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Moving On


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Story Title: Moving On
Type of story:  Short/Medium Fic
Main Characters: Bella Nixon, Emmett Ellison, Mackenzie Booth, Logan Bennett and Dean Thompson 
BTTB rating: T
Genre: Romance, Drama
Does story include spoilers: Yes for UK viewers as Logan will be included in this story.
Any warnings: Sexual content,
Summary: After getting a call from Mackenzie about how much Bella is struggling after Dean accident Emmett rushes to the bay to support Bella. Will Bella finally move on from Nikau? And will Emmett call the bay home?

Chapter One

It was a busy day in New York for Emmett as he had finally settled into his job and it would be an understatement to say he was loving it. However he was stopped in his tracks by his phone ringing and was shocked to see Mackenzie Booth name on the call ID. He hadn't spoken to her once since he left however he had to Bella most days apart from the last couple.

After a few rings Emmett picks up his phone and answers it "Mackenzie what a surprise?" Mackenzie have a serious voice "Yeah sorry for not calling." Emmett immediately knew by the sound of her voice that something was wrong "What is it? Is Bella ok?" Mackenzie could hear the worry in Emmett voice "No Emmett she isn't. Look I know your just moved there but I didn't know who else to call." This makes Emmett more worried about Bella "Mackenzie just tell me what is going on?" Mackenzie takes a breath "Dean and Nikau were in an accident." Emmett was shocked "What happened?" Mackenzie pauses for a second before speaking "Dean's car rolled down a cliff and Nikau ended up on life support he recovered now but won't stop fighting to get Bella back." Emmett is annoyed "He should know what no means and what about Dean?" Mackenzie is now crying "Mac are you ok?" Mackenzie can hear Emmett worry "He is alive but he can barely walk and it hard for Bella." Emmett knows he just got this job but he owed Bella allot and wasn't about to leave her alone when she was hurting "Look I will be on the first flight I will see you in a few days." Mackenzie smiles relieved "Thanks Emmett." They both then end the call.

Emmett then called his boss and told him he needed time off and why which luckily for Emmett his boss was fine with.  He quickly went on QANTAS and booked a flight which left three hours later. Before grabbing his computer and leaving the office wanting to get home and pack then back to Bella as quick as he could.

It was a few days later when Bella was sitting at home alone after having sold her camera as it bought back way too many bad memories when suddenly she heard a knock at the door. With Mackenzie not home and worried it was Nikau yet again she quietly got up "Who is it?" Emmett could hear the fear and worry in Bella voice "It's me" Bella knew that voice straight away and she couldn't believe who it was. She immediately opened the door to see Emmett "What are you doing here?" Emmett can hear the Bella surprise "Well you know I missed this place and Mackenzie called me and told me what happened." Bella went silent just wrapping her arms around Emmett "Thank you for coming back." Emmett smiles "Of course. I will always come whenever you need me." Bella just stays in Emmett arms as he holds her.

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Chapter 2

It was shortly after when Bella and Emmett sat on the couch at the flat "You know your not alone Bella. I'm going to be here whenever you need me and I know Mackenzie will be too." Bella nods and looks at her mentor "How is New York? How the job?" Emmett knew that question would come up but he also knew he didn't want Bella feeling guilty "New York is a change of pace that is for the sure and the job is great. I love it but will admit I'm glad for the break this past fortnight have been full on with work." Bella can see how happy Emmett is "I'm just glad your doing something that makes you happy." Emmett smiles "I'm glad I am too. Now how about we get out of here?" Bella knew where Emmett was heading with this "You want to see Mackenzie?" Emmett can't help that nod "Yeah it would good too." Bella nods in understanding as both her and Emmett stand up and head out the door.

As they walk into Salt Emmett spots Mackenzie talking to a guy as she serves him a drink "Well I'm glad one thing haven't changed." This immediately made Mackenzie look up and as soon as she spotted him, she ran over and hugged him a hugged which he happily returned as Bella walked over to the bar. Mackenzie and Emmett soon pull out of the hug and look at each other "Thanks Mackenzie for calling me." Mackenzie smiles "Yeah of course. I must admit she seems happier then she was when I last saw her a few hours ago." Emmett smiles at her "Well I'm glad. Anyway how are coping?" Mackenzie knew Emmett would worry just as much about her as Bella "Yeah I'm taking things one day at a time." Emmett hugs her again "Well if you need to talk I'm here." Mackenzie smiles again at her former well friend with benefits "Thank you". Emmett smiles "Always."

Meanwhile Bella sat beside Logan and watched Mackenzie and Emmett in the distance when she heard Logan speak "So what the deal with Mackenzie and that guy?" Bella was surprised with the question "There isn't any deal." Logan however isn't buying that "Is he her boyfriend?" Bella immediately shakes her head "No he isn't. Why are you so interested anyway?" Logan was surprise at Bella question and was about to tell Bella something he hadn't told anyone not even Christian "Because I like her. But if she with someone else then I need to know so I can move on.". Bella now understood Logan questioning Mackenzie and Emmett "Well they aren't a couple. I can't speak for Mackenzie but I'm pretty sure Emmett isn't interested." Logan smiles "Thank you for clearing that up." Bella nods "Of course. I want Mackenzie to be happy. I actually think you would make a cute couple." Logan smiles as Bella says that "Yeah well hopefully she will give me a chance." Bella looks at Logan seriously "Just don't give up on her." Logan nods "I won't no matter what." With that Logan and Bella make small talk waiting for Emmett and Mackenzie to come back.

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Chapter 3

Soon after Mackenzie and Emmett walked back to where Logan and Bella were both giving the pair a smile. Emmett looked at Bella as Logan doesn't stop looking at Mackenzie "Bella I'm guessing he still into her?" This catches Mackenzie attention who gives Bella a nod and decides to formally introduce the pair  "Emmett meet Logan and Logan this is Emmett." The pair nod at each other. Logan happy he now knew the name of the guy Mackenzie was clearly into.

It was about ten minutes later when Emmett and Bella left and Mackenzie handed Logan another beer. Logan was very curious and needed to know "Bella said he isn't your ex." Mackenzie shakes her head surprised at what Logan said "No he isn't. We had a brief causal thing but that it." Logan now understands the reason they seem friendly "Right." Mackenzie still didn't get why he was asking anyway and looks back at him "Why do you want to know anyway?" Logan was caught of guard but he knew he needed to tell Mackenzie the reason "Because I like you Mackenzie and I want us to have a go at things." Mackenzie looks serious "My last relationship was awful and I'm not willing to get into another one. I'm going to go as my shift is over." Mackenzie then walks out of the bar leaving a sad Logan sitting there alone.

Once Mackenzie left work, she rushed to Dean hospital room "Aren't you meant to be working?" Her brother question caught up off-guard and she decided to lie "I wanted to spend some time with you that all." Normally Dean would buy that but today he knew better "Mackenzie have something happened? Is it Bella?" Mackenzie could see the concern in Dean's face when he asked about Bella and immediately shook her head "No it isn't and besides she got Emmett taking care of her." Dean looked confused "Emmett is in New York?" Mackenzie shakes her head "I called him and told him what happened and he came back to be there for her." Dean nods "Thank you because if anyone can help her it will be Emmett." Mackenzie nods in agreement as Dean looks at her "So what is it?" Mackenzie sits on her brother bed "Logan says he likes me." Dean was shocked but not surprised "Yeah I could see he did. So what happened?" Mackenzie crosses her arms " I told him we won't happen. I just need to be myself not dating right now." Dean smiles and nods in understanding "That is understandable but remember when your ready, go for it if you like someone. You deserve to be happy Mac" Mackenzie smiles as she reaches over and hugs her brother making sure she doesn't hurt his ribs in the process. 

Bella and Emmett arrived back at the flat and Emmett looks at the views around then "We have some good lighting around here. How about we go and take some shots?" Bella shook her head "We can't." Emmet looked at his best friend confused "Why not?". Bella knew this was coming and she knew her admission would surprise Emmett "I sold my camera. I just can't take photos anymore." Emmett grabbed Bella hand and the pair walked towards the couch and sat down. Bella knew the pair were about to have a long chat about this and things in general.


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Chapter 4

Once the pair were both sitting down and were comfortable, Emmett looked at Bella seriously and Bella knew the question was coming "Why sell your camera?" Bella felt guilty she knew she was letting him down but photography just bought up painful reminders "Because every time I picked up my camera, every time I took a shot, I couldn't stop remembering all the bad things." Emmett clicked he knew what she meant "Nikau and Sienna?" Bella nodded "I hate Nikau for what he did and the thought of then together even now kills me." Emmett looked at Bella knowing there was more "There's something else?" Bella nodded this was a bit she was never prepared to tell Emmett but she knew she had too "If it wasn't for me. You wouldn't gotten hurt that day." Emmett looked at Bella and could see the guilt on over her face "The explodium it wasn't your fault Bella nor was it your fault that I got hurt." Bella shook her head "You wouldn't been there if it wasn't for me. So it is my fault." Bella wasn't holding back her her emotionals and Emmett immediately hugged her and held her tightly. He had no idea she felt guilty about that and knew the camera talk was now going to have to wait as this was just as important to talk about.

After getting out of the hug the pair agreed to walk along the beach and chat. After a few moments of silence those Emmett stopped walking and looked at Bella "I didn't even know you blamed yourself." Bella who had now stopped walking sat on the sand "That because I didn't want you too. You were in hospital and then the stuff with Nikau and New York happened ,there wasn't ever a good time to tell you." Emmett now knew that Bella was just as worried about him as he was about her "I get it I do, It was a hard time of both our lives Bella but none of what happened to me or you was your fault. So don't blame yourself for any of it." Bella looked seriously "It just you sacrificed so much for me, for us to work together and then your injury happened because of that." Emmett walked to where Bella was and sat beside her "The injury happened because of a gas bottle not because of you and besides everything worked out for me in the end so stop feeling guilty." Bella reluctantly nods and agrees to stop feeling guilty as Emmett pulls her into a hug which she returns.

After a few minutes the pair stand up and head to the diner for a coffee and for what Bella knew would be a chat about the camera and probably Dean. They sat down and as they were waiting for their coffees when Emmett suddenly said something that surprised Bella "I get it why you would want to sell that particular camera Bella but don't stop doing what you love because of one stupid boy." Bella knew Emmett had a point "So what are you saying?" Emmett smiled "I'm saying sell the camera and buy a new one don't give up what you love." Bella nodded "Fine I will do that but if it still the same." Emmett jumps in "If it is I will drop the matter but Bella your talented and I don't want to see you give up on photography." Bella nods "It would be hard to give up. I will get a new camera and hope it helps." The pair smile at each other as their coffees are handed to then.

The pair took a sip of their coffees "So how Dean? Bella knew this question was also coming and knew she might even crumble "Not good. He can barely move or walk. He got months of rehab ahead of him but I'm scared he won't do it or take any painkillers." Emmett held Bella hand "Dean is strong we both know that and he will be ok. You just need to be there for him when he needs you or if you need to force him to take painkillers." Bella nods "I haven't been to see him since the first day he was admitted." This admission surprised Emmett "Why not?" Bella started getting a tear down her eye "Because the last time after I saw someone I loved in hospital they cutted me off." Emmett looked at Bella "I know Dean and he won't do that but if it helps I can come with you for support." Bella smiles "You would do that for me?" Emmett looks at Bella "Yeah I would now let's go see Dean." The pair grab their coffees and head out of the diner to go to see Dean.

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Chapter 5

As Bella and Emmett walked to Dean hospital room she was nervous as for her seeing Colby in hospital was hard enough and she had a feeling that this could be even harder. As they got closer to the room Bella stopped which made Emmett worried "Are you ok?" Bella shakes her head "I'm scared Emmett. I don't want to lose him or see him weak, I mean he always been such a hero to me, someone I looked up too." Emmett could see the tears rolling down Bella's eyes and immediately hugged her which she returned. Shortly after she looked up "I'm ready." Emmett smiles as the pair walk towards the room.

When they arrive Bella sees Dean in his bed but smiling and walks in as Emmett waits at the door "Hey." Dean immediately looks up "I was getting worried about you, when you hadn't came in here." Bella immediately felt bad "Well you don't need to worry as Emmett and Mackenzie are looking after me. Besides it is my turn to worry about you for once." Dean nods as Bella sits on his bed "You don't need too. I will be back with you before you know it and just so you know Bella I'm not going to do what he did." Bella looked at Dean surprised he knew about that "How did you know?" Dean smiles at Bella "I might not be smart but that was easy to work out." Bella reaches over and hugs Dean "I'm sorry for not coming sooner." Dean smiles "It is fine. You are here now and that all that matters." The pair sit and talk for a bit and then Emmett looks at Bella and nods before walking out to the waiting area knowing she would be ok.


Mackenzie have just finished surfing when Logan approaches her "Can we talk?" Mackenzie drops the board to the sand and crosses her arms "I will be waiting for you Mackenzie until your ready to give us a chance." Mackenzie shakes her head and feels guilty "The thing is I might not ever be ready and I'm not asking you to wait." Logan grabs Mackenzie hand "This is my choice Mackenzie. I will wait for as long as I have to if it means getting a chance with you." Logan lets go of Mackenzie hand and walks away as Mackenzie feels guilty.

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Chapter 6

Bella and Emmett are sitting in the flat when Mackenzie walks in and slams the door which makes the pair both turn around and look concerned "Everything ok?" Mackenzie could hear the worry in Emmett voice "You would think if you told a guy to not wait for you they would understand." Bella looks at Mackenzie "I'm going to guess this is about Logan". Mackenzie looks at Bella "Yeah how did you know?" Bella knew Mackenzie would question her particularly because Mackenzie hadn't told her anything "Because when you and Emmett reunited at Salt, he thought you guys were together and asked me about it." Mackenzie was surprised but didn't want to deal with anything else so immediately went to her room and slammed the door behind her.

Once she left Emmett looked at Bella "Should we be worried she will drink again?" Bella shakes her head immediately "No we shouldn't. She made it clear she wouldn't drink again and I believe her." Emmett nods if he trusted anyone judgement it was Bella's. Bella grabbed Emmett hand and pulled him up "Where are we going Bella?" Bella dragged him towards the door "For a walk." With that the pair head out the door.

Bella and Emmett don't make it very far before Bella goes white as a ghost which makes Emmett turn around and when he does, he sees Nikau walking towards then and he knows that is the last thing Bella wants or needs right now. Nikau stops when he reaches then "Bella we need to talk." Emmett steps infront of Bella blocking Nikau from her "She told you no, Nikau she told you that so many times. You need to listen and leave her alone." Nikau looks serious "I love you Bella." Bella them steps forward with her arms crossed "Well I don't love you, not anymore and I never will again. You need to leave me alone and stay out of my life." Nikau stood still not moving "You heard her. Leave now." Nikau looked crossed but walked away and as soon as he did Bella immediately hugged Emmett.

After a few minutes the friends sat down as Bella rested her head on Emmett shoulder "Thank you for having my back before." Emmett smiles at Bella "I will always have you and I will always be here for you Bella." Bella smiles she is so glad she have Emmett in her life "I couldn't gotten through the last few months without you Emmett." Emmett hugs Bella again "Well I'm always here and for the record you deserve so much better then Nikau." Bella nods in agreement "I know."

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Chapter 7

It was the next day when Mackenzie was heading to Dean hospital room praying that she wouldn't see Logan there as she was a mess and just needed her brother. She was in tears as she walked towards the door and opened it which made Dean look up and saw his sister crying "Mac what is it?" Mackenzie walks in and immediately shuts the door "I can't do it Dean. I thought I was over the whole breakup but I'm not. Yesterday after seeing Logan and him wanting a future with me. I went home and sat in my room thinking if it would even be possible and all I could think about is Ari." Dean was surprised but hid it "That understandable Mackenzie. You loved him." Mackenzie shakes her head as Dean said the last three words "Not loved, I still love him and I think that why I don't want to give Logan a chance because all of me still loves Ari." Dean who was recovering more each day sat up and looked at Mackenzie "I'm always here for you Mac, if you need to talk about this or anything." Mackenzie smiles as she walks towards her brother bed and sits down "Thank you Dean. Your the best brother." Mackenzie reached over and softly hugged Dean.

Meanwhile Bella had walked downstairs and into the diner when she spotted Nikau at the counter and Logan near by sitting at a table. Nikau walked towards her "We need to talk Bella please." Nikau grabbed her hand and Bella was immediately uncomfortable he then spoke "Look just let me say what I need too and then if you don't want to see me again after that I will respect that." Logan who was watching in the distance could see how uncomfortable Bella was getting and was ready to spring into action if he needed too. "I get I hurt you but Bella we are meant to be." Nikau decides he wants to kiss her to prove that and it catches Bella by surprise and she immediately pushes him away as Logan walks towards Nikau "You need to leave right now and you need to leave Bella alone." Bella looks at Nikau "You said what you needed too well Nikau I never want to see you again." Nikau looks at Bella annoyed as he walks out. Logan could see this clearly upset Bella "How about I buy you a coffee and walk you home?" Bella nodded "Thank you." Logan smiled as he walked to the counter and ordered two coffees shortly after coming back with coffees in hand.

Logan walked by Bella side and went upstairs to the flat and opened the door for Bella to see both Emmett and Mackenzie who immediately turned around and realized that Bella was upset. Mackenzie was the first one to speak "What happened?" Bella looked at Logan for support and Logan stepped in "Nikau kissed her thankfully I stepped in before it could get worse." Bella shows a smile at Logan "Thank you for your support." Logan nods "Anytime. Let me know if you need anything." Bella nods again as Logan walks towards the door and leaves. Mackenzie immediately hugs Bella as Emmett watches on "I'm sorry I should of gone with you." Bella shakes her head "It isn't your fault, can we all just get out of here." Both Mackenzie and Emmett nod as Mackenzie pulls out of the hug and the three leave the flat.


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Chapter 8

Bella, Mackenzie and Emmett had all arrived at the beach when Mackenzie spotted Ari sitting alone she walked towards him and sat beside him "Mind if I join you?" Ari immediately looks up at his ex and shows her a smile "Yeah of course. How's Bella?" Mackenzie knew Ari cared for Bella and she could see the concern he had for her "She isn't great. She haven't been since Dean been in  hospital but I think having Emmett around is helping her." Ari smiles "Emmett a great guy and I'm glad Bella got him to support her." Mackenzie immediately nods in agreement before turning to Ari "Can I ask you a serious question?" Ari nods and looks worried "Yeah of course. What is it?" Mackenzie takes a huge breath "Do you regret it? Ever been in a relationship with me?" Ari shakes his head straight away "No Mac I don't and I never will. Even those I'm with Mia a huge part of me will always care about you and will always love you." Mackenzie rests her head on her ex shoulder "A part of me is always going to love you too. " The exes hug as Logan  who is watching in the distance now is figuring out why Mackenzie doesn't want to be with him.

Meanwhile Bella and Emmett were sitting at the other end of the beach. Emmett looks at Bella "So now that Nikau promised to stay away. How are you feeling?" Bella smiles at her friend "That I can finally move on with my life and finally find some happiness." Emmett immediately hugs Bella "If anyone deserves happiness it is you." Bella pulls away from her hug "You do too, So when do you have to go back to New York?" Emmett knew the question would come up "I don't, My boss called me when you were out. They want to set up an office in Sydney and want me to run it." Bella immediately smiled "Congrats Emmett, I really happy for you." Emmett smiles as he moves closer to Bella "Well your going to have to get a camera." Bella looks confused "Why?" Emmett had the biggest smile on his face "Because my boss wants you to work there too Bella." Bella was shocked to say the least "Really?" Emmett smiles again "Yeah. I showed him your photos and he loved then. So what do you say?" Bella smiled the biggest Emmett ever seen it "I say yes." She immediately hugs Emmett she haven't felt this excited or happy about something in a long time.

Meanwhile Logan knocked at Dean's door "How do you feel about leaving this place?" Dean grimed "I would love that." Logan nods "I figured you would say that and now you can walk on her own in little bits I say we can get you home. But I will be driving you there." Dean nods in agreement at this point he would do anything to get out of this place. Logan left and got the papers before returning as Dean got up and packed his stuff and then the two slowly left the hospital.

With Logan help Dean managed to get upstairs and inside "Bella, Mac" Dean was surprised that no one was home but he was glad they would have a surprise when they both arrived back. Dean invited Logan in and he sat beside him and talked over exercises with him as they waited for the arrival of Mackenzie and Bella.

It was shortly after when Mackenzie had been filled in about everything  by Bella and Emmett when they headed up the stairs to the flat. Bella opened the door and when Bella spotted Dean sitting on the couch she immediately ran towards him and hugged him which he happily returned " I had no idea you were coming home but I'm so happy that your here." Dean smiled "Well I'm here to stay." Mackenzie and Emmett were waiting as Bella and Dean reunited before Mackenzie hugged her brother and then spotted Logan "Thank you for bringing him home." Logan smiles "Of course. Could we talk?" Mackenzie nods as the two leave the room.

Mackenzie and Logan walked outside "I get it now Mackenzie, why you don't want to be with me?" Mackenzie was surprised with what he said "Really?" Logan nods "Yes, you in love with someone else but I would love to be friends those." Mackenzie smiles "Friends sounds good to me. Thank you for finally understanding." Logan smiles as the pair hug "I'm so happy we can move on and be friends. Let's forget about my crush on you." Mackenzie nods "Sure."

Meanwhile inside Bella sat next to Dean and Emmett sat across from then. Bella looked at Dean "I have some news." Dean now looked curious "What is it?" Bella smiles "Emmett boss is opening  a office here in Australia and they offered me a job." Dean immediately hugged Bella "That is amazing. I'm so happy for you." Bella looks at Dean then at Emmett "I wouldn't be here without you both so thank you." The men spoke in union "Anytime." Dean cuts in "I think we should have a drink." Bella and Emmett nods in agreement as Bella gets up and grabs some drinks.

Mackenzie and Logan walk inside to see the three opening drinks and Mackenzie smiles immediately going over and grabbing her and Logan one too. Once they all have sat down and had a sip of their drinks Mackenzie looks at Dean "What are we drinking too?" Dean and Bella look at each other and speak in union "Moving on." The group take a sip of there drink and all speak in union "To moving on." The group all smile happily ready for their next adventure.

The End

Thank you all for reading this story. I hope you enjoyed it.




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