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As the show airs it's 6000th episode today, there's a small feature on the site taking a look back at the other thousand-milestone episodes

6000 Episodes

I'll also be revamping and updating our (badly out of date) vital stats pages - the Births, Marriages and Deaths - at some point in the coming weeks.

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Fantastic feature! I will always remember episode 1000 because it was actually my 2nd episode of watching Home and Away. I was very very young when I watched Home and Away. Good times remembering Irene's drunken fall. I didn't know who Irene was so I was intrigued by Irene's "death" as I thought this "random drunk" was dead and the fallout was immense. But it turned out that Irene never died.

I have fond memories of the 2000th, 3000th and 4000th episodes. My favourite ever episode will always be the 4000th episode because it was all about Alf Stewart and I was over the moon that they brought back so many characters for Alf (I'm still annoyed that they killed off Chloe though).

Great work :)

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An appropriate day (on Oz screens) for Marilyn, John & Jett's profile updates today.

I won't be mentioning every character every day, but it's worth a mention today as Marilyn's profile update also includes a big addition to include her 1995-1999 stint that was previously missing.


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