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Past, Present and Future


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Chapter 11

It had now been a month since the day Nathan had shown up in Summer Bay and to Martha's place luckily for her though that was the last time she saw her ex as Peter had arrived in time to save her and arrest Nathan. Martha knew Nathan was out of her life for good as Nathan had pleaded guilty to all charges and would be in jail for a really long time and even when he did get out he wasn't allowed anywhere near her.


In the past week Martha had finally gotten over what had happened with Nathan and she knew it was her past now and she also knew she could tell Jack how she felt which she went too do but to Martha surprise Jack told her how he felt before she got the chance to tell him. The pair had been though allot in the Martha month in the lead up to the admission, Martha had opened up to Jack about Nathan and her past which led her to them letting Jack get close to her and their growing feelings to develop more which had paid off as they were now together.


Martha knew that with Nathan out of her life she would be able to finally have a future without him and she knew that would be with Jack in fact she was certain of it. She was certain that her future was with Jack and she couldn't be happier.






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