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I have just yesterday watched the Olympic finale in the UK. I'm always a few weeks behind. Is there any reason why the song played during the last scene ( car crash ) was completely different to what was played on channel sevens airing? Is it a copyright issue? The song played during Australia's airing for sure made the final scene have more of an impact. Just wondering. 

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It was most definitely a different soundtrack. Remember there was a song that played with the final scene that had words, follow me or something. On the Channel 5 airing it was just an instrumental tune and totally different. 

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It's down to the music licence. Seven may decide to purchase a certain song, but the terms of the licence may mean it only covers the Australian airing or is for short-term use (this makes particularly well-known songs cheaper). They replace it with an alternative when sending the show out to international markets.

13 hours ago, Old H&A Fan said:

How do they alter the music post-production? Isn't the music already burned into the soundtrack? They'd have to rip it up and make a mess of it doing it all over again if they "had to" change the music in the soundtrack??

Broadcast tapes/files will usually have isolated audio tracks included, in H&A's case they have:

Tracks 1&2 - Stereo mix of the completed episode
Tracks 3&4 - Music & Effects (which allows foreign dubbing of dialogue whilst keeping the rest intact)
Tracks 5&6 - Dialogue & Effects (to allow any further music changes)

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Got it. Knew there must have been some way of this happening post production for Channel 5 airing. First time I have noticed though, except for the start of most season finale episodes. I wonder what that song was? Any ideas? 

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