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Cash, Rose and Jasmine - Love Triangle


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Story Title: Cash, Rose and Jasmine - Love Triangle
Type of story: Short/Medium Fiction
Main Characters: Cash, Jasmine, Rose and OC
BTTB rating: G 
Genre: General
Does story include spoilers: Yes. Aussie Spoilers
Any warnings: Sexual content, pregnancy, cheating  
Summary: I know Jasmine has now left the show but my story is how it should have played out. In this fan fiction both her and Cash are keeping secrets.


Chapter 1


Jasmine looked down at the test “positive”. How would she tell Cash and how would he feel. They had discussed their future and were on the same page in terms of a house, marriage, kids and a dog or in Cash’s case a cat. 
“You ok darl?” Asked Irene. “I’m pregnant “ said Jasmine. “Does Cash know?” Asked Irene. “Not yet, I just found out myself.” Said Jasmine. “Well you better let him know because he’s going to be a big part of this child’s life as well” said Irene. “I will tell him but I’m running late for my shift “ “Bye Irene “ said Jasmine. “Bye Darl and take it easy. It’s not just you now that you have to think about “ said Irene.

Paratas House

The family barbecue has started and Cash arrives. “You came?” Flick questioned. “ Jasmine is working night shift. Time to let loose and bring out fun cash “ exclaimed Cash. With the party in full swing Nik decided to take photos to send to Bella. During one of the photos Nik asked Theo to move to the end and was pushed in the pool by Tane. Everyone laughed but it was a great welcome to the family for Theo. The party continued. Cash had a few too many beers. He struggled but managed to leave the Paratas to continue his night.

Surf Club

Cash got to the surf club and took out his phone. Scrolling through his phone he found Roses number and decided to call. “Hey Rose, you want to come and join us for a drink?

Cash and Rose enjoy themselves over a few too many drinks. Mac seeing Cash has had too much to drink throws him out of salt. He and Rose stumble down the stairs. He tells Rose he can’t go home to Jasmine in this state as she’s never seen him like this. Little does he know that Jasmine has other things on his mind.



Chapter 2


The next morning Jasmine is walking on the beach and gets a call. It’s from Ian (Robbo’s father). Robbo’s mother Wendy has suffered a heart attack but will be ok.

Jasmine runs into Alf and Marilyn and they see something is wrong. “ Ian called and Wendy has had a heart attack. She will be fine but I need to go and see them”

Felicity and Tane

Felicity and Tane are walking near the beach. “That’s Rose’s Car” Exclaims Felicity. She proceeds to knock on the window. “You got to be kidding me” she states when seeing Cash wipe the glass clear and Rose next to him.

Cash and Rose

Cash and Rose are in the car. Nothing happened between them. Rose said he was drunk so they went for a walk and because he didn’t want to go home they slept in the car.

”Felicity saw us together in the car. Who knows what she is thinking. I need to go and talk to her” 

“You need to have some food before you talk to Felicity.” They head to the Diner and order food. Irene asks where Cash was last night. Rose tells her and Marilyn that they were undercover. Irene doesn’t seem to believe it as Cash looks back at Irene.


Felicity is at home with Tane. There is a knock on the door. It’s Cash. Cash feels terrible and asks Felicity to not tell Jasmine. “You want me to lie for you?” She asks. Cash explains what happened. 

They keep talking. Cash’s phone rings. It’s Jasmine. “You going to answer that?” Asks Felicity. Cash doesn’t answer. Jasmine calls again and he doesn’t answer.

”Sort your life out “ Responds Felicity as she gets ready to leave . Jasmine then sends a text to call him ASAP.
Is it about the baby or leaving the bay to stay with the Shaws?


Jasmine goes to the Diner. Rose is there. She asks Rose if she’s seen Cash but Rose said she hasn’t seen him. Jasmine wants to talk to Rose about something. “Rose can we go for a walk? I want to talk to you about something. “ “sure” responds Rose. “I know we haven’t known each other long but I need to go away for a bit to see my husband’s family. Will you go out for a coffee or hang out with Cash sometimes?” Asks Jasmine. “He really praises you and I like how the two of you are getting along “ Rose seems awkward after the night before.

They keep walking.

Felicity and Cash 

Felicity gives Cash a juice. The coconut water didn’t help. Jasmine and Rose come up to them. “ Did you leave early this morning? I didn’t hear you.” Asks Jasmine.

”Can we talk?” Asks Cash. “Yeah I have something to tell you.” Responds Jasmine. They keep walking. Felicity and Rose argue about the events of the morning. “What’s with you and my brother?” Felicity asks. Rose gives her a look.

Cash and Jasmine 

Cash and Jasmine walk along the beach. “It came out of the blue. I’m sorry to do this to you. “When do you leave?” “Now, today. I have to go and pack.” “I wish we spent our last night together” says Jasmine. “Is there anything I can do?” “Stay here and keep an eye out for Xander and Rose?” Asks Jasmine. Cash doesn’t respond straight away. “Yeah of course “ responds Cash. “I’m so lucky I found you “ says Jasmine. “I want to say something Jasmine. I love you.” “I love you too” replies Jasmine He looks like he wants to say more. “I better go and pack” says Jasmine. “Love you, call me when your on the highway “ replies Cash.

Jasmine walks off wishing she had told him about the baby but she didn’t get a chance.

Cash and Rose

”Did you tell Jasmine?” Asked Rose. “No, I couldn’t tell her.” Said Cash. “Maybe I should call her and let her know.” Said Rose. “ Let’s wait until she gets back from the farm and then I’ll tell her.” Replies Cash.



Chapter 3

Cash goes to the Diner. Irene is working. “I hope Jasmine didn’t notice I was hungover “ said Cash. “ She didn’t say anything to me. She was in a hurry to leave “ said Irene. “Here’s some water. You need to keep hydrated.” “ it’s going to be quiet at home now “ “let’s hope Jasmine comes home from the farm soon” replies Cash.

Xander and Rose come into the Diner. “Hi Guys, Can I get you anything?” Asks Irene. “We’re all good “ replies Rose. “You know what you guys should come over for dinner. Jasmine would want us keeping an eye on you.” Said Irene. “We’ve got plans “ Said Rose. “No we don’t “ Says Xander. Rose runs out and Xander runs after her. “What was that about?” Asks Irene. “Not sure “ replies Cash. He gets up to pay. “You want me to call Jasmine?” Asks Irene “No” replies Cash.

Xander and Rose

”What was that about?” Asked Xander. “ I spent the night with Cash. Nothing happened” Says Rose. “He’s our sisters boyfriend Rose” exclaims Xander. “You think I don’t know that” responds Rose. Xander and Rose hug.

Xander and Rose head to Salt. Rose goes to order drinks. Meanwhile Xander calls Cash. “Come to Salt, you and Rose need to talk” he says.

Cash arrives and Xander leaves Cash and Rose to talk. Whilst they are talking Jasmine calls but the call is ignored as Cash and Rose need to talk about the night before. Cash tells her he loves Jasmine. “Are we ok?” Asks Cash. “Yeah” responds Rose but you can see from her face she’s clearly not.


Jasmine leaves Cash a voicemail. “Cash, I’m on the highway. I miss you. There is something I need to really tell you but it can wait until I come back. Love You. Take Care”


”I got a voicemail from Jasmine “ says Cash. “What did she say?” Asks Rose. Cash plays the voicemail. 
“I had a feeling there was something else she wanted to tell me but she was in a rush” says Cash. “Call her back and ask her what it is” said Rose. “It’s fine when she gets back she will tell me.” Replies Cash.


Irene is on the phone to Jasmine. “Did you tell him?” She asks. “Didn’t get a chance. I was in a hurry to leave.” Says Jasmine. “Really?” Asks Irene. “Alright, I chickened out. I was leaving and who knows when I will be back so what’s the point.” Says Jasmine. “You think he won’t notice in a month or two when you’re back that there’s a bump? Asks Irene. “Girly, you better tell him soon otherwise I will. I can’t lie to him. “ Says Irene. “Ok, I promise I will “ “Bye Irene” says Jasmine. “Bye love” responds Irene.

Cash and Irene 

“It’s so quiet without Jasmine.” Says Cash. “I agree.” Responds Irene. “I have a feeling she wanted to tell me something else before she left” says Cash. “Did you tell her about your undercover stint? “ asks Irene. “Didn’t get a chance. We said love you to each other and she left” said Cash. “Then you both need to talk to each other. The sooner the better.” Responds Irene. She knows Cash was with Rose and not undercover as Rose claims.

Cash goes to call Jasmine. “ Cash hi” Responds Jasmine. “Hey Jas, I miss you already. “ I miss you too” “ “Hopefully I will be back soon” says Jasmine. “The reason I called is we need to talk “ “I didn’t tell you something important before you left.” “Same, there is something you really need to know Cash. It affects us both. “What is it Jas?” “I’m pregnant “ “what and you didn’t tell me?” Questions Cash. “You didn’t think I had a right to know? It’s my baby as well. Who else knows?” Asks Cash. “Only you and Irene “ Responds Jasmine. “Great, so Irene knew before me” “ she saw I wasn’t myself. You weren’t at home when I took the test” said Jasmine. “ You could have told me before you left “ said Cash. “I stuffed up. I’m sorry “ said Jasmine. “So do you want this baby as well ?” Asks Jasmine. “Of course I do. Remember our talk. We want the same things. I’m not going anywhere but I am annoyed you didn’t tell me. “ says Cash. “I should have told you as soon as I found out “ “I’m sorry “ “it’s ok. I want you to both stay safe and well “ says Cash. “Love you both “ says Cash. “What is it you wanted to say Cash? Asks Jasmine. “ I love you so much. I stayed out the other night because I drunk too much and didn’t want you to see me like that “ said Cash. “ it’s ok. Thanks for being honest and letting me know. Talk soon. Love you. Love you both as well” said Cash.

Cash walks out of his room. “How did you go” asks Irene. “Great, Jas told me she’s pregnant “ said Cash. “ I would have told you but it’s not my place. I told her to tell you when she found out and she said she would.” Said Irene. “Did you tell her about your night and staying out?” Asked Irene. “Yeah, we’re all good.” Said Cash. It was the half truth as he didn’t mention Rose.


Felicity comes to see Cash. “It’s so quiet! “ Exclaims Felicity. “Irene’s at work so I’m home alone.” Says Cash. “What are you doing here?” Asks Cash. “Came to check on my big brother.” Says Felicity. “So, have you spoken to Jasmine?” Asks Felicity. “Last night. She told me she’s pregnant.” Says Cash. “Wow, that’s huge. Congratulations. Can’t believe I’m going to be an Auntie. How are you feeling? Asks Felicity. Still trying to get my head around it all but scared and excited at the same time “ says Cash. “Did you tell Jasmine about your night out and Rose?” Asks Felicity. “Told her I was drunk and didn’t want to come home but didn’t mention Rose.” Said Cash. “You need to tell her!” Exclaims Felicity. “Before Rose does. She will tell her.” Says Felicity.


Rose decides to call Jasmine. It’s been awhile since they spoke. Phone rings. “Hello” Says Jasmine. “Hi Jasmine. It’s Rose. How are you?” Asks Rose. “I’m good. Really busy at the farm so not a lot of time for anything else.” Says Jasmine. “How are you? “ Asks Jasmine. “Same old. Works keeping me busy.” Says Rose. “Have you spoken to Cash?” Asks Jasmine. “No, haven’t had a chance unless it’s work related” says Rose. “So he didn’t tell you that we’re having a baby?” Questions Jasmine. “First I heard is from you. Congratulations “ exclaims Rose. “ I did have a feeling there was something he wanted to tell me. Do you know what it is?” Asked Jasmine. “That night he didn’t come home he was with me. Nothing happened but we fell asleep in my car. He didn’t come home because he didn’t want you to see him drunk. I told him to tell you.” Said Rose. “I can’t believe it. Can’t believe I was betrayed by both my boyfriend and sister. I want nothing to do with either of you.” Jasmine said angrily. “You can pass that onto Cash for me. Your welcome to him. Goodbye “ said Jasmine and hung up.

Rose wished she hasn’t mentioned anything to Jasmine. Her sister wanted nothing to do with her anymore. How would this now affect her relationships with Xander and Cash?


“Hey Rose. Did you get in touch with Jasmine?” Asked Xander. “Yeah” says Rose. “How is she?” Asks Xander. “She’s busy. She also told me she’s pregnant.” Said Rose. “Wow, will need to congratulate her.” Said Xander. “ I told her about me and Cash. She wants nothing to do with either of us anymore.” Cried Rose. “What! But nothing happened “ exclaims Xander.” I know, but Jasmine doesn’t see it that way.”Said Rose. “It’s ok she will get over it.” Says Xander.


Xander calls Jasmine. “Hi Xander. What can I do for you?” Asks Jasmine. “I called to see how you are. Haven’t spoken to you since you left the Bay.” Says Xander. “I’m good. Very busy. You actually caught me at a busy time.” Said Jasmine. “I heard about the baby and wanted to say congratulations.” Says Xander. “Thanks, but I really need to go.” Says Jasmine. “Ok,bye” said Xander.


“Spoke to Jasmine. She was busy “ Said Xander. “Did she tell you her news” Asked Irene. “Yeah, it’s great news.” Says Xander.

Cash walks in. “Hey mate” Says Cash. “Hey, congratulations by the way. The baby.” Says Xander. “Yeah thanks. Still getting my head around it to be honest.” Says Cash. “Anyway it’s great news. We need that around here.” Said Xander. “ I agree love.” Says Irene.


Cash walks into the Station. “Hi Rose” says Cash. “Hi” Says Rose. “ I spoke to Jasmine. Congratulations by the way.” Says Rose.”You didn’t tell me “ Says Rose. “You said to keep it professional.” Said Cash. “What else did you talk about?” Asks Cash. “I told her about you and me in the car and that nothing happened.” Said Rose. “You what!” Exclaimed Cash. “We agreed when she came back I would tell her.” Said Cash. “What did she say?” Asked Cash. “ She said she wants nothing more to do with either of us.” Said Rose. “Great Rose, thanks for that. Because of you I won’t have a girlfriend and who knows if I’ll get access to my own child.” Shouts Cash.


Irene gets a call from Jasmine. “Hi Love.” Says Irene. “Hi Irene, I needed to talk to you.” Says Jasmine. “What’s wrong?” Asks Irene. “Cash and Rose spent the night in Rose’s car. She said nothing happened but I feel so betrayed. “ Cries Jasmine. “So that’s why the two of them were acting weird around each other and he didn’t want her over for dinner.” Says Irene. “I’m sorry love. I’ll ask him to move out if it’s easier.” Continues Irene. “If you don’t mind. It will be easier that way when I come back.” Says Jasmine.


Irene comes home to find Cash lounging on the couch watching TV. “Cash, we need to talk.” Says Irene. “Sure” Says Cash. “What about? “ Asks Cash. “I need you to move out.” Says Irene. “Why?” Asks Cash. “Jasmine told me she spoke to Rose. I now know why you two couldn’t be in the same room and why you didn’t want her over for dinner.” Says Irene. “Nothing happened. I was drunk and didn’t want Jasmine to see me like that so I spent the night in Rose’s Car” said Cash. “Jasmine doesn’t see it like that” Said Irene. “Ok, I’ll move back to the van.” Says Cash. “Sorry, but it’s not my decision. I need to listen to Jasmine.” Said Irene. “It’s ok” Says Cash. He looks disappointed.


”Cash what are you doing here?” Asked Felicity. “Jasmine kicked me out.” Said Cash. Tane comes out of the room after overhearing the conversation. “Cash can stay here” Says Tane. “Thanks Tane but I don’t want to put you guys out.” Says Cash. “You won’t. There’s plenty of room. Chloes left so it’s left a spare room” Said Tane. “Only if your sure?” Questions Cash. “I’m/were definitely sure” Said Tane. “Bring on the party.” Says Felicity.

One Year Later


”Here we are Ryan. Back home.” Said Jasmine. 
Jasmine gets Ryan out of the car. They walk to the Diner. “Hi Irene, how are you?” Asks Jasmine. “I’m great. So this is Ryan. He’s so cute” Exclaims Irene. “He has both of you in him. You going to see Cash?” Asks Irene. “Yeah, it’s time he sees his son” Says Jasmine.


Jasmine knocks on the door. “Jasmine, your back!” Exclaims Cash. “Yeah. It’s time to meet your son.” Says Jasmine. “Cash this is Ryan our son “ Says Jasmine. “Hi Mate, your just as I imagined you” Says Cash. “So how have you been?” Asked Cash. “Good, busy with this little guy. We did go to London for a bit.” Says Jasmine. “How are they?” Asks Cash. “They’re good. Grace has grown and has a little brother now. Other than that they are busy with work and the kids.” Said Jasmine. “That’s good to hear “ Says Cash. “You want some lunch?” Asks Cash. “Were all good. Dropped in so you can meet your son but it’s time to go back to Irene’s “ Said Jasmine. “ I promise you will catch up with Ryan again very soon.” Said Jasmine.

Irene’s House 

Jasmine unlocked the door. “This is our home Ryan “ Said Jasmine.

The End





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