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When did Sally start getting mature?


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I'm currently at May 1993 and I feel like Sally had 3 year stages:

1988-early 1991 - Little Sally in cute dresses, etc.

1991-1994 - Early teen Sally.  Wears a lot of T-shirts and leggings.  There's the turning point of her needing a bra and then her 12th birthday party with kissing a boy and playing Spin the Bottle, then a beach party in 1992 where she got drunk.  And then in comparison to the very early years "Go away Sal, we're talking about grown-up stuff", the episode where Meg wanted Sally to come too when she told Sophie and Fin about her having cancer, that felt like Sally was being included by the older kids.

1994-1997 - Older high school Sally.  She had other teens her age there.  She seemed to wear a lot of button-down shirts.

1998-2000 - University student Sally.  Moves in with friends.  Has serious boyfriends and nearly gets married.

2001 onwards - Teacher Sally.

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It really depends on what you consider "mature". It was around 1991/92 when she began to be more of an equal with the other foster children rather than The Kid, although she was still obviously the youngest and it wasn't really until about 1994 that she had people more-or-less her own age to hang out with. But she was still a teen character, so she was still prone to be petulant on occasions, which continued during her late teens and early 20s. I think 2000/2001 was the point where she really graduated from being a "young" character to being a mature adult. 

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