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Shortland Street

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Rotten Robyn is a complete psycho! Her and dom well they were pretty much made for each other!


Hey! Robyn is weak pathetic and jealous. Dom was clever, cunning, and downright awesome, and its all Robyns fault he died.

But if you hate Robyn, there is an anti Robyn LJ comm-robynsucks.

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Haha, Stalkers a bit of an exaggeration. Hes a "home invader", and hes only hit what, 5 homes? Nick & Wave twice ( and I think he was really just a red herring for their exit) El Rancho, Robyn ( and only because she faked one, and the people on the show only know about the fake one) and now this mystery nurse Carol.

And the video-camrea scene with Scarlett and Eti was so a dead giveaway that its Hugo.

The Edge have an interview with the home-invader on thursday at 7am, but they dont say who it is.

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The shortland Street stalker is reveled on wednesday. Do any of the New Zealanders have an suspects?

I think that it might be the security guard.

Any thoughts?


Wednesdays is obviously reveal day for stalkers in the soap world. :P:P:lol::lol::lol:

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