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Would June Reynolds have made a good regular?.


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I think June would have been good as a regular as she fitted in well with both younger characters as well as older characters. 

I think her and Donald would have made a better couple than Donald did with Marilyn.

I like how June was the only one that put Colleen in her place in her interference and judgement of people's business and spreading rumours about people.

It would have been interesting had she shared scenes with Morag as it would be a contrast seeing battle between June and Morag.  Rowena would be playing a nicer character and Morag a nasty character after Sons and Daughters where Rowena was playing nasty character and Cornelia was  playing nicer character. 

I don’t think it would be too many 40+onwards  female regulars as we had four or five 40+ female characters in last 10 years.

 With (Irene/Leah/Marilyn/Roo and Maggie when she was there. 

Thoughts ?.

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