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Is He Really The Love Of My Life?


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Story Title: Is He Really The  Love Of My Life?

Type of story: Long Fic 
Main Characters: Leah Patterson, Miles Copeland, Justin Morgan, Alf Stewart, Roo Stewart, Irene Roberts and Tori Morgan
BTTB rating: T
Genre: Romance, Drama
Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: Sexual content, 
Summary: When Miles comes back to the bay and reunites with Leah the former couple start hanging out again making Leah realize just how much she misses Miles. When they both start to have feeling for each other again things get interesting particularly because Leah is already in a relationship. Will Miles and Leah get back together? What does Miles return mean for Justin and Leah relationship?.


Chapter 1

Miles got out of the taxi which was parked right outside the diner and took in his surrounding, he knew things had changed in the bay but truth was it felt the same as he left in a way which he liked. Miles stood still for a minute just taking it all in and straight away knowing this was the place he was meant to be right now after all it was the place he felt at home the most because of the people in that place.

Miles started walking towards the diner when he saw Alf untangling a net and nodding he now knew for sure that one thing at stayed the exact same "Need a hand?" Alf turned around knowing exactly who that voice belonged too "Stone the flamin crows Miles this is a surprise". Alf immediately stops what he is doing and walks towards Miles as the pair shake hand "It is good to see you again Alf" Alf smiles "Yeah you too, How are you and Sally and Pippa?" Miles knew that was going to be one of the first questions Alf asked him "I'm getting there and Sally is well just like Pippa the treatment is helping her" Alf breathes a sigh of relief "Good cause none of us want to lose her". Miles nods again "Do you reckon I can stay in a van?" Alf smiles again "I can do you one better, you can stay in the house". Miles smiles "I'm truly grateful thank you" Alf can see the smile on his face "Anytime, now how about we catch up later I know some others would like to see you". Miles nods "That sounds perfect. See you later".  Alf watches Miles as he walks towards the diner he was really glad Miles was back.

Miles walked in the diner to see Leah, Irene and a young girl ran off their feet. That another thing that hadn't changed, the diner was still busy. Miles decides it is time to let his presence known "So what does it take to get some service around here?" Leah and Irene both knows who that voice belongs too immediately and they look up as Irene walks towards Miles and hugs him "This is an unexpected surprise" Miles nods he knew she would say something like that "A good one I hope" Irene smiles "Of course darl" Irene moves out of the way and immediately Leah runs into Miles arms and hugs him tightly which he happily returns as the young girl watches on "I missed you so much Miles" Miles smiles as he holds Leah in his arms "I missed you too" It is a minute later when Irene goes back to serving and the young girl walks over and introduces herself "I'm Chloe" She puts her hand out so he can shake it which he does "Miles hi" Leah looks at Chloe "Miles used to live in the bay. He actually ran the caravan park before Alf did. He did a pretty good job too" Miles looks at Leah as she puts her arms around him "Of course you say that I'm standing next to you" Leah looks up at Miles "I would say it anyway". Irene can see the pair need to catch up "Leah take your break and you two catch up" Leah looks at the place and knows it is busy "It is busy I can't" Chloe can straight away tell they have history "We can handle it go" Leah looks at the pair "I know when I'm outvoted let's go" Miles nods as Leah undoes her arpon and hands it to Chloe before the pair walk out of the diner.

Chloe is serving Coffee when Irene walks over with another order "Well I have to say they have chemistry". Irene nods at Chloe "Yeah they always had and I have a feeling it won't change" Chloe nods agreeing even seeing then interactive for a small amount of time she knew Irene was right "Things are going to get very interesting that is for sure" Irene smiles as she looks at Chloe "I agree but perhaps for now keep what I have told you quiet" Chloe nods in understanding "Yeah of course I will Irene" Irene smiles as she grabs food from behind the counter to give to customers .



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Chapter 2

Leah and Miles were walking along the beach both smiling and happy "So what brings you back? Like I'm so happy that you are but it was very unexpected". Miles knew this question would be asked and he knew it wouldn't be the easily one to answer " One of Pippa treatment nurses kept hitting on me then made a formal reply against me saying I was the one who did it. Long story short I was cleared but it was enough for me to want to get out of there and go where I felt like home. Sally understood and here I am" Leah feels awful she knows that he would never do that "I'm sorry you should never had to go through any of that" Miles nods "Well thankfully it is over now and hopefully I can have another fresh start here in the bay" Leah puts her arm around him "Of course you can, and you know I am always here for you" This makes Miles smile it was nice to hear her say that "Yeah I know." The pair felt at ease with each other and if Leah was been honest she hadn't felt this happy in a long time.

Meanwhile Justin was waiting at Salt for Leah they were meant to meet for lunch half a hour ago and she still hadn't turned up. Justin decided to call her however her phone went straight to voicemail so he decided to leave a message "Hey baby it is me, Just wondering when you will get here. I miss you. I love you and hopefully will see you soon" With that Justin hangs up and puts his phone down and orders another drink of wine praying his girlfriend would get here soon as sitting alone at Salt sucked.

Leah and Miles had now found a nice spot to sit down when Leah hears her phone buzz and picks it up before reading it "Is it Irene? Does she want you back at work?" Miles really hoped this wasn't the case and that he could enjoy time with Leah again as it had been the first time since everything went down that he could forget what happened "No it wasn't Irene. It was someone that can wait as right now You are the person I want to spend time with" Miles smiles he can't help "Yeah me too. I missed this. I missed talking to you" Leah smiles she knows she missed it too particularly now they are talking in person again she realized just how much she have "Yeah me too. On the phone once in a while is fine but in person it is so much better" Miles nods in agreement "You heard the drama of my life so what been happening with you recently. It have been a few months since we have talked" Leah knows it going to be a long story "First a crazy person stole my life saving then leave then the person who was helping me track her down well turns out he killed her" Miles was shocked at how much she had been through and pulled her into a hug which she happily returned "I'm so sorry you went through that and that I wasn't here for you" Leah can tell Miles feel bad "Your here now and that all that matters" Leah and Miles smile at each other and hold each other.

After a while and when it is clear Leah isn't going to show up Justin decides to go home and when he arrives he sees Tori and Christian making out on the couch "Please don't do that" They look at up and Tori can see her brother is upset "Didn't you have lunch?" Justin nods "We did but Leah never showed up and now I can't get hold of her" Tori can see her brother worry "I'm sure there is a good reason so try to not worry." Christian cuts in "She probably got caught up at work or something. I'm sure when she gets home she will tell you". Justin nods however he couldn't shake the feeling that there was another reason Leah didn't show up. He just didn't know what that reason was.

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Chapter 3

It is a hour later when Leah returns to the diner with Miles behind her "So dinner after you finished work? For old times sake" Leah smiles as she looks at Miles "Sounds perfect, I will go get changed and meet you at Salt at around 6" Miles looked confused "Salt?" Leah nods "They changed Angelo's to Salt" Miles smile again "Right I got it. Well I look forward to tonight" Leah smiles again at Miles as he walks out "Me too".

As soon as Miles is gone Irene looks at Leah cause now that the rush is gone they can talk "You seem happier" Leah can't help that smile at the statement "I am, I realized how much I missed him". Irene wonders if Leah falling for him again but decides not to ask "Yeah well he is a good guy and I know how close you guys were" Leah raises an eyebrow "Were we still are, It is like no time have passed" Irene then remembers something Leah said earlier "So you bailed on lunch with Justin to see Miles" Leah had forgotten about lunch but she didn't even care "I see him everyday and I don't see Miles everyday so yeah of course I chose to catch up with Miles" Irene can see that the smile on Leah face will not be wiped today "Go get out of here and get changed for dinner" Leah smiles as she quickly grabs her stuff before running out of the door "Thanks Irene".

When she arrives at the Morgan's she sees Justin on the couch "You could of told me you weren't coming" Leah can see his hurt "I'm sorry work was busy" She knew she was lying to him in part but she didn't care "Well how about dinner?" Leah shakes her head as she puts her bag down "I'm sorry I already have plans" Justin looks at her with the needy look "You don't always need to look so needy and I'm allow to hang out with others" Justin gives a pleading look "Baby" Leah crosses her arms "I said I have plans" She then heads towards the room so she could get changed and not have to deal with Justin.

Once she gotten changed she walks out and Justin sees that she dressed up "Plans must be special?" Leah nods "They are" Justin looks at her "How about I come with you?" Leah is getting mad now "That isn't going to happen. You need to cope without I have a life that doesn't involve you too" Leah grabs her bag to put stuff in as Justin looks at her "We are meant to be each other world" Leah looks fed up and yells "Doesn't mean I have to be with you every second of every day" With that she grabs her keys and bag and leaves glad for a break away from Justin and excited to spend some time with Miles as she had missed spending time with him and she had missed him in general.

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Chapter 4

Leah walked into Salt to see Miles already there and smiles as she walks towards him "You look beautiful Leah" Leah smiles at this as she sits down "Well you look pretty handsome yourself" This time Miles was the one who was smiling. The pair looked at the menu as Miles had a confused face "Let me guess you can't decide what you want" Miles nods "Yeah there allot of options" Leah looks at Miles "How about we share a pizza for entrée and have something else for main" Miles looks at Leah "That sounds perfect and I will guess that you want a meatlovers pizza" Leah laughs "Yep I love how you know exactly what I want after all this time" Miles can't help that wish they were together as a couple again  his feeling never went away and it was clear they still had chemistry "Yeah well things as important as that I remember".   Leah and Miles smile at each other as a waiter comes and gets their orders.

It was twenty minutes later when their dinner arrived and they began to eat the pizza "So how long do you think you will be staying?" Leah was secretly hoping he would say a while as she doesn't want him to go "At this stage indefinitely" This made Leah happy "Well it will be good to have you around all the time" Miles smirks "Is that your way of saying you won't get sick of me" Leah nods again "Yep" They then chat as they eat the rest of their dinner when Miles gets an idea "How about we take a trip down memory lane? Go for a walk to some of our favourite places" Leah immediately blushes but hides it "Yeah that sounds perfect" Miles quickly puts money on the table to pay for dinner as the pair get up holding hands and running out of Salt.

 They decided to go to the beach first and immediately sat together curled up on the sand "Remember when Vj was completing at the surf caravel and all I wanted to do was kiss you" Leah recalls the memory in her head as Miles says it "Yeah and I said we could go to a sand dune Yeah I remember" Miles then remembers something else "I must admit the  best memories were before no one knew about us" Miles smiles as he agrees with the statement "one hundred percent. All the secret moments in the store room or on the couch" Leah smiles recalling the day in the store room "Yeah I miss those days, those moments" Miles grabs Leah hand and holds it "Yeah me too, I missed you Leah" Leah also holds his hand "I missed you too. I'm glad to have you back" Miles smiles "I'm glad to be back and have no plans to leave you again" Leah remembers that day "I hated that day it was so hard to watch you leave" Miles can see how much him leaving hurt her "I promise you won't have to go through any of that again" Leah puts her arms around Miles as they move closer to each other "Well I'm glad".

Meanwhile Justin had decided to go for a walk along the beach however he barely made it down the path to the beach when he saw Leah sitting there in another guys arms. He had never felt so hurt or angry in his life and he also knew he had never seen or met this guy before which meant he needed to find out who he was and what is the deal with him and Leah.

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Chapter 5

It was well past midnight when Leah arrived home surprised to see Justin waiting for her on the couch "What are you still doing up? It is late?". Justin turns around and Leah can see he is not happy and she knows it because she bailed on him but she didn't care as she had an amazing night "I was waiting for you. What took so long?" Leah wasn't going to lie but she also wasn't going to tell him about Miles either "I lost track of time that is all".  Justin can't believe she lied to him "You know I went for a walk tonight and I saw you with some guy. You look close" Leah looks at Justin "Yeah we are" She then walks towards the bedroom and shuts and locks the door as it is late and all she wants to do is sleep and not answer Justin questions or tell him about Miles.

The next morning Leah wakes up and gets changed into jeans and a top then pulling her hair up before unlocking the door and quietly exiting the room. She looks at the couch to see Justin laying there sounds asleep which makes her breathe a sigh of relief. She quickly grabs her bag off the table before making a quick exit out of the front door and the house as she needed time before she talked to Justin again.

Leah decides on taking a walk down the beach and when she halfway down the beach she sees Miles sitting on the sand "Your up early?" Miles turns around and sees Leah which makes him smile as she walks towards him before sitting beside him "Yeah Sally and I had a seven oclock facetime planned" Leah can imagine Sally would ask a million questions "How was it?" Miles rubs his eyes and looks at Leah "Yeah it was good. She told me to tell you that she says hi" Leah smiles "Yeah I will text up. Look had I known Sally and you had a facetime call we could went home much earlier" Miles shakes his head "It is fine besides I wanted to stay and hang out with you. Last night realized how much I had missed our nighttime hang outs" Leah smiles "Yeah I missed then too. Have you got time for a coffee? I think we both need it" Miles laughs "You read my mind let's go" The pair get up to start walking towards the diner.

When they arrive at the diner Roo immediately spots Miles and walks towards the pair before giving Miles a hug "Dad told me you were in town. I was hoping to see you this morning before you left" Miles smiles as he returns the hug "I had a facetime call with Sally. How about we catch up later?" Roo looks at the pair and smiles knowing how much Miles would want to spend time with Leah "Yeah of course" Roo gives the pair one last smile before walking away.

The pair sit down after both ordering the same breakfast they always had. "Glad to see your breakfast order haven't changed at all since I left" Leah can't help that smile "Well my breakfast order is one that won't change and clearly yours haven't either" Miles shakes his head "No it haven't and if I honest I have missed a diner breakfast" Leah gets exactly what Miles is saying as she misses then when she is away "I don't blame you they are the best" Miles nods "Yeah they are". Shortly later their breakfast comes and they eat it before Miles makes a suggestion "How about we go for a drive to Stewart's Point. We haven't exactly had a chance to fully catch each other yet" Leah knows Miles have a point and wants to not see Justin today so it sounded perfect to her "Yeah I would like that" With that the pair finish their breakfasts before Leah goes and grabs then some food and another coffee for the day ahead. Truth was Leah was excited to get away and spend some time with Miles and not having to deal with Justin even if it was just for one day.

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Chapter 6

Leah and Miles got in the car with Leah driving as she knew Miles was so tired and shouldn't be. The pair get their seatbelts  on before starting the adventure to Stewart's point. They had barely driven far when Miles recalled another memory "Remember last time we tried to drive up here?" Leah thinks back as she drives and nods "Yeah Vj definitely gatecrashed it" Miles nods remembering the exact moment Vj interrupted their plans "Yeah we at least this time we won't have that problem" Leah smiles at the statement knowing that is true.

They then arrive and both get out of the car at the same time and Leah opens the boot as the car reserved so they can sit down, be comfy, admire the view and catch up. Once they sit down Miles looks at Leah curious how she was "I filled you in on most of what happened with me, so what been happening with you?" Leah takes a breath and thinks of all that happened since Miles left and she got to admit she have regretted lots of it "Let's see I got married to a guy who cheated on me, then my son got married so his wife died and left and now I'm with someone I fell out of love with a long time ago" Miles takes in everything Leah says "That is allot I'm sorry you had and are going through that". Leah smiles as she reaches behind then and grabs a bag of chips for then to share which she opens and hands the bag to Miles after grabbing some for herself "Thanks It was hard but I take it a day at a time" Miles could see how much Leah was struggling and probably still is "So why be with the guy you are now if you don't love him?". Leah knew he would ask and if she was honest it was out of guilt "Because the day I finally decided to end it he got sick and things have gotten worst since" Miles clicks realizing now what Leah must be feeling "So you feel like you have to stay with him so he doesn't go through more pain" Leah rests her head on Miles shoulder as she listens to him "Yeah that is exactly how I feel" .Miles hates that Leah with someone she doesn't love or that she feels trapped "Well if you ever want to get out or just a break call me and I will be your getaway driver" Leah laughs and smiles at Miles statement "You better realize I'm going to take you up on that". Miles nods "I know you are and I will happily let you anytime. Leah can't help that give Miles a grateful smile as they both sit there admiring the view.

It was ten o'clock when Justin finally woke up and when he saw that the bedroom door was open he got up off the couch all set to go in there and talk to Leah. He started walking towards the bedroom and when he finally got there he realized Leah wasn't there and then when he walked out to the table realized her bag was gone too. He also knew she didn't have work to later so would of had time to talk to him or at least say goodbye and the fact she didn't did hurt him.

Justin knew he had to call her he couldn't handle the sudden change in Leah anymore or knowing that she could just leave him without saying goodbye. He grabbed his phone and rang her number and it started ringing "Come on Leah pick up" When she didn't he wasn't overly happily and decided to leave a voicemail "Leah I don't know what is going on but I love you and I need my girlfriend so call me as soon as you can. I love you". Justin then ends the call and throws the phone to the couch. He didn't know who the guy was with Leah but he knew he was close to Leah and have a feeling that because of this guy everything was changing between himself and Leah.

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Chapter 7

It was now lunchtime and Miles and Leah had spent all morning talking at Stewart Point about everything in that time Miles had filled Leah in on Sally and Pippa, the fact he hadn't dated anyone since her and how much he had missed Australia while Leah filled him in on her awful relationships with Zac and Justin as well as everything that happened with Vj. Miles reached over and grabbed the basket of food "I say we dig into this" Leah nods "Sounds like a plan" Miles then looks at Leah "You can tell me whenever your ready to go back" Leah knew she would have too at some point but wasn't ready yet "Can we just stay here for as long as possible. I want to spend time with you and avoid Justin" Miles nods in understanding and truth was he was thinking about what Leah had told him about Justin and would rather her to stay away from him anyway he didn't seen like a good guy to Miles "How about we eat then we just keep on driving?" Leah nods "Sounds perfect to me" The pair then dig in and start to eat the food Leah bought for then.

Meanwhile back in the bay Justin walked in the diner looking for Leah. Irene is the one to spot him "She isn't here" Justin is confused "Isn't she meant to be working now, that what her roster said". Irene nods "She was meant to be but I gave her the day off besides she had other plans. Justin nods he was even more worried now and even more suss on the guy as he knew Leah was probably with him "Do you know what plans?". Irene knows exactly what plans but also knew Leah hadn't told about Miles so lied "No idea sorry" Justin looks at Irene "If you hear from her get her to call me" Justin then walks out of the diner.

Unaware to Alf and Roo were in deep conversation Justin was hearing exactly what they were saying "Dad I reckon he is still in love with her?" Alf looks at Roo "Unless he admits it you can't assume and she is dating Justin remember". Roo then decides to add what she thinks "Well I saw then together this morning and the chemistry is still there" Alf looks at his daughter "Well even so Leah would not cheat and it isn't our business" Roo looked at her dad and decided to make one final statement before leaving "Just remember they have history and history means something" With that Roo walks away and Justin walks and sits at a table so Alf doesn't realize he heard Roo and his chat.

It is half a hour later when Justin makes it home after leaving the diner area when Alf was in the shop and not outside. He immediately goes and gets Leah computer and after trying the password three times he gets it and immediately goes into photos and starts scrolls and it soon after when he spots the photos of Leah and by the looks of it the guy he saw her with the previous night. He looks at all the photos and sees how happy she looks, how happy they both look and that hurts him but Justin also knows they are happy too just as happy as her and that guy. One thing he knew after seeing the photos was as soon as Leah got home he would be asking questions about this guy and not giving up until he got a name and some answers.

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Chapter 8

It was well past midnight when Leah arrived home to see her computer open on the table with a photo of her and Miles on it and she knew this was Justin doing and was furious. The next minute Justin walked out with his arms crossed "Good your home" Leah is so mad that she doesn't care who she wakes up and begins yelling "What gives you the right to go looking through my stuff" Justin immediately begins to fire back just as angry "You bail on me and work for a guy who isn't me and then I see this so what do expect". Leah is now next level furious "Well guess what I can have a life that doesn't include you and I can hangout with other people " Justin bangs his fist on the table "Just tell me who he is" Leah is scared "None of your business" Justin then bangs it again causing Leah to run out the door in fear.

Tori walked out to see an angry Justin "It is well past midnight what the hell were you fighting about?" Justin looks heartbroken "I think she is cheating on me" Tori shakes her head "Leah wouldn't cheat. I have seen you guys together she loves you" Justin nods "I know she does but all this stuff the past few days the fact she won't tell me who he is" Tori now can kind of understand why her brother is angry "Ok i get that is bad and that she should tell you but perhaps they are just really good friends" Justin shakes his head "I heard Roo and Alf chatting saying they had a history" Tori can see how hurt her brother is "Doesn't mean they have any kind of future. Just sleep and talk to her tomorrow" Justin agrees but still isn't happy as he heads into his bedroom and into an empty bed.

Meanwhile a crying Leah knocks on the Stewart's door and within a minute the door opens and it is Miles who answered before he even gets a chance to speak Leah runs into his arms and buries her head in his chest as she cries. He holds her tightly and whispers "Everything will be ok".

Once Leah had calmed down the pair sat on the couch Leah resting her head on Miles shoulder "I'm sorry for waking you I know it is late" Miles can see the guilt on her face "It fine besides I wasn't in bed yet. Are you going to tell me what happened?". Leah nods her head and looks at Miles "I got home too see my laptop open to a photo of us Justin have been digging" Miles gets Leah annoyance truth was he is too "We are none of his business not to mention it is an invaded of privacy" Leah nods "Exactly but there is more". Miles looks at Leah knowing this was even more serious "What is it?" Leah cries as she speaks "We kept yelling. I never seen him so angry and I got so scared". Miles knows where she is getting and immediately makes himself comfortable on the couch for the night "Come on you can lay beside me. I promise you will be safe here". Leah does as Miles says as she looks up at him "I know I will be safe here. I always safe when I'm with you and have you protecting me. I don't know what I would do if I ever lost you" Miles looks at Leah and smiles "Well guess what you won't lose me I am not going anywhere". The pair both make themselves comfortable and later fall asleep. 

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Chapter 9

It is the next morning when Roo walks downstairs shocked and surprised to see Miles sleeping on the couch with Leah in his arms and right now for Roo it was hard to not assume the worst particularly with Miles and Leah history on top of knowing Leah didn't love Justin anymore. Roo knew she couldn't spread what she saw around but also knew she needed to talk to either Miles or Leah when they woke up.

It wasn't long before Leah woke up and let herself out of Miles embrace and sat up and saw Roo and knowing she wanted answers she decided it was the best to do this outside so got up and walked over to Roo before dragging her outside and shutting the door behind then.

When they were both sitting down they sat in silence until Roo asked a serious question "Don't you love Justin anymore?" Roo knew she didn't but had never heard it from Leah herself "No I don't I haven't for a long time". Roo was surprised at her admission "So why stay with him?" Leah had the look of guilt on her face "The day I wanted to breakup with him, he told me about the tumor". Roo was starting to piece things together "So you stayed with him out of guilt?" Leah nods "I know it is wrong" Roo shakes her head "You put someone ahead of yourself but now you need to put yourself first". Leah knows Roo right but she was scared of what Justin would do if she did end it so knew she had to stay with him even those she was going to hate it "I know I need too but I can't at least not yet" Roo  nods but can't help that worry about how this is affecting Leah.

Leah decided to go back inside before Roo had said anything else and the moment she walked in Miles had woken up "Good sleep?" Leah looks at Miles and can't help that immediately smile "Yeah the best one in a while. What about you?" Miles smile at Leah as he gets up and goes to the kitchen and pours a coffee "Yeah same".

The pair was drinking their coffee when Leah looked at the time "I need to go to work. I can't bail again" Miles nods and then gets an idea "We both need to get change and then I will come with you and keep you company" Leah laughs as the memories flood back "Just like old times?" Miles smile at Leah question "Yeah just like old times".

It is thirty minutes later when Miles and Leah walk into the diner laughing but for Leah that stops the moment she spots Justin in there talking to Irene. Miles immediately looks where Leah is and figuring out that must be the guy she was talking about. Miles looks at Leah "You ok?" Leah nods "Yep" This makes Irene and Justin both turn around "Baby hey" Leah doesn't say anything for a minute before looking serious "I have to work and I can't handle you today" Justin is mad but speaking normally just with a bit of anger "You been avoiding me the past few days and we need to talk" Miles seeing that he is angry and worried for Leah steps infront of her "She said no and I suggest you leave". Justin looks at Miles "You can't tell me what to do" Miles is glad Leah behind him considering he can see how angry this guy is "She said she doesn't want to speak to you" Justin gets so mad and wanting to get to Leah suddenly punches Miles before leaving as Leah and Irene look shocked and Leah runs to Miles aid "Miles".

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Chapter 10

As soon as Leah gets to Miles she hugs him feeling awful "I'm so sorry this shouldn't happened to you" Miles looks at Leah "Don't say sorry this isn't on you and besides I rather I get hurt then you do". Leah shakes her head "But you didn't deserve it" Miles nods "Yes your right but I also know you deserve allot better then him " Leah nods knowing Miles is right "Yeah I know but I can't risk you getting hurt again" Miles looks worried "And if you get hurt?" Leah can see his concern "He won't hurt me Miles" Irene walks out of the kitchen hands Miles some ice "I think your going to end up with a black eye" Miles nods and looks at Irene "Yeah I will after all he have a good left hook". Leah pulls out of the hug and Miles sits down on a chair as Leah holds the ice on his eye and looks at him "I'm so sorry Miles" Miles looks back "Don't be". The pair then don't say a word just stare at each other in silence and neither want to look away from the other.

Meanwhile Justin was walking along the beach. He knew he shouldn't punched the guy but the guy had no right to stop him from talking to his own girlfriend or to have anything to do with Leah after all Leah was with Justin not him and he knew the guy needed to get use to that as Leah loved Justin and even those the guy probably hated that, Leah feeling for Justin wasn't going to change anytime soon. Justin just hoped that this guy would stay away for good now.

Justin arrives home to see Tori and Christian sitting on the couch. Tori looked at her brother "Did you talk to her?" Justin shakes her head "She refused to talk to me and the guy she was with wouldn't let me near her". Tori took in what Justin said "Maybe she just needs time" Justin listened to what his sister said and shakes his head "Well she shouldn't and I don't know who this guy is but he have changed everything and I hate it". Tori could see Justin was hurting and decided she needed to talk to Leah. "I will go sort it out" With that Tori grabs the keys and heads out.

When Tori leaves Justin looks at Christian "If Tori was spending so much time with another guy, You would be worried right?" Christian nods "Honestly if I didn't know the guy I would be" Justin glad someone agrees with him "Like she haven't even told me about him". Christian thinks he figured out the issue "Is this about the guy or is this about the fact you think your losing Leah?". Justin looks at his mate "I love her so much and the thought of losing her scares the hell out of me". Christian nods "I get that. When Tori ended the engagement I never thought I would get another chance but I did. My point is don't give up on her. She loves you mate". Justin smiles at what Christian says "Believe me I won't be giving up on her not now, not ever". With that the boys turn the tv on and watch the footy while Justin thinks of a plan to get Leah all to himself.

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