Is doesn’t know her if they think we are buying this story.

Irene: Jasmine’s family isn’t around.

Cash: What about her dad?

Irene: He abandoned her as a child. Why would he take her now?

Cash: I don’t know. But none of this adds up. And what about Logan?

Irene: Logan?

Cash: He’s missing too…

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Chapter 3




The kid opens the door to the person who he called earlier.


Simon: Hey you made it.

Logan: Said I would didn’t I.

Simon: I’m glad your here. I am glad you care.

Logan: Your dad?

Simon: Who else?

Logan: I’m sorry.

Simon: Me too.

Logan: Let’s go then.

Simon: Where?

Logan: To the bay.

Simon: The bay?

Logan: My new home!

Simon: You actually made a place your home? For real?

Logan: Mackenzie is… she’s pretty special!

Simon: Must be to keep you in one place! That isn’t like you!

Logan: She’s different.

Simon: Like buy a diamond ring different?

Logan: Maybe…

Simon: Oh I better be invited to that wedding!

Logan: We shall see!

Simon: I will hold you too that!

Logan: Ok you ready?

Simon: Yeah let’s go.


Mackenzie’s Apartment


Logan arrives home and puts his bag on the ground when Mackenzie arrives home! Mackenzie is super happy to see him and hugs him.

Mackenzie: Where we’re you?!

Logan: Helping a friend.

Mackenzie: You went missing! I had to call the cops and everything! You didn’t answer your phone!

Logan: My phone died. I am so sorry. I had to get Simon.

Mackenzie: Simon?

Simon introduces himself

Simon: Hi

Mackenzie: And you know my boyfriend how?

Simon: I thought he was your fiancé?!

Mackenzie gives Logan a surprised look

Mackenzie: What?!

Logan: Anyway, moving on.

Mackenzie: We will go back to that later.

Logan: Deal. But let’s go forward first.

Mackenzie: Ok. So what is going on?

Simon: My dad wants to kill me!

Logan: I met Simon while on duty.

Mackenzie: In the army?

Logan: Yep.

Mackenzie: And your dad?

Simon: Is an asshole!

Mackenzie: Ok.

Simon: Anyway nice place you have. Can I stay?

Mackenzie: Um sure.

Simon: Sweet so which one is my room?

Mackenzie: I will show you.

Mackenzie shows Simon to the spare room.

Simon: Thanks so much.

Mackenzie: No problem.

Mackenzie joins Logan back in the living room.

Logan: Thanks for letting him stay.

Mackenzie: He is just a kid!

Logan: Yeah who has bad parents and no one else looking out for him. He needs me!

Mackenzie: I get it. I need to tell you something.

Logan: Ok what?

Mackenzie: My kinda ex is coming back to the bay.

Logan: Your ex?

Mackenzie: Yeah Emmett.

Logan: Emmett?

Mackenzie: He is Bella’s mentor.

Logan: Is he coming back for you?

Mackenzie: I don’t know.

Logan: Do I have reason to be concerned?

Mackenzie: Honestly? I don’t know. We have unfinished business. We never got a chance to sort out our relationship. Everything was too complicated and then he left.

Logan: Right. And what about me?

Mackenzie: I love you.

Logan: I love you too.

Mackenzie: Then trust that and our relationship ok. Emmett turning up is unexpected but it doesn’t mean we are over. But I do need time to sort things out though.

Logan: Sure take all the time you need.

Mackenzie: Thanks for understanding:

Logan: You put up with a lot from me with Neve. This is my chance to return that favour.

Mackenzie: We’re stronger now then we ever were. I have faith in us.

Logan: Me too.

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Chapter 4


Mackenzie’s Apartment


Bella opens the door and is surprised and happy to see Emmett, they hug.


Bella: Hi. What are you doing here?

Emmett: Hey I just thought I would come for a visit.

Bella: To see me?

Emmett: Yeah I have to see how my number 1 student is doing after all.

Bella: Well I am doing great.

Emmett: That’s great to hear. How is Nikau?

Bella: Nikau is great. We are better than ever.

Emmett: Good I still feel bad about my part in all that.

Bella: None of that was your fault. It was all Sienna.

Emmett: Yeah I just have to keep reminding myself that.

Bella: If you need help. I can remind you anytime.

Emmett: Ok. So what are you doing now?

Bella: Nothing. Why?

Emmett: Come to lunch with me?

Bella: Where?

Emmett: Salt.

Bella: Interesting choice.

Emmett: Why?

Bella: Why not the diner?

Emmett: Why not salt?

Bella: Because I know why you want to go their or who you want to see.

Emmett: I don’t follow you.

Bella: Mackenzie? Ring any bells.

Emmett: Is she working today?

Bella: Yes she is. But you already knew that.

Emmett: How could I possibly of known that?

Bella: Fine maybe you didn’t. But you were hoping she was.

Emmett: Bella I don’t get what you’re playing at?

Bella: Me? I’m not playing at anything! It’s you who still has feelings!

Emmett: Who said I did?

Bella: Are you here for her or not?!

Emmett: You never cared before.

Bella: Oh I did care. I cared a lot. I thought she was going to ruin things between us.

Emmett: That wasn’t going to happen.

Bella: I know that now. I didn’t then. Anyway everything has changed now.

Emmett: If you’re worried about Dean? We’re cool now.

Bella: It’s not Dean. Wait when did that happen?

Emmett: Before I left. It’s not important. If not Dean then who?

Bella: Logan.

Emmett: Who is Logan?

Bella: Her new boyfriend!

Emmett: Since when?

Bella: You know after you left. The car crash and everything. Logan was Dean’s surgeon he saved Dean’s life. Mackenzie and Logan got together after that. He’s a good guy. And they love each other.

Emmett: Right. So you still want to go to salt?

Bella: Did you hear what I said?

Emmett: Yeah you said Mackenzie is happy that’s all I care about. Come on let’s go eat.

Bella: Fine it’s your problem.

Emmett: I don’t have a problem!

Bella: Keep telling yourself that.

Emmett: You know one of these days I am going to stop asking you for advice.

Bella: In which universe!

Emmett: Tochue.

Bella: Ok let’s go then. I am interested to know how this will play out.




Bella and Emmett arrive at salt and Mackenzie is happy to see them. Mackenzie and Emmett hug.

Mackenzie: Hi stranger.

Emmett: Hi yourself.

Bella: Wait you knew he was coming back?

Mackenzie: Yes he texted me.

Bella: You didn’t text me?!

Emmett: I wanted to surprise you.

Bella: Sure. I’m just not your reason for coming back.

Emmett: Sure you are. Well one of them anyway.

Bella: So who are the other reasons?

Emmett: Who says it’s a person? Could be a thing?

Bella: Your not fooling anyone!

Emmett: Came back to see someone special and to have a break from work.

Bella: Someone special?

Emmett: Oh do shut up!

Bella: Never. Anyway are we ordering pizza or what?

Emmett: Whatever you want.

Mackenzie: Just come up to the bar when your ready. It’s good to have you back Emmett.

Emmett: It’s good to be back. I have missed you.

Mackenzie: I have missed you too.

Bella: Ok come on let’s go grab a table. Bella drags Emmett away and Emmett looks back at Mackenzie.

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