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Not really worth a thread, so thought I'd post this in here: There's also two new locations on the site this week which are being discussed in the Location thread: Summer Bay High Schoo

Since the busy period with the Most Popular Character poll died down, over past few weeks we've uploaded several weeks worth of extended summaries for 1989  - which now brings the year to completion.

Time to update this thread a bit, though it does seem I've been talking to myself in here for the past year With the 2015 season now over in the UK, our current character profiles are in the proc

  • 2 weeks later...

With Beth's memorial airing yesterday in the UK we've put up some features in rememberance. Her profile has had a complete update, as have all her children, we have scripts from her key episodes, a character analysis from Ryan and a memorial book. What those who contributed think trhat Bay members would have said about Beth if Home and Away had have given her more than a five minute send off. :wink:

We also have some video clips going up in a few weeks when we get the server issues sorted.

A huge thanks to:




Ida Girl

Chatter Box

Eduardo Bearo


Frankie and Ryan for their help with this feature. :)

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LOL... I did not do much... except nag .. as usual... :P

A big thank you to all those who contributed... some of the memorial book entries made me feel quite weepy... especially when I tried imagining them being read by the character. I hope that our members liked it... and would be interested in their comments...as a lot of thought went into it.

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Not sure whether this is the right place for this or not but it doesn't warrant a thread of its own; on the main page it says that Alf was born in November 1946 but this is wrong, it's July 1945 as his 60th was in July 2005.

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This is interesting really, because over time, multiple dates have been given for Alf's birthday. For instance, in Episode 59, 1988, Alf is 45 years old, as you mention in 2005 Alf is 60 years old and from the original character outlines, which I believe is where this info came from, it gives that date as Alf's birthday.

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I suppose they just use poetic license, they needed a reason for a big reunion centred around Alf and Sally so this was the perfect excuse. He has celebrated his birthday in July the past few years so that's what I am sticking with!!

In H&A in Ireland tonight they mentioned Amanda was 33 yet she was only 30 when Belle arrived last year.

In an interview last week (maybe on Five news, cant remember) Jodi Gordon said she wasn't sure whether Martha was 19 or 21 because it had changed!!

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