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Charlotte you've already asked this question in the competition thread and received an answer. The scripts will be posted on the main site once the winner has been announced. As the competition only ended yesterday though it's unlikely that the judges will reach a decision for a couple of weeks yet so please be patient.

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What's happening with the script writing, are they going to be put up on the maint site?

The competition only closed yesterday!

The scripts have to be collated and numbered. the judges all have to read them ....which will take a long time...there is more than one... :P ... and they have to think about them. the judges then have to talk to each other and decide which one(s) should win in each age group. That is not going to happen overnight.

Once the judges have come to a decision we will be putting the scripts up for everyone else to see.

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I started work on a homepage for this today, it's got some of the most horrid puns on it at the moment.

Character Profiles Added, News Added, Episode Summaries Added and Coming Soon Added, what more could you ask for on a Sunday morning with egg soldiers and orange juice

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Ryan: I tried reading Martha's profile but I get all these weird symbols

Though Martha apologised she still refused to be friends with him, retaining her resentful attitude. Jack however liked her and pursued her with some serious flirting eventually asking her out only to be met with the response: "I’d rather listen to ‘my heart will go on’, on repeat than go on a date with you." Jack refused to give up though and it quickly became obvious that despite her protests Martha liked him too. A series of practical jokes ensued, a game of pool where Jack pretended to play badly, staking a nude run on the outcome, only to win the final game leaving Martha to accept the dare, which she did and a drinking competition followed which Jack won. In an attempt to even the stakes Martha found out from Tony that Jack was terrified of spiders so planted one in his room but it backfired spectacularly when he found it, coming out of the shower, fell and hit his head and was found with blood pouring from his ear.

It's all over her profile and I've tried both IE and FF. I don't know if this is in any of the other profiles.. :)

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