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A Different Kind of Family


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Story Title: A Different Kind of Family
Type of story: Medium/Long Fic 
Main Characters: Jasmine Delaney, Cash Newman, Felicity Newman, Bella Nixon, Ryder Jackson 
BTTB rating: T
Genre: Romance, Drama
Does story include spoilers: Yes, for UK viewers.

Any warnings: Violence/Death in first chapter

Summary: The events that unfold when the above characters end up sharing a house together. 

Notes: Please note I am British so Australian references don't come naturally so if something doesn't make sense I apologise! 


Chapter One - JASMINE

My eyes open to see the dimming sunrise overlooking endless fields. I must have fallen asleep in the car. Cash decided it was about time we had our first romantic getaway and he was right. Most of our relationship so far has been taken up by our jobs and hours that don't match.

I put a deposit down on a house with my savings and Cash is going to help with the monthly mortgage payments. Felicity said she will too but I just smiled and nodded because Cash and I both know that won't happen. Her money goes on alcohol, alcohol and more alcohol. It's fine though. Irene kept me afloat for so long, it's only right I do the same for Felicity.

Cash hasn't told me where we're going because it's supposed to be a surprise but he keeps making the most ridiculous kangaroo jokes so if we don't end up in Kangaroo Valley then I'll be very surprised.

"Can a kangaroo jump higher than a house? Of course. Houses can't jump. "

Then came the puns...

"You make me so hoppy."

"You know I'm roo-ting for us. "

"You're my wallabae. "

I didn't jump out of the car in horror, but I did come close.

I must have dosed off when he was telling me stories about how bad he was with women in the past. I told him he's not much better now and then we laughed a lot. A lot...lot. You know, I don't think I've laughed that much since Willow left.

I can feel his eyes on me now and I tell him to focus on the road. We're from Sunmer Bay. We are accustomed to bad things happening when you least expect it. At least, I am.

"You know I love you, right?" he says out of the blue and I blush. I turn to look in the wing mirror and notice that I'm starting to resemble a lobster so I stare out of the window hoping he won't notice. I'll never hear the end of it if he notices.

"Yeah, of course I do," I reply softly.

"I knew from the very moment I saw you that... " he pauses and I look back at him, "that you would be a complete nightmare."

"Oh come on, you couldn't resist me. Why the sudden insult though?"


I roll my eyes. "For what?"

"Falling asleep just as I was getting to the juicy part of my story."

"Go on..."

"Nah, it doesn't matter now. I'm just glad I have you back because a 4am chat with myself was making me feel a little bit insane. " It wouldn't be the first time I've caught him talking to himself.

I roll my eyes again. I don't think I've ever dated somebody who's properly funny before. Annoying funny. I've never dated anybody who's annoying before. My eyes roll so often that I'm surprised they still work.

Silence has fallen, only for a minute or two and then I smile and say, " you know I love you too, don't you?"

"Even though you've never met somebody so annoying?"

"You read my mind." I laugh but then my voice softens. "Honestly? You saved me. Just when I thought I was so...so broken and miserable that nobody would ever want to put the pieces back together again...there you were"

"Well that goes both ways." I smile so hard that my cheeks are starting to feel numb. That's what happens when your smiles have been scarce over the past few years, you have to get used to that feeling of smiling again.

It doesn't last much longer because suddenly I hear the loudest screech and feel my body being pulled dramatically to the left, with only my seatbelt holding me in place. The car has stopped and my heart feels like it's going to escape my chest.

I look around, trying to catch my breath but Cash is gone.

That's when I slowly look up and see another car. Half on the road, half off. It must have been there before us, it must have crashed earlier and we've just swerved to avoid it. Half asleep and half terrified, I get out and find Cash screaming at me to call an ambulance.

Once I'm on the call, I walk over to the other car. My body is shivering but I'm not cold. Being a nurse doesn't prepare you for situations like this, neither does being the most unlucky human alive.

There are three people in the vehicle, two adults and one toddler. I reach in to feel their pulses, each in turn. I feel like I've been punched in the chest. "No pulse on either of the adults," I breathe into the phone.

I realise they could have been here for hours. It's a road in the countryside and it's the early hours of the morning. Maybe we're the first to pass them.

Cash points to an animal on the side of the road, equally as motionless as the two adults in the car.

"They must have tried to avoid it and ended up losing control of the wheel," Cash sighs. Another accident caused by a scared kangaroo.

As I try to control my trembles I look over to him, he's carrying the toddler out of the car. She must be around Grace's age. A little bit of dark brown hair, probably the age where she can only just walk. She has these huge brown eyes and is clothed in a white dress with daisies covering it.

It's hard to explain the relief that hits me when I see that she's okay. She's mumbling toddler rubbish that doesn't make much sense. Attempted words, but unsuccessful ones.

A smile almost crosses my lips but then I realise. This child...this poor, innocent child is about to become an orphan. Just like I was. 

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Thank you for your comments!


Chapter 2 - 


I'm walking into 'The Diner' to get a drink and Ryder's walked into me. And yes, I mean he's literally walked right into me. He came out of no where and now I've almost been pushed to the floor. Almost. Ryder isn't exactly strong.

Once I've got my balance back I look up at him and realise he doesn't quite look himself. Ryder isn't the biggest smiler in Summer Bay but I can still tell when somethings up.

"What's wrong with you?" I ask. Not too sensitively because that's not the way we work. That's not the way I work.

"Chloe." Oh here we go again.

"No, I said what's wrong with you. Not what's wrong with Chloe."

I watched as Ryder shrugged. "She's just been acting so weird ever since Mia lost the baby. More of an aggressive kind of weird."

"So Chloe's being Chloe. What's new?" I'm really trying to be sympathetic but not for Chloe because she's been nothing but a pain since Nikau cheated on me with Sienna. Yuck, Sienna. I always thought it was a nice name but now it makes me want to throw stuff.

"She isn't always like that, you know," Ryder grumbles. I fold my arms over my chest and raise my brows. I don't believe him.

"No...I don't know," I reply, slowly. "But it's that family...it HAS to be. They're all messed up."

"I thought you and Nikau had sorted things out?"

"We have. But he's...I don't know. A bit more distant than usual. Before Sienna we weren't just in a relationship, we were best friends and-"

"Hey, I thought I was your best friend."

"Ryder, stop! I'm trying to be serious here." I still let out a small laugh but it doesn't last. "Now it feels like Nik and I have lost the friends bit."

His head pops up suddenly. It's like in cartoons when the light bulbs appear. You can see it happening in Ryder's face sometimes when he comes to realise something. "I think I feel like that with Chloe."


"Yeah. I guess. I think there might be something missing. From our relationship, from my life. I don't know. When Jasmine felt like this, she got a new job but I think I'm more of a work-to-live kind of guy. I don't think a new job will help."

"Maybeee, you just need a new girlfriend."

"No. No, I love Chloe."

I'm actually relieved when I spot Nik heading our way otherwise we may be standing here talking about Chloe all day. But then I see her trailing him. She's doing that sulky, shoulders-down, 'I'm too lazy to walk a few metres' walk.

"What are you doing here, Nik? I thought you were busy today." I try to keep my cool but I accidentally sound like I'm hissing through my teeth.

"Oh yeah, I am." he replies. Clearly a lie. "I was just dropping Chloe off at work and then I'm heading to the gym."

I grind my teeth together and look Chloe up and down. She's awfully quiet for once, I'm almost suspicious.

"She's a big girl. I'm sure she can manage to walk herself to work," I tell him.

"Chill out, Bella. It was on my way." He walks over to kiss me on the forehead. I love it when he does that, it feels like he actually cares. But still, I don't react. I want him to know that he's annoying me. He already has a lot of making up to do after Sienna.

"Bye," I breathe out.

"I should head off too," Ryder says, clearly feeling awkward after Chloe disappears into The Diner.

"What? You're leaving me too?"

"I have some things to figure out."

"Well I hope you find what you're looking for." I sound more sarcastic than I mean to.

Now that Chloe is serving I don't even want my drink anymore, so I head home hoping I won't interrupt another of Ziggy and Mackenzie's frequent fights.


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