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Is He Really The Love Of My Life?

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Note- This is the last chapter

Chapter 21

It was that night when Miles was ready and to say he was nervous for tonight was an understatement. Little did Leah know this wasn't just a date it was a proposal. Miles went to his draw and grabbed the ring box out and he  put it in his suit pocket  before heading downstairs. He just hoped tonight would be a success.

Miles arrived at Irene shortly after and knocked on the door and a young girl answered "You must be Miles come in". Miles smiled as the girl allowed her to come in "It Jasmine right?" Jasmine nods "Yeah" Before Miles could say anything else Leah came walking down the stairs in a red lace dress and Miles was blown away "You look beautiful." Leah walks over and immediately kisses Miles "You don't look too bad yourself." Miles smiled as he grabbed Leah hand and they walked towards the door and left the house.

Shortly after they arrived at Salt and Ryder ushered then to a table set up outside. Miles showed Ryder a huge smile as Leah looks around "This is perfect, thank you". She then kisses Miles and he returns it "I did have some help." Leah nods "I figured." Leah then pulls a chair out for Leah who sits down before Miles sits down on the other side and pours then both a glass of wine.

It was now after mains and Miles knew this was the perfect time even those he was nervous. He stood up and walked over to Leah "Look I need to say something." Leah nods wondering what this could be about "Leah ever since I met you. I knew you were someone special and no matter what happened in the past all the ups and downs we become stronger from it. I never stopped loving you and I never will because you are the love of my life Leah." Before saying anything else he kneels on one knee and grabs the ring out of his pocket and Leah smiles straight away "Leah Patterson Will you marry me?" Leah knew this was rushed but it felt right to her "Yes Miles I will marry you. You are the love of my life too." With that Miles puts the ring on Leah finger before the pair both get up and kiss each other with passion. Miles then pulls away "I love you so much Leah and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you." Leah smiles "I love you too". The pair kiss again they are both so happy and excited to spend the rest of their lives together.


Note- I hope you guys enjoyed reading this story just as much as I enjoyed writing it. 





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