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Now A Family


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Chapter 23

Six weeks had gone by quickly nothing really eventually had happened in that time and for Sally, Flynn, Cassie and Ric they were starting to have a normal family life without too much drama which made then all very happy.

Today was going to be the day Cassie got her new birth certificate with her  new last name and she was happy that her whole family including Dan would be there when it arrived which made her happy.

It was about eight o'clock when Cassie spotted Ric sitting on the couch and went and joined him. Cassie showed him a smile as he turned around and spotted her "You know Cass, I can't help that think about how lucky we are that we ended up here with Sally and Flynn. It changed my life for the better." Cassie smiles and immediately nods in agreement "Yeah I know what your saying. I'm, we are both different people now then the day Flynn saw us on the beach." Ric smiles and then recalls something "You know, I'm glad I listened to you and trusted him that day. I mean our lives are so much better now, way better then it would be if we were running." Cassie immediately hugs Ric it came out of nowhere but she knew that she needed it "Yeah it did but just for the record Ric, I will always be here for you." Ric returns the hug and smiles "Yeah same Cass. I will be here for you no matter what." 

Meanwhile Sally and Flynn were sitting in their bed upstairs when Sally kisses her husband "I'm glad you bought Ric and Cassie home that day. I couldn't imagine life without then now." Flynn kisses back "Neither can I Sal. Our family is complete and perfect." Sally smiles as she kisses Flynn again "I love you Flynn." Flynn pulls his wife closer to him "Well I love you too." The pair smile and kiss again.

It was a few hours later and Dan had just arrived and as soon as he had Cassie had dragged him outside why everyone else was getting some soft drink and food ready. When they got outside Dan looked at Cassie "You ok?" Cassie immediately nods "Yeah for the first time in my life I think I am and I also know that if it wasn't for the support I had from you, things could of been very different." Dan pulls Cassie into a hug "I will always support you Cassie." Cassie hugs back tightly "Dan your family remember that your always going to be family to me." Dan can't help that tear up when he hears that "And you will be to me." The pair hug for a little while before walking back inside.

It was half a hour later when Cassie was handed the parcel addressed to her. She walked towards the couch and sat between Flynn and Sally. Cassie then carefully opened the parcel to see her new birth certificate  and teared up which made Flynn and Sally both hug her. Cassie then looked at the group "I'm so happy to have your last name Flynn and to call you my dad and I'm happy to call you my mum Sally. I love you guys so much." They both smile as they pull out of the hug and all five grab their drinks and cheers speaking in union "To new beginnings as a family." The group all smile and chat excited to see what happens next.

The end

Note- Thank you to everyone who read Becoming a Family and Now A Family. I hope you guys enjoyed both stories.


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5 minutes ago, beachside said:

Wow these last chapters have being amazing.

Its offical Cassie is a Saunders.

Cant believe this series is ending. 

What a great ending.

Glad you liked this story and enjoyed the last few chapters. Thank you for reading.

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1 hour ago, Red Ranger 1 said:

Sweet story, thanks for sharing it with us.

Of course. Thank you for reading. I appreciate it.

1 hour ago, Kristen said:

Great  ending 

Cassie officially becoming a Saunders.

sad this story is over.

thanks for sharing @Zig

So glad you liked the ending and that you enjoyed the story.

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