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Is everyone enjoying Home & Away at the moment?

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Not to be negative because I adore Home & Away (I've watched it continuously since the pilot episode) but I can't shake the feeling that for the first time I'm just not enjoying it at the moment- I'm wondering if it's just me or is that a general consensus?

I can't quite put my finger on why but I know I've not liked the gradual shift in tone over the years away from the school/a central family, I don't really care about or like most of the current characters.  Obviously I adore Alf and Irene but they're not always around and I've never really taken to new Roo.

With Neighbours finishing it would have been great if Home & Away was on fire to show everyone why it is brilliant and belongs on TV.

What does everyone else think of the current storylines/characters? 

My dream wish list (I know this won't happen!) would be a foster family back in Summer Bay and Justine Clarke and Dannii Minogue returns.


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I’m not really nothing really happening I really care about


These quick exits have felt quite lame to give Jasmine family I think is a mistake when she’s off soon 


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