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Today's ep guide up with thanks to Foxy.

I should mention, for the few regular readers, that it's the last one we will be doing for the time being - more will be added in the future but not at the rate we have been doing them for the past 6 months or so.

There will obviously be other updates to keep you entertained though.

Oh that's a shame. If you're short on people to help I would be happy to assist in some way to free up people to write the episode guides :unsure: I really enjoy them every day, and they are also great to read back over.

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Thanks for the offer, but its not time that's the issue :)

Another new Roman related location now on the site - the Roman/Gardy bridge, for want of a better name!

Huge thanks to Quiet Achiever once again, for heading over there to photograph it for us :wink:

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Thanks for them, I have thought the Episode Guide info on the website great! A great source of information re the show/characters/storylines with the Episode Guides provided.

Can understand how daily would be a job to keep up with, sounds like it will still be done, but in a more staggered way, thanks for still being prepared to do it, even in that way of doing so.

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