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Moving On


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Story Title: Moving On
Type of story:  Short fic
Main Characters: Bella Nixon, Emmett Ellison, Mackenzie Booth, Logan Bennett and Dean Thompson 
BTTB rating: T
Genre: Romance, Drama
Does story include spoilers: Yes for UK viewers as Logan will be included in this story.
Any warnings: Sexual content,
Summary: After getting a call from Mackenzie about how much Bella is struggling after Dean accident Emmett rushes to the bay to support Bella. Will Bella finally move on from Nikau? And will Emmett call the bay home?

Chapter One'

It was a busy day in New York for Emmett as he had finally settled into his job and it would be an understatement to say he was loving it. However he was stopped in his tracks by his phone ringing and was shocked to see Mackenzie Booth name on the call ID. He hadn't spoken to her once since he left however he had to Bella most days apart from the last couple.

After a few rings Emmett picks up his phone and answers it "Mackenzie what a surprise?" Mackenzie have a serious voice "Yeah sorry for not calling." Emmett immediately knew by the sound of her voice that something was wrong "What is it? Is Bella ok?" Mackenzie could hear the worry in Emmett voice "No Emmett she isn't. Look I know your just moved there but I didn't know who else to call." This makes Emmett more worried about Bella "Mackenzie just tell me what is going on?" Mackenzie takes a breath "Dean and Nikau were in an accident." Emmett was shocked "What happened?" Mackenzie pauses for a second before speaking "Dean's car rolled down a cliff and Nikau ended up on life support he recovered now but won't stop fighting to get Bella back." Emmett is annoyed "He should know what no means and what about Dean?" Mackenzie is now crying "Mac are you ok?" Mackenzie can hear Emmett worry "He is alive but he can barely walk and it hard for Bella." Emmett knows he just got this job but he owed Bella allot and wasn't about to leave her alone when she was hurting "Look I will be on the first flight I will see you in a few days." Mackenzie smiles relieved "Thanks Emmett." They both then end the call.

Emmett then called his boss and told him he needed time off and why which luckily for Emmett his boss was fine with.  He quickly went on QANTAS and booked a flight which left three hours later. Before grabbing his computer and leaving the office wanting to get home and pack then back to Bella as quick as he could.

It was a few days later when Bella was sitting at home alone after having sold her camera as it bought back way too many bad memories when suddenly she heard a knock at the door. With Mackenzie not home and worried it was Nikau yet again she quietly got up "Who is it?" Emmett could hear the fear and worry in Bella voice "It's me" Bella knew that voice straight away and she couldn't believe who it was. She immediately opened the door to see Emmett "What are you doing here?" Emmett can hear the Bella surprise "Well you know I missed this place and Mackenzie called me and told me what happened." Bella went silent just wrapping her arms around Emmett "Thank you for coming back." Emmett smiles "Of course. I will always come whenever you need me." Bella just stays in Emmett arms as he holds her.

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Chapter 2

It was shortly after when Bella and Emmett sat on the couch at the flat "You know your not alone Bella. I'm going to be here whenever you need me and I know Mackenzie will be too." Bella nods and looks at her mentor "How is New York? How the job?" Emmett knew that question would come up but he also knew he didn't want Bella feeling guilty "New York is a change of pace that is for the sure and the job is great. I love it but will admit I'm glad for the break this past fortnight have been full on with work." Bella can see how happy Emmett is "I'm just glad your doing something that makes you happy." Emmett smiles "I'm glad I am too. Now how about we get out of here?" Bella knew where Emmett was heading with this "You want to see Mackenzie?" Emmett can't help that nod "Yeah it would good too." Bella nods in understanding as both her and Emmett stand up and head out the door.

As they walk into Salt Emmett spots Mackenzie talking to a guy as she serves him a drink "Well I'm glad one thing haven't changed." This immediately made Mackenzie look up and as soon as she spotted him, she ran over and hugged him a hugged which he happily returned as Bella walked over to the bar. Mackenzie and Emmett soon pull out of the hug and look at each other "Thanks Mackenzie for calling me." Mackenzie smiles "Yeah of course. I must admit she seems happier then she was when I last saw her a few hours ago." Emmett smiles at her "Well I'm glad. Anyway how are coping?" Mackenzie knew Emmett would worry just as much about her as Bella "Yeah I'm taking things one day at a time." Emmett hugs her again "Well if you need to talk I'm here." Mackenzie smiles again at her former well friend with benefits "Thank you". Emmett smiles "Always."

Meanwhile Bella sat beside Logan and watched Mackenzie and Emmett in the distance when she heard Logan speak "So what the deal with Mackenzie and that guy?" Bella was surprised with the question "There isn't any deal." Logan however isn't buying that "Is he her boyfriend?" Bella immediately shakes her head "No he isn't. Why are you so interested anyway?" Logan was surprise at Bella question and was about to tell Bella something he hadn't told anyone not even Christian "Because I like her. But if she with someone else then I need to know so I can move on.". Bella now understood Logan questioning Mackenzie and Emmett "Well they aren't a couple. I can't speak for Mackenzie but I'm pretty sure Emmett isn't interested." Logan smiles "Thank you for clearing that up." Bella nods "Of course. I want Mackenzie to be happy. I actually think you would make a cute couple." Logan smiles as Bella says that "Yeah well hopefully she will give me a chance." Bella looks at Logan seriously "Just don't give up on her." Logan nods "I won't no matter what." With that Logan and Bella make small talk waiting for Emmett and Mackenzie to come back.

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1 hour ago, beachside said:

Awww Bella and Emmett!!

Wish we got more Bella and Logan in the show!!

I glad you loved Bella and Emmett and let's hope we do get more Bella and Logan.

38 minutes ago, christine king said:

Aww Mackenzie and Emmett could of had a really good relationship if given half the chance, they have so much potential.

I’m loving Logan and Mackenzie on the show though. Logan is just awesome.

They could off but so could of Bella and Emmett. I'm loving Mackenzie and Logan too. They are my second favourite couple after Tori and Christian.

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44 minutes ago, Zig said:

They could off but so could of Bella and Emmett. I'm loving Mackenzie and Logan too. They are my second favourite couple after Tori and Christian.

I think Emmett is way too old for Bella and if they had of got together on the show it would feel wrong to me. Dean and Ziggy are my second favourite couple on the show currently. I love Mackenzie and Logan but need to see a lot more of them before they become my fav. Torian are a special case honestly I don’t fall for couples that quickly but somehow I did for them.

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