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That Which Destroys Me


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Story Title: That Which Destroys Me
Type of story:  Small/Medium Fic
Main Characters: Cassie Turner, Flynn Saunders, Sally Fletcher, Ric Dalby & Macca Mackenzie.
BTTB rating: T
Genre:  Drama
Does story include spoilers: No
Any warnings: Abusive Relationship.
Summary: What if Flynn was around when Cassie was abused by Macca? How would he react? Will Cassie ever get over her fear of Macca? Will her family be able to support her through the hardest time of her life?


Chapter 1

Sally arrived home with bags of shopping to see both Ric and Matilda looking worried. She immediately dropped the bag on the tables and looked at her foster son "What is it?" Ric could see his foster mum knew something was up that was probably because you could look at Ric and see worry written all over his face "It's Cassie, Macca he have been hitting her." Sally was shocked "Are you sure?" Ric nods "I saw a bruise on Cassie a week ago and Macca haven't let me into the house since and she haven't been around here." Sally knew Ric was right "I will go over there." This made Ric worried "You can't go alone. Call Flynn tell him what is going on?" Sally immediately shakes her head "He have a long shift not to mention he is so protective of you guys that I wouldn't even know how he would react." Ric knew Sally had a point "Ok fine, but I'm coming with you." Sally just grabbed her keys and raced out the door with Ric following suit.

Elsewhere at Cassie and Macca's, Cassie was packing a bag when Macca grabbed her "Your not going anywhere. We are a team you and me." Cassie shakes her head "No we are not, not anymore. Let go of me." Macca grabs his girlfriend harder leaving a mark on her arms and when he hears the door open immediately let's go "Get away from her." Macca was shocked to see Ric and Sally walking towards her and couldn't believe Ric was telling him to not go near his own girlfriend. Macca however held Cassie hand tightly as Sally walked even closer "You get away from my daughter now and If you ever come near her again or hit her I promise you, it won't me your dealing with." Macca let go of Cassie and pushed her hard into a wall which made her cry in pain as she put her hands on her stomach. She knew she had broken ribs. Ric immediately rushes to her and helps her up as she fell to the floor as Sally looks at Macca "If you come near Cassie ever again. I will be calling the cops." Macca was annoyed as he watched Sally grab Cassie's bag and Ric assistant her down the stairs. He wasn't happy that his girlfriend had left him.

When they arrived home it was just the three of then as Flynn was at work. Cassie immediately laid on the couch as Sally lifted Cassie t-shirt up to see bruises she could tell some were fresh ones but she also knew there was some old ones as well. "Cassie why didn't you tell us?" Truth was Ric wanted to know the answer to that question just as much as Sally "I was embarrassed" Ric walked towards Cassie with a bag of ice and puts it on her stomach "Well you don't have to be. You have done nothing wrong."   Cassie cries "I have. I got in a relationship with someone that hurt me." Ric kneels down onto the floor beside Cassie and looks at her "You didn't know that would happen. You can't blame yourself for this." Sally then looks at Cassie "I'm sorry that Flynn and I didn't realize something was wrong sooner Cassie." Cassie looked at her foster mum as she held the ice onto her stomach "Don't be. It isn't your fault." Sally grabs Cassie hand "And it isn't yours either." Cassie then realized something Flynn didn't know about this "How will Flynn react to this?" At this point Flynn walked in the door "How will I react to what?" All three immediately went silent.

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Chapter 2

Flynn looked from Ric to Sally as he dropped his workbag on the table and walks closer to the couch where Cassie was laying down. Flynn immediately spotted the bruises on her face and stomach. Flynn got to where she was laying and knelt down as he held the ice on stomach "What happened?" The trio went silence and Flynn immediately knew what that meant "Macca, he did this." Flynn looks at his family for confirmation and when Ric nodded Flynn was standing up and running out the door with Sally not too far behind him.

When Flynn and Sally left Cassie sat up as Ric moved and flopped himself down on the couch next to Cassie "I'm so sorry Cassie. I let you down." Cassie with her free hand grabbed Ric hand and held it before focusing on Ric "No Ric you didn't. You could never let me down. Besides I didn't want anyone to know." Ric looked at Cassie "Why?" Cassie voice sounded worried as she spoke "Because I felt like I was letting you all down. Not to mention worried about you and Flynn reacting and going to hurt Macca." Ric held Cassie's hand "I want to hurt him for doing this to you but focusing on you is way more important as for Flynn I'm pretty sure Sally will stop him before he does something stupid." Cassie moves the ice from her stomach to her face "I really hope your right. I don't want any of you getting hurt because of me." Ric kissed Cassie forehead "Don't worry about us just focusing on looking after yourself and doing what you need too that can help you heal." Cassie shows Ric a smile as she and Ric sit on the couch and wait for Flynn and Sally to return unharmed.

Sally could see Flynn in the distance, she immediately ran towards her husband "Flynn wait." Flynn stopped at the sound of his wife voice "He needs to pay Sally he hurt my daughter." Sally grabs her husband hand "He will pay but Cassie is already hurt and probably scared too and she needs to be our focus right now. We need to take care of our daughter Flynn, she needs both of us." Flynn nods agreeing with what his wife said "It just makes me furious Sally. I come home from lunch and find Cassie hurt and she shouldn't be hurt. I should of protected her." Sally hugs her husband "We both should off Flynn but we can now. So let's go home." Flynn grabs Sally hand and the pair start running to get back to the caravan park to be there for Cassie.

In less then ten minutes they had arrived back at the house and walked inside to see both Cassie and Ric sitting on the couch. Flynn looked at Ric then his wife "Can you guys give me a few minutes with Cassie?" The pair both nod as Ric gets up and him and Sally walks outside leaving Flynn and Cassie alone to talk.

Flynn sits besides Cassie on the couch and looks at the stomach "I'm sorry about my reaction." Cassie looked at the man she loved most "I get it. You want to hurt him, I know that only because you care." Flynn smiles "Yeah I do, Cassie your my daughter and the fact I didn't protect you from him. I just so sorry." Cassie holds Flynn hand and smile it was nice for her to hear Flynn say she his daughter "Don't be sorry Dad. Your here now and that is all that matters to me." Cassie carefully moves over and rests her head on Flynn's shoulder as Flynn kisses her forehead "I will be here always Cassie. I'm not going anywhere whenever you need me I will be here." Cassie smile at this as the two sit side by side "For the record I will need to check you over later just to make sure he didn't cause to much damage." Cassie looked up at Flynn "I knew you would say." The two sat on the couch in silence and waited for Sally and Ric to join then. Cassie knew she felt safer now she was at home and  now she had Sally, Flynn and Ric to protect her.

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Chapter 3

The day had quickly gone by for Cassie having her family by her side but now it was the middle of the night and she was in her bedroom alone and it was a completely different story. She sat on the floor with her head buried in her knees and was crying while having flashbacks in her mind of all the times Macca had hit her and with every flashback she got the more she was panicking.

It was shortly after when she heard her bedroom door open and then shut again as someone walked over and sat beside her "Cass?" Cassie looked up her eyes were puffy and it was clear she was exhausted "Oh Cass." She moved closer as she wrapped her arms around the person "I didn't mean to wake you Ric." Ric kisses Cassie forehead "You didn't I couldn't sleep. I just was coming to check on you and obviously things are getting worst. So tell me what going on?" Cassie started crying as she spoke "Every time I try to shut my eyes all I see is flashbacks of him hitting me. It like he trying to say this isn't over." Ric carefully rubbed Cassie back "You been through a trauma flashbacks are meant to happen." This makes Cassie laugh a little "Now you do sound like Flynn." Ric smiles "Well what can I say Flynn is rubbing off on me but Cassie it over he won't hurt you and I won't leave you tonight we can just sit here in silence or chat until you want to sleep." Cassie nods she likes the sound of company and rests her head on Ric's shoulder.

It was seven o'clock the next morning when Ric noticed Cassie was finally asleep and he picked up and carefully put her to bed before silently leaving the room making sure he didn't wake her as he knew Cassie was exhausted and needed as much sleep as she could get.

Ric rubbed his eyes as he walked into the kitchen to see Flynn and Sally making breakfast "You look exhausted mate." Ric stopped rubbing his eyes and focused on Flynn "Yeah well. I haven't slept. I'm been with Cassie and she sleeping now finally." Sally and Flynn looked at each other as Flynn spoke "Was she struggling to sleep?" Ric immediately nodded "She said every time she shut her eyes she saw flashbacks of Macca hitting her." Flynn and Sally give each other a look "Yeah well I will talk to her later perhaps chatting to a doctor will help." Sally looks at Flynn "Your her father so chatting to you will help." Sally gives her husband a kiss and then the three grabbed some breakfast and ate it while they had the chance.


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Chapter 4

Ric was walking to the diner so Flynn and Sally could speak to Cassie alone when he was suddenly picked up and pushed against the wall and it only took Ric a second to realize it was Macca. "Get off me." Macca smirks at Ric demand "Not happening. Not until you tell me when Cassie coming back to me." Ric was mad he didn't understand how Macca could ever think she could after what he did. Ric looked at Macca right in his eyes "She isn't " This made Macca grab onto Ric harder as he was about to punch him "Get off my grandson." Macca let go of Ric which made him fall to the ground and ran off as Alf rushed to Ric aid.

Once Ric had recovered from what happened he could see the worry in his grandfather eye "I'm fine." Alf immediately gives Ric the look he gives when he knows it isn't true "It just surprised me granddad. I will have a black eye but I will be fine." Alf then looks at Ric again "Why would he do it to begin with?" Ric knew Alf needed answers particularly after seeing that "If I tell you, you need to keep quiet?" Alf nods as he gets even worried "I will just tell me what going on?" Ric put his hand into a fist "He been abusing Cassie for weeks. I told Sally yesterday and we got her out but now." Alf knew what Ric was going to say "He isn't happy." Ric nods "She can't go back there." Alf looks at his grandson "She won't because she got us to look after her now let's go." Ric follows Alf knowing they would be heading home.

Meanwhile Sally and Flynn were sitting on the couch with Cassie "You know we are here for you." Cassie nods at her foster mum "I know. I am struggling to sleep and having flashbacks but I know that bound to happen." Flynn looked at his daughter "Perhaps talking about what happened could help." Cassie nods at Flynn she knew they were both concerned "I will talk to you all more about it all. I just can't yet. It is too hard but when I'm ready to talk I will." Both parents nod in understanding "Just know if you can't sleep wake one of us we can just keep you company or if you just don't want to be alone we will be here." Cassie hugs both her parents "I know you will be. I'm lucky to have you guys and Ric to help me through this." Flynn and Sally smile at their foster daughter "That you do." The group just sit in silence for a bit.

The next minute Cassie hears the door open to see a Ric and Alf walk in and a huge bruise she walks over to Ric very worried "What happened?" Ric immediately could see Cassie concern as both Sally and Flynn walked over and saw the bruise on Ric face "I'm fine Cass." Alf shakes his head "He isn't fine Macca attempted to hurt him." Cassie knew this was her fault and felt awful but it was Flynn who was the angriest as he rushed out of the door with Alf following close behind him.

Flynn ran to the surf club so fast that he knew whoever was following wouldn't get there straight away. Flynn immediately spotted Macca and walked over to him and got up close to him so he knew the threat he was making was serious "You ever come near my kids or even think about hurting then, I promise you, I will make you pay." Macca smirked at Flynn before walking away just as Alf arrived and looked at the doctor "Come on let's go have a chat." Flynn just nodded as he tried to control his anger.

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Note- Firstly thank you everyone for commenting, it is appreciated. I'm sorry for not updating sooner but I have been unwell.

Chapter 5

It wasn't long before Alf and Flynn were sitting at the rocks on the beach. Flynn knew that Alf came just in time to stop him from doing something really stupid "Thank you for stopping me, If I did the same to him, It would of made me just like him." Alf looks seriously at his friend "Your nothing like him. He hurts women and all you do is protect your family particularly from people like him." Flynn nodded knowing that Alf had a point "You know when I first found out I was so mad not just at Macca but at myself." Flynn pauses and takes a breath as Alf speaks "Why?" Flynn knew the answer to that question straight away "Because I didn't realize what was going on with my own daughter." one could of Flynn. She hid it so well." Flynn nods "I just hate that she is going through this and that Alf could see the guilt on Flynn's face and he also knew how much Flynn loved Cassie and Ric "No she is hurting." Alf nods completely understanding what Flynn is saying "I know you do but your supporting her and helping her Flynn." Flynn nods agreeing as the two stand up to head back to the house.

When Flynn walks in the door Cassie runs into his arms and hugs him tightly "Your ok?" Flynn could hear Cassie concern "Yeah I'm fine Cass. I didn't hurt him even if I did want too." Cassie stayed in Flynn's arms relieved that Macca hadn't hurt Flynn too as he had already hurt enough of her family. 

It wasn't long afterwards when Martha walked through the door of the Fletcher- Saunders house and when they stopped talking she immediately knew something was wrong, Flynn, Ric and Alf looked furious and Cassie had her head burried in Sally's chest "What wrong?" This made Cassie sit up and Martha immediately saw her black eye "Macca he did this to you." Cassie just nodded giving Martha her answer as she rushed out of the door.

Soon enough Martha had arrived at Macca's place and let herself in to see her brother sitting on the couch. She walked to where he was and crossed her arms "What the hell is wrong with you? Mum and dad didn't teach you to be like this." Macca looked at his sister confused like he did nothing wrong and when he didn't say a word Martha continued "How the hell could you hit her? Cassie she didn't deserve that. She deserves better then you, we both do. I want nothing to do with you Macca. So stay away from me." Having said what she wanted Martha walked straight back out the door as Macca got up and punched the wall leaving a hole in it.

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Chapter 6

As soon as Martha left Macca's she headed for the beach as she needed to think. She couldn't believe the Macca she had grown up with was the same person that had hurt one of her closest friends. It wasn't long before Martha saw someone sit beside her and she looked up and realized it was her grandfather "It isn't your fault love." Martha shakes her head "It is because Macca's in her life because of me. I was the reason he came here." Alf looks at his granddaughter "He made the decision to do what he did and Cassie she doesn't blame you for what happened, no one does." Martha then just rests her head on Alf's shoulder feeling even more guilty.

Meanwhile Flynn and Ric were sitting outside when Ric looked at Flynn "You know I wish I stopped her ever moving out with him. I was suss about him from the start." Flynn looked at his son and could tell Ric felt guilty "I know you do but as much as we both want too we can't change the past." Ric knows Flynn is right "Yeah I know. I just feel awful for not been there for her when she needed me." Flynn nodded in understanding "I know, I do too but we are here for now Ric. She needs us to try to be strong." Ric just nods at what his dad said.

Cassie who was in her room just sat down on the ground and cried she had felt so guilty. As much as she hated that Macca had hurt her she didn't care about herself getting hurt as much as her family getting hurt. She knew they wanted her safe and away from Macca but she wanted them away from him. She wanted to know he wouldn't hurt Ric or anyone else she cared about ever again.

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Chapter 7

It had been a long night for Cassie who hadn't slept instead was thinking about what decision to make whether to report the man she once loved for assault or keep on letting her family get hurt. Cassie thought the decision would be an easy one considering what he had done but a weird part of her still loved him even those he hurt her which was why the choice Cassie was making is so hard.

By the time the next morning came around even those Cassie was tired she quietly left the house and started walking towards the police station. When she arrived she opened the door and walked in before hearing a voice "Cassie what can I do for you?" Cassie looked at up "I would like to report about an abusive relationship." Peter could see Cassie was nervous "Sure follow me." Cassie nodded as she followed Peter into the interview room.

Once in the interview room Peter started recording and asking Cassie questions about hers and Macca relationship and when the abuse started and what type of abuse it was, as well as about all the injures he had caused her. Once Peter had gathered all the information of Cassie he showed her a nod before looking at her "He will be charged Cassie. He won't be hurting you or your family again." Cassie nodded immediately relieved that her family wouldn't be getting hurt because of her.

Soon enough Cassie left the station and when she did she felt like a weight had been lifted of her shoulder and she knew she had made the right decision and she immediately headed home.

When she arrived home she saw Ric, Sally and Flynn  sitting in the lounge room waiting for her. Ric looked at Cassie "We have been worried about you." Cassie knew that her family would be and she knew she couldn't finally tell them it was over "Well it don't have to be because I went to Peter and reported Macca for abuse and he is charging him so it over." Ric, Sally and Flynn  all were relieved and happy as it meant Cassie wouldn't be getting hurt anymore. They all immediately had a group hug which ended when there was a knock on the door which Flynn went to answer.

It wasn't long before Flynn walked back in with Peter beside him. Peter looked at Cassie "Macca is getting interviewed as we speak and then we are transferring him to the city. It's over Cassie." Cassie knew the moment she reported it that it was but was relieved when she heard Peter say it. She walked over and gave him a hug "Thank you" Peter hugged the teenager back "Of course." Cassie was happier now then she had been in a while and she now knew that she got a chance to start her life fresh with her family.

The end

Note- Thank you for reading this story. It is appreciated and so is your feedback. I have started a new fanfiction Secrets, Protection and Love and I would love for you guys to read that. In the meantime I hope you enjoyed this story 





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