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Tuesday 26 April 2005 - "Goodbye Uncle Ben, Have Fun In Prison&qu

Guest JosieTash

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My very UNOFFICIAL title for this ep, ?Goodbye Uncle Ben, Have Fun In Prison?

Van park house - Laura (female uniform cop) has just heard Cassie?s accusations against uncle Ben (sally, Ric & Flynn are there too) Laura says that Cassie will have to make a formal statement art the police station. Laura alos says that she has to speak to Uncle Ben - Flynn says that he?ll track Uncle Ben down - and throughout the scene Cassie is looking V concerned.

Beach house - Scott & hayley have returned from their time away together. Irene noted that they look V refreshes. When hayley goes to get brochure from the place they stayed, Irene tells Scott that she?s V proud of Scott for sticking by hayley in light of the circumstances. When Irene asks, Scott assures her that even if the bub is Kimmy?s, Scott will stick by hayley.

Diner - alf, Beth, Tilly, Robbie & Tash enter, and Beth is amazed that Tilly?s reaction in partic, towards ANZAC day, has changed so much. Beth thanks alf for speaking to Tilly & Co about his experiences. Beth is V pleased when she sees Graham talking to some other war veterans. Graham sees Beth and walks overt to her - both are surprised on how interested Beth?s kids are into Graham?s war stories. Zoe enters, and Kimmy approaches her, wondering where their realtionship is. Zoe then verbally BLASTS Kimmy - and the WHOLE diner (incl. several members of hunters family) hear that hayley is preggers, and that father of bub might be either Kimmy or Scott. (Note - Zoe, I understand you?re annoyed, but VERY bad form)

Beach house - Scott & hayley are kissing when Kimmy arrives. He tells that them Zoe has told all at the diner EVERYTHING about Hayley?s pregnancy.

Hunter house - Scott?s now home, and Robbie is pleased that he?s going to be an uncle, whilst pessimistic Tilly suggests that bub might be Kimmy?s (Beth chastises Tilly for this). When asked, Scott says that he IS going to stick by hayley no matter what - Graham applauds Scott for this, and praises Beth for raising such good kids (ironic). When Scott enquires, Graham says that he?s leaving bay today (note - he?s obviously not dieing as ppl have speculated). Beth suggests that they have a roast dinner before Graham leaves - and Beth asks her kids & Tash to help her with roast etc.

Van park house - despite various objections, Cassie is keen on confronting uncle ben. Cassie tells sally that she NEEDS Uncle Ben to understand that he took her innocence. Sally suggests that uncle Ben probably won?t understand, but Cassie insists that she HAS to try.

Police station - Uncle Ben sees Cassie enter the room, and immediately wonders why Cassie is making up these lies. He also informs Cassie that he?ll sue her for defamation, but Laura suggests this would be a waste of time, as Carla has given police a similar statement. When uncle Ben claims that Cassie told Carla exactly what to say, Cassie tells him that Carla only said to her that Carla must keep Uncle Ben?s secret. When Uncle Ben asks Cassie why she is doing this, Cassie insists that "I'm not you?re Angel any more? - and when Uncle Ben hears the word angel, his innocent face disappears, and he begins to bow his head. Casse then pours her heart about - as she tries to explain to Uncle Ben just what he took from her

Diner - hayley confronts Zoe, and hayley make it V clear that Zoe?s verbal blast to Kimmy earlier was WAY wrong (partic since hunters were in diner at the time). Hayley exits, and Zoe looks way remorseful for what she did.

Near surf club - Ric & sally wonder why Cassie doesn?t appear to be any happier - now that uncle Ben is forever out of her life. Cassie explains that she NOW has to concentrate on the awfulness of Joy being close to death - and Cassie's own future. Ric assures Cassie that he?ll always be there for her, and as sally looks on, it?s clear that she has a plan for the Cassie situation (see below)

Hospital - Cassie arrives with Ric & sally, and Flynn is surprised to see Cassie at the hospital, given what?s happen to Uncle Ben etc. Cassie insists that she have to say goodbye to joy. Flynn says that Cassie can spend as much time as she needs with Joy. Ric asks if Cassie would like him to accompany her into joy?s room but Cassie insists this is something she must do alone. After Cassie begins the walk to Joy?s room, sally tells flynn that she thinks that they should care for Cassie - and flynn is in TOTAL agreement (Cassie & Ric PERMANENTLY in same house - interesting). Cassie is now at joy?s bedside - and she?s totally in tears. Cassie assures joy that she?ll make Joy V proud of her. Cassie also thanks Joy for putting up with her when Cassie was constantly angry after Cassie?s; mum dumped her at joy?s place. Cassie remembers that Joy would aslo says that she can put up with the anger as long as at the end of each day, Cassie gives her a smile, a kiss & cuddle. Cassie then tells Joy that she won?t say goodbye - she?ll give her gran a smile, a kiss & a cuddle - until they meet again. The scene awesomely ends with Cassie kissing, then hugging Joy.

Noah?s - Zoe enters the gym, where she encounters Kimmy. Zoe tells kimmy that she was partic affected when she heard that Kimmy had slept with hayley because of all the woeful relationships she? had in the past. The emotional Zoe then accidentally says that she?s worried about the stalker - and when Kimmy enquires, Zoe tells him that the stalker IS still on the loose (and that Kimmy can?t tell anyone). Zoe then tells Kimmy that she?d like to be friends with him - and Kimmy seems to concur.

Hunter house - beth & Co have finished dinner, and talk of Robbie?s 1-st car leads to the revelation (from Graham) that Beth LOVED riding his motorcycle when she was a teen. Scott the bails (for beach house), with Tilly, Robbie & Tash race each other to the computer. This leaves just Beth & Graham at the table, and beth is pleased that they?ve reached a new understanding. Btw, during the conversation, Graham mentions Beth?s old nickname, BeeBee

Hospital - Cassie is now in the corridor with sally, Flynn & Ric and Cassie is overwhelmed when sally & Flynn permanently invite her into their home/. When sally & Flynn walk away, Cassie tells Ric that he?s a totally amazing guy. Cassie, Ric, sally & flyyn that go into Joy?s room - and Cassie is totally in tears at Joy?s life support machines are switched off.

Beach house - Irene is on the phone to colleen, annoyed that every man & his donkey knows about the intriguing circumstances regarding Hayley?s pregnancy. When Irene is off the phone, hyde comments that that should have expected this kind of thing - small town etc. the phone rings again- and Irene thinks its colleen again so she begins with a verbal barrage, but its the hospital. Irene hands phone to hayley. When hayley is off phone, she tells Hyde, Scott, Kimmy *Irene that tests results are in - and they can find out 1-st thing tomorrow.

Hospital - the stalker switches the paternity test results. (end of ep)


The results are the paternity are told by hayley & Co, Zoe is attacked (AGAIN) by stalker, and will Jesse & Martha get busted this time?

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