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Woman's Day spread on Bec Cartwright

Guest Andy

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The Sydney Morning Herald

27 April 2005

Woman's Day tortures readers with a vomitous spread on Home and Away star Bec Cartwright, who reveals, "Why I love Lleyton", although a more accurate title might be: "Why I love myself. Like, a lot."

Bec tells readers about her life and how it's, well, perfect. She's got the man, she's got blonder hair than she ever dreamed possible and now she's got The Rock.

But don't be thinking it's always been this good. Oh no, Bec has known darkness as well as light. WD reveals Bec has been through "some dark and lonely days stemming from the pressures of teen stardom". Like, sometimes when she went shopping, people who didn't even know her would come up and hug her, and stuff. There was also the matter of her "brief, and not entirely successful, foray into the music industry two years ago", on which the less that is said the better.

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