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Not really worth a thread, so thought I'd post this in here: There's also two new locations on the site this week which are being discussed in the Location thread: Summer Bay High Schoo

Since the busy period with the Most Popular Character poll died down, over past few weeks we've uploaded several weeks worth of extended summaries for 1989  - which now brings the year to completion.

Time to update this thread a bit, though it does seem I've been talking to myself in here for the past year With the 2015 season now over in the UK, our current character profiles are in the proc

Thanks to those who contributed, we actually did nothing... :P

For general information those who contributed to the feature are Lilone, Bttb-Rox!, Aejdude and Jamey Maria so a huge thanks to them.

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We are trying to update the main site news section with news :P of cast past and present as regularly as possible... ... particularly in relation to their appearances and stage and or film performances. (See latest updates on the main site) If any one has any info please PM one if the mods. If you go along to any of the stage or film performances... we would love to have a review from you.

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That's dedication that is.

I checked out Elaine's page out of interest, and it refers to Charlie's grandmother as "Doris McPherson." While I'm sure some people wouldn't argue with Charlie being linked to either Elle or Daniel, his last name's actually McKinnon :)

(I'd have PM'd you but I wanted to make that joke...)

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