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Story Title: Vision
Type of story:  One shot
Main Characters: Sally Fletcher and Flynn Saunders
BTTB rating: T
Genre:  Drama
Does story include spoilers: No
Any warnings: Death Mentioned
Summary: What if after she had visions of Tom during her stabbing and before she made her choice he did let her see Flynn?


"Alright but you have five minutes". Tom says as Flynn appears so Tom exits. 

"Sal I still can't believe you're here when Tom told me I was in shock still am". Flynn comments and walks over to the table his wife is sitting at.

"Flynn I miss you". Sally says to her Husband. 

"I know but it's not your time yet". Flynn tells his wife emotionally. 

"I want you closer". Sally tells him. 

"If you get closer  you will never leave". Flynn tells his wife. 

"What if I don't want to leave you or Tom". Sally says. 

"I know Sal but our kids need you". Flynn responds. 

"I'm sure they will be ok". Sally tells him. 

"They won't Tom showed you how tough of a year Cass will have if you are gone and even if you go back which is why I think you should she needs you Sal". Flynn tells his wife. 

"Ric's there to support her and so is Leah, Mr Stewart and Matilda". Sally tells him.

"Ric is going to support Cass you are right about that but I am actually worried about him too he is going to struggle this year and with you gone that will make things worse for him". Flynn tells her and she looks confused. 

"What do you mean by that?" Sal asks him. 

"Let's just say Cassie isn't the only one in the bay that's going to be pregnant". Flynn tells her. 

"Matilda". Sally questions. 

"I didn't say that". Flynn answers. 

"If not Matilda who?" Sally asks confused. 

"Someone from his past and that's all I can say and that's not the only thing that is tough for Ric lets just say he is going to be involved in something illegal". Flynn tells his wife worried for his Son. 

"Why are you and Tom talking in riddles?" Sally asks him.

"As Tom has told you we can't give away everything". Flynn comments. 

"God I don't know what I want to do". Sally tells him. 

"I know Tom told you about Pippa but what he didn't tell you was she will struggle so much without her Parents I mean yes the person connected to you from your past is going to look after her and they were like a Dad to her but it won't make up for losing both of her Parents". Flynn informs her. 

"The person was like a Dad to Pippa that Cass and Ric give her too". Sally asks. 

"Yes and he seems like a good guy but he's not her Mother". Flynn tells her. 

"You wouldn't be talking about Brad would you?" Sally asks.

"I am and Sal I am glad you found happiness after me and I get why you couldn't go through with marrying him and so does he". Flynn tells her. 

"Our time together was special but it never compared to the love I had and still have for you". Sally tells him. 

"I know". Flynn replies and Tom walks in. 

"Alright times up I guess Flynn gave you more to think about so what are you going to do Sal?" Tom asks his Daughter. 

"I have to go back". Sally responds.

"We get that". They both echo. 

"I love you both". She replies as heart rate is back in rhythm.





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