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Chris J

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We've now revamped our Location pages to incorporate Google's Street View technology!

Every location now has a 360 degree panorama which you can look at, and you can even take yourself on a virtual wander around the streets by clicking the arrows. To see a bigger view, just simply click on the link underneath the viewer. Obviously there are a small number of locations not directly viewable, those which are offroad for example, but we have pointed the viewer to show the nearest access point or suchlike.

We have also standardised all the Location addresses, replaced our Multimap links with Google Map links, and also updated two locations - the Nash House and Osbourne's Mansion - with new pictures and information!

You may think that there aren't many more updates to be had with Locations, but we are constantly researching and finding new places - and there's still nearly 2 dozen updates to come to both existing locations and brand new ones! So stay tuned!

Enjoy! :D

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That is one of the coolest things Google have done for a very long time. And instead of trotting over to the GM website every time I want to seach for an H&A location, I can now just go to the Locations page and see them at the click of a button - I love it! Thanks a lot, Dan. It's a brilliant update :D.

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Its being photographed in England as we speak - not as simple over here as we had the Privacy Brigade having a moan first - but its been happening for the past couple of months now, so look out for cars with large columns on them :P

Glad a few of you like it :wink:

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