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Weather The Storm

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Chapter 41


One week later


Colby and Bella’s Apartment


Colby and Jasmine are talking


Jasmine: So you and Tori?

Colby: Yeah.

Jasmine: But how? Why?

Colby: I don’t know. It just happened!

Jasmine: But what about us?

Colby: What about us?

Jasmine: I thought we were…

Colby: I’m sorry.

Jasmine: No, but we love each other!

Colby: Of course we do!

Jasmine: Then I don’t get it!

Colby: I love you Jasmine. I really do. But I’m not in love with you that’s the difference.

Jasmine: So you love Tori then?

Colby: What?

Jasmine: Your in love with Tori?

Colby: Yeah I thought we covered this.

Jasmine: Why her?

Colby: I don’t know. Why anyone?

Jasmine: I don’t know. You tell me!

Colby: I don’t know what you want me to say…

Jasmine: The truth!

Colby: I… Can you ever really predict who you fall for and why? I mean it’s completely random!

Jasmine: I will give you that.

Colby: Thanks?

Jasmine: We’re not done!

Colby: Ok what do you want for me?

Jasmine: I thought we were going to be together you know for real?

Colby: I do want us to try!

Jasmine: But you don’t love me!

Colby: Of course I do!

Jasmine: No I mean in love with me?

Colby: Well that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try right?

Jasmine: Why bother.

Colby: I want to be with you. You know I love you.

Jasmine: I love you too. But it’s not enough!

Colby: Why not?

Jasmine: I’m stick of being second best!

Colby: Your not!

Jasmine: But you picked Tori!

Colby: But she didn’t pick me! And I have to move on!


Later that day


The Beach


Jasmine is sitting crying on the beach when Tori finds her


Tori: Hey.

Jasmine: Don’t.

Tori: But I just…

Jasmine: Why you do get to be happy and I don’t?

Tori: What? You can be happy!

Jasmine: Can I?

Tori: Yes of course you can. Colby loves you. I know he does.

Jasmine: He’s in love with you.

Tori: Yeah I know.

Jasmine: And your just going to let me him go?

Tori: What choice do I have?

Jasmine: A different one!

Tori: That’s not… you know why I can’t!

Jasmine: So what I’m just second best again!

Tori: What? No!

Jasmine: Feels like it.

Tori: I want you both to be happy! I want you guys to be happy together!

Jasmine: Maybe it’s not up to you!

Tori: But I feel responsible!

Jasmine: Well you should! It’s all your fault!

Tori: No that’s not fair! I didn’t cause everything!

Jasmine: Your right! But it’s still partly your fault!

Tori: Ok I will take that!

Jasmine: Good!

Tori: Ok so are we cool?

Jasmine: Of course. Nothing could break us.

Tori: And you and Colby?

Jasmine: Undecided.


The Hospital


Tori finds Christian


Tori: Hey we need to talk?

Christian: What’s wrong?

Tori: I need you to do something for me…

Christian: Ok what is it?

Tori: Dump me!

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Chapter 42

5 days earlier


Colby and Bella’s Apartment


Colby: So are you in?

Jasmune: Of course. Do you even have to ask?

Colby: I want us to work.

Jasmine: Me too. So badly.

Colby: I’m sorry about Tori.

Jasmine: What for? For how you both cheated? Yeah does Christian even know?

Colby: I don’t know. That’s up to Tori to tell him not me.

Jasmine: If I didn’t find out from Tori, we’re you ever going to tell me yourself?

Colby: Do you want an honest answer to that?

Jasmine: Yes!

Colby: Then no! No I wasn’t!

Jasmine: Why not?

Colby: It wasn’t important!

Jasmine: Not important? How is that not important for me to know?

Colby: It just wasn’t!

Jasmine: Why?

Colby: Me and Tori were supposed to keep that secret! I don’t get why she told you…

Jasmine: Maybe because she wanted to know my secret!

Colby: What secrect? What are you hiding from me?

Jasmine: Doesn’t feel good does it?

Colby: That was different! I tell you everything else you know this!

Jasmine: Colby you are the secret!

Colby: What?

Jasmine: I love you.

Colby: Yeah I love you too.

Jasmine: No I mean I’m in love with you!

Colby: Oh… I don’t know what to say…

Jasmine: Just say how you feel…

Colby: It’s not that simple or easy…

Jasmine: For you? Or for Tori? Or for both of you?

Colby: That’s not… we’re not…

Jasmine: I know! I know ok but it doesn’t make it any easier.

Colby: I want us to work!

Jasmine: I do too.

Colby: Ok then let’s forget about everything else and just be happy, ok?

Jasmine: Ok.

Colby hugs Jasmine

Jasmine: We will be ok won’t we?

Colby: We will be fine. As long as we stick together.

Jasmine: And Tori?

Colby: She has Christian!

Jasmine: What if she didn’t?

Colby: No! No they are good together. She loves him! Me and Tori are not a thing and we never can be.

Jasmine: Ok if your sure.

Colby: Of course I’m sure. It’s you I want to be with!

Jasmine: Then let’s make it real!

Colby: What?

Jasmine kisses Colby


Back to the present


The Hospital


Christian and Tori are now in Tori’s office


Christian: Ok explain why I have to dump you?

Tori: Do you trust me?

Christian: Of course I do! But I still need answers!

Tori: It’s Colby!

Christian: What? I thought we were done with that!

Tori: It’s not like that!

Christian: Well what’s it like then?

Tori: I need your help!

Christian: Help with what?

Tori: We have a plan!

Christian: We?

Tori: Colby, Jasmine and me. Some other people.

Christian: What other people?

Tori: People we trust!

Christian: Right and you don’t trust me!

Tori: What? No! Your not getting it. Didn’t I just say I need your help?

Christian: What by dumping you?

Tori: No! We’re not breaking up!

Christian: Now I’m confused!

Tori: We need to stage a fake breakup!

Christian: What? Why?

Tori: I promise after all this is over. You will know everything. Just follow my lead please.

Christian: Why? What’s so important?!

Tori: We’re fighting to save Colby’s life. And I need your help. Please.

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Chapter 43

3 days ago


The Morgan House


Justin: I don’t get why we have to do this.

Leah: You know why!

Justin: But Christian?

Leah: He’ll be ok.

Justin: What about us?

Leah: We will be fine!

Justin: Ok I’m freaking out that’s all.

Leah: What breaking the law not your strong point?

Justin: Kind of yeah!

Leah: Right so when it involves our friends your not cool but when it’s for yourself your totally fine?

Justin: It’s not like that!

Leah: Sure.

Justin: It’s… we both have a lot to lose!

Leah: So does Colby!

Justin: I feel for the guy, you know I do! But we’re already lying for him!

Leah: It’s one phone call!

Justin: Fine! Just give me the phone before I change my mind!

Leah hands him the phone and Justin makes a call…


Summer Bay House


Ryder: Wait so Nik cheated on you?

Bella: No!

Ryder: Then why did you say he did?

Bella: Um…

Ryder: Bella what’s going on?

Bella: I just need you not to freak out ok?

Ryder: Ok?

Bella: I need your help.

Ryder: Anything.

Bella: Even if it means breaking the law?

Ryder: What did you get yourself into?

Bella: Not me!

Ryder: Nik?

Bella: Nope!

Ryder: Colby?

Bella: Yeah.

Ryder: What do you need me to do?

Bella: This!

Ryder: What?

Bella kisses Ryder just as Nikau and Chloe walk in.

Chloe: What the hell?!

Nikau: Chloe wait!

Chloe bails from the house and Nikau runs after her. Ryder is staring at Bella in shock!

Ryder: Wait that was your plan? What’s going on?

Bella: We have to go after them now! I will explain everything let’s just go.

Ryder: Ok I’m coming.

Bella and Ryder leave the house


The Beach


Nikau finally catches Chloe on the beach


Chloe: What was that?!

Nikau: It’s not what you think!

Chloe: I’m thinking a lot of things right now…

Nikau: Just listen to me…

Chloe: Ok?

Nikau: Bella… she… she…

Chloe: Take a breath.

Nikau: She just…

Chloe: You going to explain?

Nikau: I’m trying!

Chloe: Try harder!

Nikau: Um you see…

Bella and Ryder interrupt them

Bella: Yeah this is my fault. Sorry.

Chloe: You what kiss my boyfriend?

Bella: I didn’t!

Chloe: I’m pretty sure we both walked in on that! Right Nik?

Nikau: I don’t know what your talking about!

Chloe: But… you… what the hell is going on here?

Ryder: Everything is fine, honesty their is nothing to worry about!

Chloe: But she…

Bella: I didn’t do anything!

Chloe: I have eyes! I didn’t image that?!

Bella: Nothing happened!

Ryder: Everyone calm down!

Nikau: Guys we’re just about to get interrupted follow my lead…

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Chapter 44


3 days ago


Police Station


Colby and Bella are in an interview room


Colby: You know when I said to get arrested I didn’t mean do all this!

Bella: Hey I’m here aren’t I?

Colby: Why did you ruin your friendship group though?

Bella: Me and Chloe never get along anyway!

Colby: Sure but Ryder is your best friend! And what about Nik?

Bella: Ryder is fine. Nikau knew my pan and was fine too.

Colby: Whateva it’s your life.

Bella: Ectually. Plus I was just following your lead!

Colby: What?

Bella: Tori? Jasmine? Can’t keep up. What is going on anyway?

Colby: Later. Not important.

Bella: Where is Jasmine anyway?

Colby: Should be here any second.

Colby and Bella walk out into the foyer and Jasmine soon arrives! But their is something wrong. She soon collapses!

Colby and Bella race towards her. Colby holds her while Bella calls for an ambulance.


Present time


Jasmine is sitting in a hospital bed. Colby is holding her hand.


Colby: Hey you scared me!

Jasmine: I scared myself!

Colby: You ok?

Jasmine: I don’t know what happened! Wait what did happen?

Colby: Did something go wrong?

Jasmine: I don’t…

Jasmine soon remembers something…

Jasmine is walking along the beach when Simon approaches her.

Simon: Hey I come in peace!

Jasmine: Get away from me!

Simon: Now that’s not nice. It’s a public beach.

Jasmine: Yeah my public beach! And your not welcome!

Simon: You don’t own it!

Jasmine: No your right I don’t. But I also don’t have to talk to you. So bye.

Jasmine attempts to walk past him but he grabs her arm.

Simon: Who said we were done talking?

Jasmine: You can’t force me to stay here. I am going to start screaming if you don’t leave me alone.

Simon let’s her go.

Simon: Fine. Just give me a message to your boyfriend.

Jasmine: What?

Simon: That I’m coming for him. So he better watch out.

Jasmie: Fine. I’m leaving now.

Simon: You better watch out you wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to you…

Jasmine: Is that a threat?

Simon: It’s a warning.

Jasmine: Well here’s mine. Stay the hell away from Colby.

Simon: Oh your a fighter?

Jasmine: Only when it comes to the people I care about.

Simon: Well all I am saying is watch your back! You don’t know who is watching…

Jasmine finally leaves and Simon watches her walk away. Unknown to them both their is another person watching them from the top of the Beach….

Colby: Jasmine what do you remember?

Jasmine: Simon he…

Colby: Did he do this?

Jasmine: I think…

Colby: I’m going to kill him!

Jasmine: Colby don’t do anything stupid.

Colby: I won’t I promise. I’m not leaving you…

Jasmine: Good. Stay here with me.

Colby: Ok.

Jasmine: I’m fine now. Nothing can hurt us…

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Chapter 45

Present time

The hospital


Colby is still with Jasmine when Tori and Christian come in.


Jasmine: So what happened?

Tori: You collapsed because you had a previous knock to the head. You remember anything?

Jasmine: I remember Simon talking to me on the beach but then nothing!

Colby: I wouldn’t put it past him to hurt people!

Tori: Ok well is their any one else that would want to hurt you?

Jasmine: Not that I know of.

Colby: We will have to stick together now more than ever.

Tori: Yes of course. No one goes anywhere alone.

Colby: Oh the plan is obviously off now by the way but thanks for agreeing to help it means a lot.

Christian: Wait their was more to this plan?

Colby: Not important.

Tori: Ok we will find another way then.

Colby: Yeah for sure.

Christian: So we’re not breaking up?

Tori: No! We don’t need to fake that anymore either.

Christian: At least that’s something.

Colby: Yeah anyway when can Jasmime leave?

Tori: We will keep her overnight because she has a concussion. But tomorrow morning will be fine.

Colby: Ok that’s good.

Jasmine: Yes thank you.

Tori: Your welcome to stay by the way.

Colby: Really?

Tori: I’m not head of ED for nothing.

Colby: Thank you.

Tori: No worries.

Christian: I hope you feel better.

Jasmine: I’ll be fine. Just have to remember what happened now.

Tori: It should just be short term memory lost. It will come back.

Jasmine: Good. I need to know.

Tori: And you will.

Colby: So you want some food?

Jasmine: Yeah sure. Burger would be good.

Colby: I’m on it.

Jasmine: Just be careful.

Tori: I will come with you. Christian can you stay here with Jasmine?

Christian: Of course.

Tori: Thanks. We will be back soon.

Tori kisses Christian goodbye

Tori and Colby leave

Christian: So you and Colby are together now?

Jasmine: It’s complicated!

Christian: Story of my life! Come on fill me in…

Jasmine: I guess we have time. Ok so…


Summer Bay House


Bella comes looking for Ryder 


Bella: Hey.

Ryder: Hey.

Bella: You have to be careful.

Ryder: Ok why?

Bella: You know that new Det guy who’s after my brother?

Ryder: Yeah.

Bella: We think he hurt Jasmine!

Ryder: What? Are you sure?

Bella: She can’t remember. But it’s likely.

Ryder: Ok and you think he’ll come after everyone else?

Bella: Maybe? We just have to be careful. And not go anywhere alone.

Ryder: So why are you here by yourself?

Bella: I’m not. Nikau is in the car.

Ryder: He didn’t want to come in?

Bella: Urg he’s still a bit awkward about the other day.

Ryder: Yeah why did you kiss me?

Bella: You want the truth?

Ryder: Nah of course not! That’s totally not why I asked?!

Bella: I guess I just wanted to annoy Chloe really. She’s always thinks she better than me.

Ryder: Right and kissing me hurt her?

Bella: Yeah. But I hurt you too. And for that I’m sorry.

Ryder: It’s fine. Apology accepted.

Bella: Thanks.

Ryder: So we have to be on guard then?

Bella: Yeah. Sorry I dragged you into this.

Ryder: Not your fault. I offered to help!

Bella: Yeah but putting you in danger wasn’t part of the plan!

Ryder: Yeah putting yourself in danger wasn’t either!

Bella: We just have to stick together. More than ever.

Ryder: We will. I promise.

Bella: I can’t lose you.

Ryder: I can’t lose you either.

Bella and Ryder hug

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Chapter 46


Its the morning


The Hospital


Jasmine is having a flashback…


Jasmine is walking along the top of the beach when “someone” calls out to her so she turns around to see who it is but…


Colby wakes Jasmine up from her nightmare.


Jasmine: What? What happened?

Colby: You tell me.

Jasmine: It’s… I… where am I?

Colby: In hospital.

Jasmine: I don’t remember what happened.

Colby: I know you got knocked out.

Jasmine: How? Why?

Colby: Don’t know. Your the only one who can tell us.

Jasmine: Simon he was their?

Colby: We think so yeah.

Jasmine: Did he?

Colby: I don’t know. It’s possible.

Jasmine: I’m trying to remember.

Colby: Tori said it’ll come back to you.

Jasmine: Thank you.

Colby: For what?

Jasmine: For being here.

Colby: Always.

Colby holds Jasmine’s hand and they smile at each other.

Colby: You will remember don’t stress.

Jasmine: I want to remember.

Colby: It’ll come back.

Jasmine: Yeah.


The Parata House


Bella and Nikau are hanging out by the pool


Nikau: So have you talked to her yet?

Bella: Nope.

Nikau: You going too?

Bella: Do I have too?

Nikau: Come on just apologise and then we can move on.

Bella: Fine but you owe me.

Nikau: Deal.

Bella and Nikau kiss and Bella walks inside the house. She finds Chloe on the couch watching TV.


Bella: Hey.

Chloe: Oh were back to “hey” now are we?

Bella: I came to apologise. So this is me apologising I’m sorry.

Chloe: Apology accepted. You can tell Nik we’re cool.

Bella: Wow that was easy.

Chloe: Ryder explained.

Bella: Explained what?

Chloe: Why you don’t like me.

Bella: I never said that! Ok maybe not those exact words.

Chloe: But it’s what you meant!

Bella: Hey you don’t like me either! You made that clear!

Chloe: When?

Bella: All the time!

Chloe: I never said I didn’t like you.

Bella: Yes you did!

Chloe: Did not!

Bella: Did too!

Chloe: Ok this is getting us nowhere.

Bella: Agreed.

Chloe: How do we solve this?

Bella: Let’s play a game.

Chloe: A game?

Bella: Yeah Rock? paper? scissors?

Chloe: Ok why?

Bella: To prove who’s better?

Chloe: How does that solve the problem?

Bella: Just trust me.

Chloe: Ok what do I have to lose.

Bella: 3, 2, 1. Rock? Paper? Scissors?

Chloe has rock and Bella has paper. Making Bella the winner.

Chloe: Ok best out of 3.

Bella: Deal.

Chloe: Ok, Rock? Paper? Scissors?

Bella has rock and Chloe has paper. So now it’s a tie.

Bella: Final round!

Chloe: Your on.

Bella: Rock? Paper? Scissors?

Bella has scissors and Chloe has rock making Chloe the winner.

Bella: Ok you win.

Chloe and Bella shake hands

Chloe: Ok so you said the game would fix the problem. So now what?

Bella: We are now friends.

Chloe: Just like that?

Bella: Just like that.

Chloe: Why? How?

Bella: We just played a 3 minute game and didn’t fight once. It proves we can get along.

Chloe: Oh.

Bella: Yeah so if that’s all. How about you join us in the pool?

Chloe: And be a third wheel? No thanks.

Bella: Your not a third wheel!

Chloe: How?

Bella: Look to the door!

Chloe looks towards the door to see Ryder come in. They kiss.

Ryder: Hey.

Chloe: Your here.

Ryder: Yes for the pool party.

Chloe: Pool party?

Ryder: You didn’t tell her?

Bella: I was getting their!

Ryder: Well get their faster next time!

Bella: Maybe next time I just won’t invite you!

Ryder: Harsh!

Bella: I’m just joking. Anyway now that your here let’s all go outside.

Ryder: Let’s go.


The Hospital 


Jasmine is having another flashback…


Jasmine turns around and is surprised to find no one behind her… she swears she just heard her name being called… she continues walking but she realises someone is following her so she changes direction and heads back the way she came hoping to catch the person off guard… A person comes up behind her and she turns around to find Simon their…


Simon: You forgot something earlier.

Jasmine: What was that?

Simon: This…

Jasmine: What are you taking about?!

Jasmine’s world goes black and she collapses to the ground…

Jasmine wakes up and Colby is instantly by her side

Colby: What happened? What do you remember?

Jasmine: Simon… He…

Colby: He did this?

Jasmine: He hurt me!

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Thank for to everyone who read my story and I hope you like my ending.

Chapter 47


Police Station


Colby arrives and see’s Simon and his boss in a heated argument he heads towards them. St Grey pushes Simon into an interrogation room before Colby gets to them. He addresses Colby and Colby soon asks what’s going on.

Colby: What’s going on?

St Grey: Simon here is under arrest!

Colby: What? Really?

St Grey: I was their on the beach I saw what he did to your girlfriend. I followed them and he knocked her out.

Colby: Why didn’t you help her?

St Grey: I was going too and then some other people got to her first so I left it. The I heard she ended up in hospital and came back here to sort out the paperwork for the arrest.

Colby: Anything else?

St Grey: Yes a few of the guys at the station has come forward saying that they have intimidated and threatened by him so we have enough to charge him. Hoping the judge will make the charges stick.

Colby: Did Simon say anything about me?

St Grey: Yeah something about how you murdered you step dad.

Colby: And you believe him?

St Grey: No I don’t. Plus even if I did he doesn’t have any evidence to back it up.

Colby: Yeah because I didn’t do it and he’s a liar. He just hates me!

St Grey: Don’t worry he will go down for his crimes and you will be fine. After all your innocent right? Nothing to find?

Colby: Yeah ectually.

St Grey: Good keep it that way. Their are few good cops left I would hate to find out I was wrong about you being a good one.

Colby: You can trust me.

St Grey: Glad to hear it. I got to go. I’ll talk to you later.

Colby: Ok, thank you.

St Grey: It’s my job.


The Hospital


Colby arrives and Jasmine is wondering why he is so happy.

Colby: Simon is getting arrested!

Jasmine: For what he did to me?

Colby: Yep. St Grey saw the whole thing. Simon will he going down for this.

Jasmine: That’s great news. I am so happy.

Colby: Me too. It’s finally over.

Jasmine: Thank god.

Colby: Best news I’ve had in awhile.

Jasmine: I have some good news too.

Colby: Yeah what’s that?

Jasmine: I can leave the hospital.

Colby: That’s great news.

Jasmine: Yes can’t wait to get out of here.

Colby: First stop the beach?

Jasmine: For you maybe? For me it’s the gym!

Colby: Ok fair.

Jasmine: So you ready to take me home?

Colby: Of course. I will go sign the paperwork be back soon.


The Morgan House


Leah comes in and finds Justin on the couch

Leah: What you doing?

Justin: Being bored, you?

Leah: Just got off the phone actually…

Justin: Yeah?

Leah: Their is a house booking next week.

Justin: Oh yeah, where?

Leah: A place close to the garage and still in the bay. It’s prefect.

Justin: Well I can’t wait to see it.

Leah: Your excited?

Justin: Our first home together? Of course I’m excited!

Leah: Me too! So very excited!

Justin: Should we go celebrate?

Leah: Dinner at salt?

Justin: Sure sounds good.


Colby and Bella’s Apartment


Colby and Jasmine arrive. Colby gets Jasmine set up on the couch and then goes to order them some takeout.

Colby: So what do you want to do tonight?

Jasmine: Just hang out here with you.

Colby: Sounds good to me.

Jasmine: You ordered pizza?

Colby: Of course.

Jasmine: You like pizza a lot don’t you?

Colby: I like you more!

Jasmine: Cheesy!

Colby: Oh you love it!

Jasmine: I do.

Colby: We are going to make us work. We can be happy together. Do you believe that?

Jasmine: Yeah I believe that.

Colby: Good. Then let’s start the rest of our lives right now.

Jasmine: You want forever?

Colby: Yeah I’m committed to you and making us work. I don’t want anyone else. I just want you.

Jasmine: I love you.

Colby: I love you too. So much.

Colby and Jasmine kiss

Colby leaves to go get the pizza




Colby arrives to get pizza and finds Justin and Leah having dinner.

Colby: Hey

Justin: Hey

Leah: Hi

Colby: Um thanks for covering for me and everything I appreciate it.

Leah: No worries.

Justin: It was the right thing to do.

Colby: Well I owe you.

Justin: No you don’t.

Leah: We are so even.

Colby: Ok fine but I’m buying you guys a drink to say thanks then.

Leah: Won’t say no to that.

Justin: Beer and white wine please

Colby goes to the bar and orders their drinks. Colby see’s Christian on the balcony and heads over.

Colby: Hey

Christian: Oh hey

Colby: Where’s your better half?

Christian: In the bathrooom.

Colby: You here with Justin and Leah?

Christian: Yeah they are celebrating a potential house they might be buying?

Colby: Really a house of their own? They do deserve it. I’m happy for them.

Christian: Yeah they do. And me too.

Colby: So you ok?

Christian: Why wouldn’t I be?

Colby: I don’t know, you look upset?

Christian: Tori told me what happened between you too?

Colby: And you hate me? I get it.

Christian: No! No I don’t hate you.

Colby: Your mad at Tori?

Christian: No!

Colby: Then I don’t get it?

Christian: I don’t hate you and I’m not mad at Tori. And I’m not upset. But I have been thinking some things.

Colby: Yeah what things?

Christian: Everything? I want everything with Tori.

Colby: Then have it! Take it! Tori made her choice and I’ve moved on!

Christian: I know she did. I know she did!

Colby: Ok then what’s the problem?

Christian: I’m wondering why she chose me? Why I’m her guy and you aren’t?

Colby: Did you ask her?

Christian: Yeah.

Colby: And what did she say?

Christian: She said… she said because of Robbo.

Colby: Yep that’s pretty much it.

Christian: She really loved him didn’t she?

Colby: They loved each other!

Christian: Then why was he with Jasmine?

Colby: Loyalty!

Christian: Loyalty?

Colby: Yeah Robbo and Tori were loyal to Jasmine they didn’t want to hurt her. They lost their chance to be together because Jasmine and Robbo fell in love.

Christian: But why didn’t they just admit their feelings before that point?

Colby: They we’re in denial. They didn’t want to admit it.

Christian: Right ok I guess their is nothing else to say.

Colby: Do me a favour?

Christian: Ok. What?

Colby: Give Tori everything and make her happy. Because if you hurt her I will kill you and that’s a promise.

Christian: Your serious aren’t you?

Colby: Deadly.

Christian: I swear I will make her happy. The rest of our lives. Im not letting her go.

Colby: Good. Then we’re cool. Now we really are done.

Christian: Thank you.

Colby: For what?

Christian: For being honest.

Colby: I always am.

Christian hold out his hand for Colby to shake and he does.

Christian: I hope things work out with Jasmine.

Colby: Me too.

Next Morning


The Morgan House


Colby and Tori are together


Tori: So it’s over?

Colby: Yeah it’s finally over.

Tori: Thank god.

Tori and Colby hug

Tori: So how is things going with Jasmine?

Colby: Good. Really good.

Tori: I’m glad. All I want is you to be happy.

Colby: And that’s all I want too. For you to be happy too.

Tori: And I am. Me and Christian are great.

Colby: I’m glad to hear it.

Tori: Are you and Jasmine going to get your forever?

Colby: Well I told her I want it with her.

Tori: Did you?

Colby: Yeah I need to move on and forever seems like the only chance I got.

Tori: Then take it! Take everything, you deserve it.

Colby: I want everything for you too!

Tori takes Colby’s hand

Tori: We will always be best friends and our bond will never break. But now we get to have that happy ending everyone says they want with other people.

Colby: As long as your happy that’s the only think I care about.

Tori: As long as you are happy that’s all I care about too.

Colby: Then to forever.

Tori: To forever.


The End xxx





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