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Truth Hurts


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Story Title: Truth Hurts
Type of story:  Medium  fic
Main Characters: Tori Morgan, Christian Green, Jasmine Delaney, Justin Morgan & Leah Patterson
BTTB rating: T
Genre:  Drama
Does story include spoilers: No
Any warnings: None
Summary: After Christian proposals to Tori and she accepts, she knows she needs to tell Christian the truth about her past. How will Christian react knowing Tori lied to him the whole time. And can their relationship survive this.


Chapter 1

It wasn't straight after she accepted Christian proposal but it was later that night when Justin and Tori were alone in the lounge room when Justin said it "So your going to tell him about our past? I mean you can't exactly lie on a wedding certificate." As soon as  Justin had said this Tori had a look of worry and fear on her face. She hadn't even thought about that as in the past everyone she had dated already knew about her past but well Christian he didn't. He didn't know her real name or that her family were in witness protective or that she along with Robbo and Jasmine were in protective customary. She then realized how little Christian knew about her and how much she had lied to him. She felt awful about it but she wasn't sure until now if the relationship would last and she didn't even think about her past when she accepted his marriage proposal.

After thinking about it all Tori looked at her brother with a look of worry "What am I meant to do Justin?" Justin could hear the fear in his sister voice "You are going to have to tell him the truth Tori. You have no choice anymore not now that your engaged." Tori knew he was right but she had no clue how to tell him that she wasn't who he thought she was "How am I meant to tell him that our whole relationship been a lie?" Justin didn't even know how to answer his sister question instead he just looked at her "I have no idea. I think you might need to work that our yourself." Tori grabbed the nearest pillow and tossed it at her brother "Your no help." Justin just smirked at his sister while Tori sat their deep in thought.

It was less then ten minutes later when Christian and Leah walked back into the Morgan's with food. Christian straight away walked over and kissed his fiancé who kissed him back for ones of the last times before everything would change. After she had kissed her fiancé she decided she needed Leah advice and looked at the older female "Can we talk outside?" Leah nodded as she headed outside and Tori followed behind her.

Once the pair were outside and seated Leah looked at her friend "What going on? You aren't as happy as you were when Christian and you came home engaged." Tori nods "I'm happy but I'm scared." This shocked Leah "Of what?" Leah could see Tori loved Christian so she knew it wasn't that she then looked at her friend waiting for an answer "Justin pointed out to me about how my real name might be used on the wedding certificate which means that I will need to tell Christian everything about my past and the fact this relationships in some ways have been a lie." Leah could hear the worry in Tori's voice "He loves you Tori." Tori nods "I know he does and I love him too but I'm worried that when I tell him the truth everything will change and that he won't even want to be with me anymore." Tori was almost in tears as she said this which made Leah get up and hug her friend as she cried.

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1 minute ago, cutebabe_775 said:

Tori is adorable when she's worried 😟😂 Tori throwing the pillow at Justin is so them!

She really is and it was which is exactly why I wrote that.

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Chapter 2

It was very late in the night however for Tori she couldn't even think about sleeping. Her mind was completely else square. She didn't know how she was going to explain any of this to Christian as her history isn't exactly easy or something everybody goes through and she knew the only people that would completely understand are the ones who went through it anyway. She quietly got out of bed making sure to not wake up Christian and headed out to the lounge room.

As soon as she was out there she sat comfortably on the couch as she tried to figure what to tell Christian like where would she even begin with her parents death or her real name or the many other things she had been keeping to herself since the start of their relationships. Tori mind was all over the place and she was thinking of all the things that could happen when Christian finds out the truth like him dumping her or not been able to forgive her for the huge lie she was hiding and if Tori was honest she wouldn't blame him but in her defense she didn't think their relationship would get to this point this quickly.

It wasn't long after that when she heard footsteps coming from the hallway and then her fiancée voice "You weren't in bed and I was worried." Tori could hear the concern in his voice and straight away all she felt was guilt "I'm fine. I just need to figure something out." Christian could see the worry on Tori's face "If you tell me maybe I can help." Tori can see how much he wants to help but he can't not with this. Tori shakes her head pretty much immediately as Christian walks over and sits beside her "You can't help?" Christian was confused "Why not?" Tori took a big breath "Because I'm trying to figure out how to tell you something." Christian grabs Tori's hand and holds it "You can tell me anything I won't judge you. " Tori could see the seriousness on his face "This is big Christian, trust me even if you don't judge me, I know you won't be happy about it." This made Christian both worried and confused straight away he was scared Tori was regretting the engagement "Tori you can tell me anything." Tori takes a breath as she knows it now or never "I'm haven't been telling you the truth about anything Christian." Christian was puzzled as he didn't understand what Tori meant. He looked at his fiancé waiting for answers.

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