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Look After You


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Story Title: Look After You
Type of story: Short/Medium Fic 
Main Characters: Ziggy Astoni and Brody Morgan
BTTB rating: G
Genre: Romance, Drama
Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: Drug Addiction
Summary: When Brody Morgan returns to town to celebrate his Sister's wedding he is shocked to learn about his ex-wives drug addiction and when he sees her he promises to support her in sickness and health even though they aren't married anymore.



Morgan House

"I'm coming". Tori yells as there is a knock on the door and walks over and opens it. 

"Hey T". Brody who is on the other side of the door greets her. 

"Hey Brods". Tori says wrapping her arms around him and they walk inside. 

"So how are you feeling about the wedding?". Brody asks his sister as they sit at the kitchen table. 

"I'm feeling nervous but excited". Tori informs her brother. 

"I understand that is exactly how I felt marrying Zig". Brody says recalling his wedding day as the door opens. 

"Hey bro". Brody says getting up and greeting Justin. 

"Hey man. I'm sorry I couldn't pick you up the garage is super busy". Justin greets and informs his brother. 

"That's ok I get it bet you and Zig are working overtime". Brody tells his brother. 

"How is Ziggy today?". Tori asks before Justin could answer Brody. 

"Dean came and saw me apparently she's kicked Mac out and broken up with him". Justin fills Tori in on the events 

"Can I ask what is going on?". Brody questions.

"It's not our place to say". Justin says. 

"Please I know we aren't married anymore but despite how things ended I still care about her". Brody tells his siblings. 

"If anyone could help her it might be him". Tori tells Justin. 

"Ok you're right". Justin replies. 

"So". Brody questions. 

"Ziggy was in a car accident". Tori tells her brother. 

"What is she ok?". Brody asks concerned for his ex wife. 

"Her injuries were quite serve so serve we had to prescribe oxy". Tori informs her brother. 

"Oh my god. I have to see her". Brody tells her siblings. 

"There's more so her injuries are fine now but she has become addicted to the oxy". Justin tells his brother. 

"Oh my god. I have to go". Brody says getting up and exiting the house.

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