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Chapter 14


The Morgan House


Tori arrives back from work to find Justin and Leah waiting for her!


Tori: Hey guys.

Justin: Hey.

Leah: Hi.

Tori: What’s up?

Justin: You tell us!

Tori: What do you mean?

Justin: I mean you ran off then you spend the night with Colby and Jasmine. Then you went to work. You have avoided us for a whole day!

Tori: I’m sorry.

Justin: So am I. Can we talk now?

Tori: Ok.

Justin: Just explain why?

Tori: I just… you blindsided me!

Justin: What?

Tori: About moving out! You never even discussed it with me. You just landed that bomb and I couldn’t…

Justin: Handle it?

Tori: Yeah!

Justin: I’m sorry.

Tori: No it’s not all your fault. I mean…

Justin: Mason?

Tori: And Robbo. I can’t lose another person I love. I just can’t…

Justin: Your not losing me!

Leah: Or me!

Justin: We are family! We stick together always!

Tori: Ok. Then why do you want to move out?

Justin: We just want our own place. I mean we aren’t getting married. But buying a house together that’s our next step.

Tori: Ok.

Justin: And we will still live Summer Bay. We’re not moving town!

Tori: Good!

Justin: So will you help us find a place?

Tori: Of course!

Justin: Thanks T. I love you.

Tori: I love you too.

Justin and Tori hug


The Hospital


Tori finds Christian at the hospital


Tori: Hey.

Christian: Hi.

Tori: So I hear you want answers?

Christian: Yeah. But will you give them to me?

Tori: Well how about we talk and I guess you will find out…

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Good start  Colby talking Tori down and Tori going to Colby love their friendship  I love you’re fanfics. Update again soon          

Great chapter Ryder and Chloe finally admitting their feelings for each other.  so cute. Update again soon  

Great chapter finally Tori opening up to Christian about her past. They are so cute. Update again soon  

Chapter 15


Tori and Christian are in Tori’s office


Christian: So we going to stand here all day or what?

Tori: Don’t you have work to do?

Christian: Don’t you?!

Tori: Fair. Ok so what do you want to know?

Christian: Everything!

Tori: Ok so let’s start with something simple.

Christian: Ok.

Tori: I… I like you.

Christian: Great I like you too. Next question.

Tori: Well so do you want to date me?

Christian: Yeah but do you want to date me?

Tori: Yes! No! I don’t know! It’s not that simple.

Christian: But you said you liked me!

Tori: I do!

Christian: So?

Tori: So maybe it’s not you.

Christian: Right so it’s the “it’s not you it’s me thing”.

Tori: That’s not… I…

Christian: Can you at least explain the whole Jasmine and Colby thing?

Tori: What?!

Christian: Your best friends right?

Tori: Yeah.

Christian: So why aren’t you dating this Colby guy? Every time I see you guys together you are so close. I don’t get it.

Tori: It’s complicated.

Christian: Well then uncomplicate it!

Tori: It’s not… we’re not…

Christian: For someone who said they wanted to talk your not saying much.

Tori: I don’t know how to explain it!

Christian: Just try.

Tori: I don’t let people in.

Christian: Why?

Tori: My past. And Colby and me, we’re…

Christian: Connected?

Tori: Yeah but it’s more then that.

Christian: But it’s not romantic?

Tori: It could be!

Christian: So then?

Tori: I don’t know.

Christian: So why aren’t you dating him then?

Tori: You know I have a daughter right?

Christian: Yeah and the father isn’t in the picture?

Tori: I wish. But he… he died.

Christian: I’m sorry.

Tori: It’s not your fault.

Christian: So you and him were…

Tori: Not together. We had Grace though IVF. Robbo was Jasmine’s husband.

Christian: Wait Jasmine let you have a baby with her husband?

Tori: No we made that decision to have Grace before they were even a couple.

Christian: Oh.

Tori: Me and Robbo were… I guess you could say it was us against the world. No one or nothing could come between us. We could of had it all but I was scared and I pushed him towards Jasmine. Jasmine said he only chose her because he couldn’t have me and I guess she’s not wrong.

Christian: Oh.

Tori: We were soulmates in every way but the way that mattered.

Christian: I’m sorry.

Tori: I needed to move on and Colby and me, we could of had everything together and I know we would of made it work. It’s not…

Christian: Is it because you couldn’t lose him? Like you lost Robbo right? You couldn’t take the risk?

Tori: Maybe your smarter than I thought.

Christian: Well if you give me enough information I will figure it out eventually.

Tori: I’m sort of glad you did. Maybe now you understand.

Christian: I get it. So I have one last question.

Tori: Ok what is it.

Christian: Why me?

Tori: What do you mean?

Christian: Why do you like me?

Tori: Your nice. You care about me. Your not connected to my past at all. And I need a fresh start. So yeah if you still want to try then let’s try.

Christian: I’m glad you finally opened up to me. And yes I want to try and make this work.

Tori: Then let’s start with a date tonight.

Christian: Sounds like a plan.

Tori: Thank you.

Christian: For what?

Tori: For fighting for me.

Christian: I would never regret doing that.

Tori: Then I made the right decision.

Christian: Why? You thought you made the wrong one?

Tori: I’ve made so many bad decisions over the years so you never know.

Christian: I promise you I won’t be one of them.

Tori: I’ll hold you too that.

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Chapter 16




Tori and Christian are having dinner together


Tori: This is nice.

Christian: You had doubts?

Tori: No! I…

Christian: It’s fine. I was joking.

Tori: That’s not funny.

Christian: It’s funny to see you get flustered.

Tori: Oh sure.

Christian: Your cute what can I say.

Tori: Now your just sucking up.

Christian: Is it working?

Tori: Maybe…

Christian: I’ll take it as a win.

Tori: You do that.

Christian: So what’s good here?

Tori: Pizza!

Christian: Makes sense!

Tori: You haven’t tried the whole menu yet?

Christian: Might come as a surprise considering I’m a doctor but I like to cook.

Tori: So you don’t do takeout?

Christian: Not often.

Tori: That’s fair.

Christian: You don’t cook?

Tori: My brother is a chef so.

Christian: Oh right. So you didn’t need to? Is that it?

Tori: What can I say. I save lives. He cooks good food. Stick to what your good at I say.

Christian: Touché.

Tori: But really I’m glad we’re doing this.

Christian: What trying?

Tori: Dating.

Christian: Me too.

Tori: So you want to get out of here?

Christian: No desert?

Tori: Sure if you want.

Christian: Who says I’m that easy?

Tori: I feel like if you had an issue you would of said something sooner than now.

Christian: Good point. So your place?

Tori: If you like.

Christian: You going to make me work for it?

Tori: You tell me.

Christian: Ok let’s go.

Christian gets up and starts walking towards the exit. Tori begins to follow him.

Tori: Do you even know we’re your going?

Christian: I do remember were I parked my car.

Tori: I meant do you know were your driving too? My house remember.

Christian: Actually no. So you going to give me directions or what?

Tori: Sure for a price.

Christian: Do tell.

Tori and Christian has made it outside now.

Tori: kiss me.

Christian: As you wish.

Tori and Christian kiss

Tori: Ok let’s go.

Christian: Wait did you just steal my keys?

Tori: You don’t know were your going, I do!

Christian: You could of just gave me directions.

Tori: What would be the fun in that. Come on get in!

Christian: Fine but next time I get to drive your car!

Tori: Deal.

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Great chapter

the date seemed to be going well

Nice mention of Brody 

Haha Tori stealing Christian's keys

Update again soon :)



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