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Bree Bain (Justine Welles) Interview

Dag Dog

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Bree Bain (née Desborough) first arrived as heroin addicted teenager Justine Welles in June 1997. Over the next three years, Bree was given some of the meatiest stories in the soap’s history, including teen drug addiction and being falsely accused of child abuse.

We caught up with the Logie nominated actress to find out about her time on the show and what she is up to these days.

Home and Away Interview – Bree Bain on her years as Justine Welles (backtothebay.net)

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  • Dag Dog changed the title to Bree Bain (Justine Welles) Interview
5 hours ago, Red Ranger 1 said:

Bit of a coup there, well done to Matt! Interesting to hear she got invited back. Sally's wedding, the first of the big reunion episodes, was right after she left, don't know if she'd have been tapped for that.Only other one that seems likely is Will and Gypsy.

I agree it’s a great interview and lovely to hear she has such fond memories of the show too. Would love to see more of these style interviews and hear some BTS stories or insights from the cast and crew’s perspectives. 

I am really intrigued about who Bree could have auditioned for.

I also think she would have been more likely to have come back for Sally’s wedding as opposed to the weddings of Leah/Vinnie or Will/Gypsy. 

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3 hours ago, CaptainHulk said:

She was an underrated performer on this show.

Yes, when you consider the huge storylines she had. 

Not surprised the producers felt Justine had "run her course" though, since the producers were slowly clearing out Summer Bay House for the Sutherlands. At least she was ready to move on anyway. 

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