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Find My Way Back To You


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Story Title: Find My Way Back To You
Type of story: Short/Medium Fic 
Main Characters: Carly Morris & Matt Wilson
BTTB rating: T
Genre: Romance, Drama
Does story include spoilers: No.
Any warnings: Sexual content, violence
Summary: When Carly returns to the bay for the Mirigini, she never thought she would be reunited with Matt. However when they do reunite, they have fun, let their hair down and forget about their lives back home. However when Carly who is doubting her own relationship with Ben is growing closer to Matt and old feelings return. What does this mean for the pair particularly because they are both already in relationships.

Chapter 1

Matt Wilson had just returned to the bay, a place he hadn't been too in a little over ten years but he always had fond memories of the place. 

After a brief reunion with Alf Stewart he headed for the Surf Club to get some food and to see who else had returned for the Mirigini event. Truth was he was slightly excited to reunite with all the people he hadn't seen in such a long time.

He was in the Surf Club grabbing a piece of Vanilla slice when he heard his name getting called "Matt." He turned around in the direction that the voice was coming from and he immediately recognized who it was. It was Carly, Carly and him were great friends when they were both in the bay in fact they even dated for a period of time. 

The moment Matt had turned around Carly walked faster towards him and it wasn't long before the pair were hugging "It's so good to see you Matt." Matt smiled as he hugged Carly "It's good to see you too." Once the pulled apart from the hug Carly looked at Matt "A few days away from the family, that must be good." Matt nodded "I'm surprised I got away, my wife wasn't exactly happy to be left to look after the kids alone." Carly nodded after all she had that same issue "Neither was Ben, but we both deserve a break, besides it almost been ten years since we have seen each other so it will be nice to catch up without all the worries." Matt nodded after all he knew Carly was right.

It was a few hours later and Matt and Carly had spent most of the time at the fete catching up and it was now time for the raffle to see who won tickets to the cruise. Alf called the first number and the moment Carly realized it was hers she was shocked and ran up immediately to grab her double pass before heading back to where Matt was and out of excitement hugging him which was something he returned.

It was now after the raffle and while Carly won a double pass Matt didn't win a ticket. Matt who promised to give Alf a hand packing up the raffle stuff did that when he saw Carly heading in his direction all smiles and the moment Alf spotted Carly he looked at Matt "I will leave you to it." Matt nodded as Alf walked away.

Matt could see Carly's excitement as she walked towards him and he was so happy she had won tickets "Matt." Matt smiled at her and once Carly got to where Matt was she handed him one of her tickets "What this for?" Matt was curious "Come with me tonight? I have a double pass and I don't want to go with anyone else, besides we can finally get the date we never got all those years ago, so what do you say?" Matt recalled the amount of times they had tried to go on a date and things got in the way but nothing was tonight and he knew that "I'm in, of course I am besides I wouldn't let you go alone would I." Carly then walked up to the stage and hugged Matt, she was so happy and grateful that he was going with her "I have to go and get ready but I will see you tonight." Carly hugged Matt again and Matt kissed her cheek then the pair parted ways so Carly could spend time getting ready and Matt packing up and getting ready himself. Truth was Matt was excited to spend some time with Carly as it had been so long since he had and from what he could tell Carly was excited too.

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Chapter 2

It was later that night and Matt was now walking along the pier to where the cruise was, ready to meet Carly "Gday Matt." Matt turned around to see Steven, Flynn and Sally there. Steven looked at his friend "I thought you missed out on tickets." Matt nodded "I did, I'm somebody guest. It was then when all four saw Carly walking towards then. Sally then looked directly at Carly before speaking "You little sneak." Carly then smiled as her and Matt held hands "I'm finally going on a date with my very first heartthrob wait until I tell my kids." With that Carly and Matt walked ahead of Sally, Flynn and Steven.

Once they got onto the ship the pair found a quiet spot to sit "Thanks for coming with me tonight." Matt couldn't help that smile at his high school sweetheart "Of course, I wouldn't want you going with anyone else now would I?" Matt had a smirk on his face as Carly pulled him into a hug "It will be like the first date we never got." Matt nodded to that "Yes it will. We will finally get that date. Who would thought after all these years?" Carly smiled as she moved closer to Matt as more people sat where they were "I didn't that for sure." The two them shared a smile and kept chatting.

It was halfway through the dinner cruise and the wind had began to get stronger by the second and the two knew they needed to move from where they were sitting. Matt grabbed Carly hand to make sure, he wouldn't lose through the crowd of people or because of the wind. The two with everyone else wandering around the boat to find the best place for cover.

It wasn't long before a voice was heard "The engine have stopped working, we all need to leave the ship, please put a lifejacket on and make your way to the lifeboats. " Matt looked at Carly and saw that she was nervous so held her hand tighter as they both were handed lifejackets by a male. Matt helped Carly put hers on before putting on his own and heading in the direction the others were.

When it was there turn to get onto the life raft in front of them, Matt knew he needed to make sure Carly was on safely first so held her hand and helped her onto the raft before slipping into the spot beside her and moving close to her. The pair were both holding each other to keep warm. Carly looked at Matt "How long before helps arrive?" Matt could see her nervousness so put his arm around her before with his left hand held hers and looked at her "Hopefully soon Carly, but I'm right here okay and I won't be going anywhere. You won't be alone out here." Carly smiled as she rested her head on Matt's shoulder, as scared as she was she was grateful that Matt was there with her. 

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Chapter 3

It had now been a little over twelve hours and both Carly and Matt were sitting next to each other with Hayley on the other side of Carly, all hoping that soon help would arrive. They were all tired, hungry and thirsty but also scared after all they don't know what could happen next.

Carly looked at Matt "You okay?" Matt could see the concern in Carly voice, after all Matt had spent the last few minutes in his own world "Before I came back. Tracy and I we broke up. We had a huge fight and it ended." Carly felt awful "I'm so sorry Matt." Matt shook his head "Don't be, we were never suited, I was just thinking about the kids and how this will affect them." Carly listened to Matt and completely understood what he said "I get it, kids always come first. From the moment I met mine I was completely in love, it was like a love I never felt before." Matt nodded in agreement "Let's just hope we both get back to them." Carly smiled "I hope so."

It had now been another five hours and in that time Matt and Carly had talked some more as well as getting to know Hayley one of the current Summer Bay locals, when they suddenly heard a noise from above, all three looking up and seeing a chopper and breathing a massive sigh of relief knowing that now help would be on it way.

When Carly and Matt had seen the small lifesaver boat approach and Lance and Martin in it, they had never felt so excited about seeing the pair in their lives. Martin helped Carly onto the boat and Matt got in himself while Hayley was helped by Sam, another SES member and friend on hers. The trio then heard Lance radio their names through to the surf Club and both Carly and Matt were relieved as it meant their loved ones would know that they are safe and coming.

It took them half a hour to ride back to the Summer Bay Beach and when they did Matt helped Carly out of the raft before the pair began walking side by side. Carly looked at Matt "Thank you for everything. I would of been a mess if you weren't there, in fact I still think I was one." Matt wrapped his arm around Carly and she did the same "Yeah well I wasn't exactly calm either, So i was very happy you were there with me." The pair smiled at each other as they headed into the surf club to be reunited with their loved ones.

When they walked in, they spotted Alf as well as Steven who was looking worried. Matt shook Alf's hand while Carly hugged her foster brother "Is everyone back. Flynn, Sophie, Sally?" Steven shook his head and looked at Carly "Flynn is but Sally and Sophie they never made it to the life raft. They are still missing." Carly was now scared and shocked and Matt who was standing there straight away put his hand on Carly shoulder to let her know he was here for her. Carly was grateful to be safe but she knew she wouldn't stop worrying until Sally and Sophie were back safe and sound. Matt then hugged Carly "It will be ok Carly they will be found." Carly nods as she rests her head on Matt chest "I really hope so." Matt then holds Carly in his arms and decides that he will be staying in the bay until he knows Carly is ok.

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Chapter 4

It was now the next day and Martin, Lance and Sam along with other SES members had left the surf club in search of Sally, Sophie and Blake as well as others that were missing. 

Carly was sitting down on a chair as she waited for news and at this current moment Matt had gone to get them some food, it was then when Carly looked at her caller ID and saw that Ben was calling, she knew it was bad but while she was missing or since she had been back, she hadn't thought about him not once. Carly didn't want to talk to him as they had been fighting allot recently but she did want to speak to her kids so she picked up the phone and answered it "Ben." Carly then heard Ben yelling "You didn't think of calling these past few days." Carly knew Ben wasn't happy but she also knew it couldn't be help and she had also decided against telling him she was missing so lied, well half lied "Ben I'm spending time with my family." Carly knew Ben wouldn't be happy with that answer "The kids have been asking when they can speak to you." Carly felt bad not because of Ben but her kids "I will call then tonight." With that Carly hang up not wanting to hear another word Ben had to say.

Meanwhile Matt who had been standing there for the last minute or so looked at Carly "Are you okay?" Carly looked up to see Matt there and she knew he had concern on his face "How much did you hear?" Matt knew there was a reason she would ask that "Pretty much all of it." Matt then sat on the chair next to Carly "Ben and you are you guys ok?" Carly shook her head before looking at Matt "Things have been tough for the past few months, we have been fighting, having one issue after another." Matt felt awful "I'm so sorry Carly." Carly nods "One of the reasons I came here was for a break, regards whether we got lost at sea, I probably wouldn't called him, I mean I need a break." Matt nodded in understanding after all he knew what it was like from the relationship he had with his ex "I get it and I know with Sally and Sophie missing your worried about them but Carly I'm here for you whether it for that or you want to rant about Ben." Carly smiled before reaching over and hugging Matt "Thank you Matt." Matt just smiled as he hugged his friend.

It was about an hour later and one Carly had spent been very anxious when she heard the radio "Sally, Sophie and Blake are safe and sound." Carly in that moment breathes a sigh of relief before hugging Matt tightly.

It didn't take long for Sally and Sophie to reunite with Carly once they had returned and to say Carly relieved about seeing them was  a massive understatement and Matt knew that. After reuniting with them and been told Flynn and Alf would be taking then home, Carly looked at Matt "Can we go for a walk and chat?" Matt nodded and smiled as he got up before grabbing Carly's hand and pulling her up then both leaving the surf club and heading in the direction of the beach

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Chapter 5

Carly and Matt were walking side by side when Carly asked the question, she had been curious about "What happened between you and Tracy, the fight I mean?" Matt knew that Carly was bound to ask this at some point "Honestly, she was angry about me coming back here, she thought if I did that everything would change. I told her I was going regardless of what she had thought and we yelled and she told me if I walked out the door to not come back, so I packed my stuff up and left." Carly nodded as she listened before looking at her friend "She should of never given you that Ultimatum" Matt nodded after all he couldn't argue with that "You know I came back here for the first time since we had even met and she like didn't want me too which is so wrong." Carly nodded as they continued walking down the beach, no longer talking about Matt ex wife.

Matt and Carly didn't make it much further down before they both found themselves sitting on the sand before Matt spoke "I told you my issues with my wife now what's yours and Ben." Carly took a breath, she knew Matt would ask the question particularly after the phone call "He's just been controlling, not to mention he fed up with me because I won't move to be closer to his family." Matt nodded before letting Carly speak "My family, my friends they are all here in Australia and If I'm been honest I'm not a fan of Italy." Matt looked at Carly "I get it besides it a fair enough reason to stay, Ben have family in Perth and he should be more understanding." Carly nodded "Exactly."

The two got up half a hour later and were again walking along the beach when Carly said it "Look at us marriages in crisis but still so understanding when it comes to each other sides of things." Matt smiles as he wraps his arm around Carly "And that we always will be. You know I'm really glad you came back and we got to see each other after all this time, it been good to have you around again and back in my life." Carly listened to what Matt said and agreed to every word of it "Yeah it good to be back in your life too, and there no way we are losing touch again." Matt smiled as he spoke "Agreed." The pair then put their arms around each other and left the beach to head back to Sally's to check on both her and Sophie.

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Chapter 6

When Carly and Matt got back to Sally's they joined her, Sophie, Blake, Alf and Flynn on the couch, all discussing the events of the days before when Carly phone rang. Carly looked and saw Ben on the caller ID and as much as she didn't want to talk to him, she knew the kids would want to talk to her so she excused herself and walked outside.

That was when she answered the phone and heard her youngest daughter who was two years old Sylvie voice "Mamma." Carly always got emotional speaking to her kids "Hey sweetheart, how did you get dad's phone." Carly was so surprised that the younger daughter answered if it was the older kids not as much "I missed you mummy." It was then Carly knew the youngest wouldn't answer her question "I miss you too but I will be home soon I promise." She then heard her daughter voice again "I love you mummy." Carly smiles as she hears that "I love you too." 

It was after that the phone went silent for a few seconds before Carly heard Ben voice "When do you reckon you will be home?" Carly hadn't even thought about that, not with everything else but she knew she wanted to stay in Summer Bay for as long as she could "Honestly when I know Sally okay." Ben anger now shown "She got a boyfriend and other siblings." Carly was now cross and yelled "I'm her sister and she needs me" After that she hang up as she heard the door open and close and looked to see Matt standing beside her.

Once she knew for sure the call had ended she looked at her ex "I'm fine really. Just Ben driving me crazy. It was good to talk to Sylvie though." Matt nods "Yeah some reason hearing the sound of my kids voice always makes me feel better." Carly nodded as she knew the statement was true "I miss her, I miss my kids I do but I can't go home yet." Matt nodded, truth was he understood that as he had felt the same "I get that, I don't really want to go home either." Carly smiled, she was honestly grateful to have one person who understood how she was feelings.

The pair then walked further away from the house to make sure no one could hear them. They both sat on the ground "I'm guessing it was Ben, you were yelling at." Carly nodded "He keeps asking me when I will be home." Matt looked at Carly as she rested her head on shoulder "Just remember he can't boss you around and you can do what you want okay, don't let him control you." Carly listened to Matt and knew that was easier said then done "You know if it wasn't for the kids I would of walked out of that marriage a long time ago but I can't leave them." Carly felt a weight lifted off her shoulders as that was the first time she admitted that "Look Carly I get it hard but either way it will be, take some time away and decide what best for you because all you deserve to be happy and right now it clear Ben isn't making you happy." With that Carly sat there as she rested her head on Matt shoulder and was now deep in thought and she realized Matt was right "Your right I need some time away, maybe I will just come back to the city with you." Matt smiled, he can't lie he would be happy if Carly did as it meant he wouldn't have to face his ex wife alone "That sounds good to me." The pair both sat there quietly for a few minutes deep in thought before deciding to go and join the others again.

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Chapter 7

The next day Carly and Matt said farewell to Sally, Flynn, Steven, Frank and Alf before grabbing their bags and heading to Matt car, ready to drive to the city. Matt looked at Carly "You ready?" Carly nods, for once she feels relaxed not even thinking about Ben just herself "Yes let's do this." Matt turns around and waves to the bay residents, watching on before driving out of the bay with Carly.

It takes them a few hours to get to the city and when they arrive at Matt's house, it clear to Carly that he isn't looking forward to going inside to get his stuff. Matt been so great to her recently that she knows she owes him big time "What if I came with you?" Matt smiled he liked the idea of that but he just hoped Tracy wasn't there to go crazy at the pair "Yes, I would like that." Carly then undoes her belt and gets out of the car and waits until Matt does the same.

The moment Matt opens the door Carly can't help that notice how nice Matt's place looks when all of a sudden she hears footsteps "Daddy." Matt looks up to see his seven year old son James there and picks him up as Carly watches on. Matt then hears his son cough and realizes he is home sick which means Tracy is too and he immediately looks at Carly for support "It's alright, I will be here." It is then when another set of footsteps is heard and Matt comes face to face with his wife.

Tracy stares at Matt then looks at Carly who is crossing her arms, she isn't happy after all this woman hurt Matt and she hated people that hurt people that she cared about. Tracy spoke first "Your back." Matt can hear the relieved but also annoyed sound in her voice "I came to get my stuff." Tracy nods as she looks from Matt to Carly "And you are?" Carly could see Tracy was curious and probably assumed the worst "I'm Carly Morris, I went to school with Matt in Summer Bay." Tracy nods before walking away leaving Matt and Carly alone with James. Matt heads into the bedroom with James and Carly follows as he can see Matt grabbing a bag and begin packing while he holds his son at the same time "Are you sure, you want to leave this?" Matt nods "I will see James and my daughters, I just can't be with her anymore." Carly nods in understanding as she helps Matt pack before giving Matt a minute to say goodbye to his son.

While Carly is waiting for Matt she sees Tracy approaching her and fakes a smile "Tracy." Tracy looks at Carly "Tell me something did he always have to have things his way?" Carly was now in defending mode "You know what we all deserve to live our own lives whether we are married or not and I get you hated Matt for that and spilt up for that reason that it was his choice, tell Matt I will be outside." Carly then walks outside before she says something she might regret to Tracy.

It isn't long before Matt joins her carrying two bags of stuff "What did she say to you?" Carly could see Matt was concerned "She was saying bad things about you so I defended you and left." Matt smiled before putting his bags in the car then hugging Carly "Thank you." Carly just smiles as the pair get back in the car, ready to drive to where they are staying.

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Chapter 8

Matt and Carly had just arrived at the two bedroom apartment where they had booked to stay and both had dumped their separate  bags before meeting again in the kitchen "Can I just say it's great to be away from it all particularly Ben" Matt smiles before replies "Yes and Tracy." Carly looks at Matt "Yeah well after seeing her and when we talked, I can see why you walked away from that relationship." Matt was glad Carly understood his side "Yes it was far too toxic." Carly nodded in agreement "At least you had the courage to walk out from yours." Matt could see the guilt on Carly's face "Look we can stay here until you figured out what to say to him." Carly smiles, she so grateful to have Matt here with her right now.

It was a little while later and the pair had decided to order room service for lunch before they would go to do the shopping. Carly ordered the Seafood Marina and Matt ordered Meat lovers Pizza agreeing to share their meals with the other.

It wasn't long before the meals agreed and the friends were now laying on the bed next to each other in Carly's room "You know us sneaking around kind of reminds me of old times." Carly couldn't help that smile at the memories "As I recall Tom almost busted us kissing once and Frank too." Matt couldn't help that remember that night "Yeah well they grilled me when I was helping them move Jessie." Carly was shocked to hear that as that was something she never knew and now felt bad "I'm sorry." Matt shook his head "Don't be they are your family and all they were doing was protecting you." Carly smiled at Matt, she was glad he was such an understanding person. They both got back to their meals after that.

After having eaten their room service Carly and Matt locked the door to the apartment before heading out to the store.

It didn't take them long to shop for their stuff however they had spent over two hundred dollars on groceries and they both knew all the chocolate would be eaten pretty quickly.

Carly and Matt both were carrying bags and in the lift to head back to their apartment "You know I'm glad I'm here and not in Perth." Matt looked at Carly "You know, you will have to talk to him eventually." Carly knew that "I know but later rather then sooner would be nice." Matt smiles after all he understands completely as he avoided it with Tracy was a long time himself. 

The lift then stopped and they were now heading towards the apartment "Well when you do, I will be here for whatever you need." Carly smiles truly grateful "Thanks Matt." The two then turn the corner and as they are chatting, they don't see the figure waiting for them at the apartment door until the voice is heard "Hi sweetheart." Carly and Matt are both shocked, more so Carly as she looks to Matt for support, she couldn't believe this, he was here and she wasn't at all happy to see him or ready to talk to him. The trio should in silence, all waiting for someone to speak. 

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Chapter 9

There was silence until Ben spoke "What are you doing here and not in Perth?" Carly dropped the bags carefully to the ground and looked at him "Well I earned a break. Your not the one who stays home with the kids all day?"  Carly crosses her arms and Matt gives her a look "I'll be right behind you." Matt smiles before grabbing all four bags and heading into the apartment.

Once Matt left Ben looked at his wife and Carly already knew he would be mad however she also knew she wasn't happy and Ben wouldn't except that. Ben speaks again "Who was that anyway?" Carly somehow knew Ben also wouldn't remember Matt "A friend from the bay and you know what Ben I don't have to answer to you." Ben anger is brewing "Carly we are married you lied to me." Carly shakes her head "Ben I needed a break, I'm allowed to have that, you can't control me anymore." 

What Carly just said made Ben pissed and she knew it "Carly, I don't, we are married, we decide things together." Carly shook her head straight away "No we don't, you decide everything Ben, You always have and you know what I'm done." Ben crosses his arms "You know what, we will talk about this in Perth, get your things." Carly shakes her head again and crosses her arms "No." This made Ben mad but he refrains his anger after all this is a public place " I said get your stuff." Carly looks at Ben "I said no and I meant it." Carly takes a breath "No means no."

Meanwhile Matt in the apartment however the door is closed and he standing right next to it, making sure he hears every word so Carly doesn't have to fill him in later and also in case she needs rescuing which Matt knows that she will. He hears the conversation  getting more intense and he knows he will be racing out there to rescue Carly any second now.

Back in the hallway Carly looks at her husband "You know what I should of walked out of this marriage a long time ago." When Carly says that Ben grabs her arms tightly "Let go of me." Carly knew her arm was hurting.

The moment Matt heard Carly say what she did, he raced out the door to see Ben with a tight grip on Carly arm "Let go of her now." Matt was honestly ready to punch the guy as he looked at Carly and he could see that she was relieved to see him even though she was in pain. When Ben knew Matt was serious he looked at Carly "It's your loss Carly, I was the best thing to happen to you." He pushed Carly right into Matt's arms in that moment before walking away as Matt held Carly "It's alright, your safe now I got you." Carly rested in Matt's arms in that  moment not letting go as she felt safe.

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Chapter 10

Matt had Carly in his arms as they walked back into the apartment. Carly looked up at Matt and it was clear she was upset by her puffy eyes "Thanks for coming out, I don't know what would of happened." Matt cut her off "It's okay Carly." Carly was so grateful right now, she knew once again she owed Matt big time.

Carly let go off Matt arms and headed into the kitchen as she began to unpack the bags before tossing Matt a block of chocolate then getting some ingredients out to cook dinner. Matt looked at Carly "You don't have to cook." Carly started cutting the meat and looked up "It's the least I can do and besides I enjoy cooking, it always been an outlet for me." Matt nodded in understanding as he sat on the stool at the bench as they chatted while Carly cooked.

It was a few hours later when Matt and Carly had finished dinner and Matt looked at Carly "How about we find a place together? Not a hotel? I mean you still plan to live in Perth right?" Carly nodded "I can't leave the kids but how will we find a place together when you will be here." Matt had thought about it all day and knew moving was the best option for him and his family besides he knew Carly would need his support. "I think a fresh start is what I need after Tracy and Perth a good of a place as any and then at least we can support each other through out divorces." Carly smiled, she would be lying if she said she didn't like the idea of having Matt around to support her and also knowing she would be doing the same for him "That sounds great and besides it will be good to live with someone who I know and someone I know will support me and Matt thank you for everything you already done." Matt smiled as he looked at Carly who was sitting next to him and he hugged her "You too."

The pair then started looking for places both happy to be living with someone who knew exactly what they were going through and supporting each other, as well as having the fresh start in Perth that they both wanted and both Carly and Matt were happy too be back in each other lives and couldn't wait to see what the future held for each of them as individuals as well as with each other.







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