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Not really worth a thread, so thought I'd post this in here: There's also two new locations on the site this week which are being discussed in the Location thread: Summer Bay High Schoo

Since the busy period with the Most Popular Character poll died down, over past few weeks we've uploaded several weeks worth of extended summaries for 1989  - which now brings the year to completion.

Time to update this thread a bit, though it does seem I've been talking to myself in here for the past year With the 2015 season now over in the UK, our current character profiles are in the proc

^ I second that. I don't say it quite as often as I should but I really appreciate all the work you are doing. :D

I love the Jack Holden feature. I still have to watch the video though. Thanks to all the staff members who helped making it. :)

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Thank you to everyone who has bothered to say thank you and taken time to read the updates. It really does mean a lot to our team of contributors. We have a pretty strong behind the scenes team now with a few freelance contributors helping out Ryan, Lauren, Karen, Cal and the other mods and librarians who dip in and out to help us with things. I want to personally thank everyone who has worked so hard the past year what with a stream of non stop, key character departures, the regular magazine and a lot of personnel upheavals. You've all been fantastic, especially recently with us being on such a tight deadline for features thanks to the short gaps between Aus and the UK. We have lots more regular updates planned for this year, a huge profile overhaul is currently underway, as is uploading of episode summaries. The interactive corner and departure features will continue throughout the year and we also have some new things coming soon including the ever popular, returning script competition, a new look and a few other surprises up our sleeves.

If anyone ever wants to get involved or write or contribute something for the main site please contact one of us, we're always grateful for offers of help, particulary if you're a long term viewer of the show or would like to help with collating comments etc for the interactive corner, we can always find something for a willing volunteer to do. :P

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