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Laurie Foell's Return

Guest Andy

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by Tim Teeman

The Times (UK)

23 April 2005

The worm is turning and the bitches are back this week, reports Tim Teeman

<snip: bits about Eastenders, Coronation Street>

In Home and Away, a canny trick of casting has bought back Laurie Foell, who played the psychotic teacher Angie, the best bitch in all of soapland. As she was responsible for perverse sexual manipulation, torture, husband-stealing and many other crimes, Angie was not much mourned when she was found murdered (by her son, do keep up). Foell now plays Angie's identical cousin, Josie, and after starting out nice -yawn -is showing promising signs of the malevolence that made Angie so memorable. Hurrah.


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by Stafford Hildred

The TV Mag 15, The Sun

16 April 2005

Home and Away. Weekdays. Five

Tasha has no idea that Josie is working with a sinister stranger to turn the beach house into a creepy version of Big Brother!

Josie tells the stranger that the house will be empty as everyone is at the tribute concert for Noah.

Four men arrive to set up secret cameras and microphones, but they hide when Tasha returns unexpectedly to collect her poem.

"Josie's motives are a mystery," admits Laurie Foell, who plays her. "But she's clever and manipulative."

Tasha happily prepares to spend the school holidays with Josie, unaware that a strange man is watching her every move at home.

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The men seem to have fallen for Josie's charms. They seem to think she's perfect.


I don't know what it is but Josie's just seems to let off a sort of Majestic spell

When ever she's around.


I prefer Nicole Richie myself

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