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Storylines or themes which repeat a lot

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I don't know if its from binge watching lots of episodes in a short time,but it becomes more noticeable that some stories and themes repeat themselves a lot

The teens do something stupid, lose something, break something etc and then try to fix it or cover their tracks rather than come clean, in the process they make it much worse and eventually get found out anyway.

A new teen arrives needing a home, the women such as Pippa, Ailsa and Bobbie usually want to take them in but the men such as Alf, Michael and Greg do not want to. Eventually they have a change of heart and agree.

When two characters are in a relationship the boy/man is always depicted as impatient or a sex pest while the girl/woman wants them to ''take their time'' ''not rush anything'' or even ''just be good friends for the time being'' When the male gives her a kiss she always gets wound up about it and the male ends up practically on his knees asking for forgiveness 

You get a teen who doesn't want to go to the high school or conform but eventually they just give in and conform

Those are the ones i can think of for now but there are more i am sure. Are there any others any one can think of?

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Storylines that are repetitive are

-who's the unborn baby's daddy

-cancer storylines (though usually very different)


-rebellious teen turned practically saint like

-professional women going for bad boys (Charlie and brax, kat and ash, tori and ash etc.)

- over protective older brothers (brax and Casey, ash and Billie, Josh and Andy, Colby and Bella, cash and felicity etc.)

-the "nice" guy character showing promise yet being underdeveloped or constantly sidelined (Ryder, Oscar, Spencer etc.). 

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Character commits a crime, usually killing or otherwise hospitalising someone, and it gets dredged back up years later when the body is found or the person re-enters their life. During the police investigation the character who did it is accused, whether they are actually arrested and charged is based on if this is their departure storyline.

One character won't believe someone else, typically who they are dating, has done something bad and friendships deteriorate over this because they are loyal to the person. The person who did stuff wrong is caught out. It's one of Nikau's earliest storylines, he initially didn't believe Ryder that Jade posted revenge porn (Jade had, but made it look like Ryder did) but realised Ryder may have been right when catching Jade nearly about to do the same to him.

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