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The Bay Meets Sami Baker


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Story Title: The Bay Meets Sami Baker
Type of story:  Medium Fic
Main Characters: Sami Baker, Leah Patterson, Justin Morgan, Alf Stewart,Irene Roberts,Peter Baker and Amanda Vale
BTTB rating: T
Genre:  Drama
Does story include spoilers: No
Any warnings:  No
Summary: Peter and Amanda's Daughter Sami comes to the bay to see where her Parents fell in love and decides to stay




Leah is making a coffee for Justin when a familiar face walks in. 

"Hey Aunty Leah". The blonde haired teen says.

"Oh My God Sami". Leah exclaims and runs to hug her Niece. 

"Yeah". Sami says.

"Does Peter and Amanda know you're here"? Leah asks her Niece.

"Yeah they know". Sami tells her.

"Is everything ok"? Leah questions concerned and Irene walks out. 

"Oh My God Sami you have grown up". Irene exclaims.

"So Dad keeps saying". Sami comments. 

"You know her"? Justin asks Irene.

"Of course I do she is Peter and Amanda Baker's Daughter". Irene replies.

"And you are"? Sami asks the man she is yet to introduced to. 

"Sami this is Justin my Partner". Leah says introducing them. 

"Hi Sami". Justin says. 

"So how are your Parents"? Irene asks. 

"Dad's good still the best guy around". Sami replies.

"And that's why we love Peter". Leah responds and her and Sami chuckle. 

"And your Mum"? Leah asks.

"Mum's Mum". Is all Sami says. 

"How long are you here for"? Leah asks her Niece.

"Not sure yet". Sami replies.

"What about school"? Justin asks. 

"I'm not at school anymore". Sami tells all of them.

"What"? Leah asks.

"Yep". Sami says.

"How do you parents feel about it"? Justin asks her. 

"Dad doesn't care and Mum's pissed". Sami replies. 

"Wow I thought it would be the other way around". Leah comments. 

"Dad knows school wasn't making me happy and he wants me to be happy". Sami tells Leah.

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