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Dieter Brummer passes away

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3 hours ago, James Martin said:

The fact Dieter and Melissa didn't get on was well publicised at the time.  A comparison to Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey would not be unfair here.

It's notable Melissa has been silent.  Which is fair enough, if she didn't like him it would be hypocritical to pretend she did now.

Agree. I think it’s a no win situation for her. We know what the press are like and she’ll be damned either way. 

Dieter is still trending now in Australia and Ireland. There is so much love for him, if only he knew 💔

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I think that’s the thing with social media now, everyone expects anyone who ever had contact with a person to make a statement. It was never quite like this before, yes there’d be comments expected from those who were close or employers, but now everyone is expected to comment.

In terms of Melissa, it helps she hasn’t posted in a few days, so the pressure isn’t on her to comment.

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its not a secret that dieter and melissa had realy bad relationship off screen for more than 20 years

and its fine with me 'she didnt say nothing after he passed away ,even all the cast of their time showed respect and said good things for his memory.but when fans uplod pics of shane and angel now for his gone and tug her ,she sit in her home i dont know where ,and delete tug by tug and block those people from comment in her wall,how ugly and bitch she can be to acting like it ' i realy dont get it ,the man was work with you 4 years ,day by day ,because your connection to him you become world wide famous ,so that what you try to do ? despise his memory and delete history? now i start to understand why he hate her so much


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  • John changed the title to The behavior by Melissa George after Dieter Brummer's death

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