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Weather The Storm

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Chapter 31


Colby and Bella’s Apartment


Bella and Nikau are alone together


Nikau: You ok?

Bella: No!

Nikau: It’ll all be ok. It has to be…

Bella: You don’t know that!

Nikau: Well optimism and all that.

Bella: It’s not working.

Nikau: I’m trying!

Bella: I just need an answer.

Nikau: You will get one. I promise.

Bella: I wish this would all go away.

Nikau: We just have to ride it out.

Bella: I’m so scared.

Nikau: Me too. But I will protect you.

Bella: I know. I love you.

Nikau: I love you too.

Bella: So we just have to be normal for a few weeks? Easy right.

Nikau: Totally easy!

Bella: How’s that optimism?

Nikau: Getting better.

Bella: How is this going to end?

Nikau: I don’t know…

Bella: I need my brother!

Nikau: You will. Everyone is protecting him. That cop guy has nothing!

Bella: Everyone can keep a secret right?

Nikau: Yes of course. No one will crack!

Bella: We all have to stick together.

Nikau: I know. And we will.

Bella: Thank you.

Nikau: What for?

Bella: For being my rock.

Nikau: Always.

Nikau and Bella hug


The Morgan House


Colby has come to see Tori. Tori see’s Colby at the door and runs up to hug him.


Tori: Are you ok?

Colby: I will be.

Tori: Anything I can do?

Colby: Your doing it. Being here in your arms it’s all I need.

Tori: I will never not be.

Colby: Your too good for me.

Tori: No I’m not! We’re good for each other!

Colby: Just promise me what ever happens you will be happy ok.

Tori: No we’re not doing this! You are staying here with me! We’re not giving up!

Colby: I’m not giving up! I just want you to know just in case…

Tori: No! Tell me again when this is all over!

Colby: Ok! Ok.

Tori: So the plan is still going ahead right?

Colby: Yes.

Tori: Ok good.

Colby: It will work. It has too.

Tori: It will. I have faith.

Colby: I have faith too.

Tori: Good. We are going to get though this.

Colby: Yeah everything will work out. It has too…


Summer Bay House


Ryder and Chloe are hanging out.


Chloe: So you still worried?

Ryder: About what?

Chloe: Bella? Nikau? What you were saying before?

Ryder: Nah you were right.

Chloe: Really?

Ryder: Yeah I mean if it was serious they would tell us right?

Chloe: Yeah of course.

Ryder: So it must be nothing.

Chloe: Ok cool. I was beginning to get worried because I thought you might be on to something.

Ryder: What? Why?

Chloe: Just they were acting weird last night.

Ryder: How?

Chloe: Cagey? I don’t know.

Ryder: That is weird.

Chloe: Yeah see!

Ryder: Ok let’s just ask them straight up what’s going on.

Chloe: Yeah I think that’s the best plan.

Ryder: Ok let’s go do it now.

Chloe: Why you going to chicken out if we don’t?

Ryder: No…

Chloe: Your just a scaredy cat!

Ryder: Am not!

Chloe: Are too!

Ryder: Shut up!

Chloe: So you admit defeat?

Ryder: Yes. Let’s just go.

Chloe: Race you to the car!

Chloe starts running outside the house to the front. Ryder chases after her but Chloe is too fast for him and makes it to the car first!

Ryder: Hey you cheated! You had a head start!

Chloe: Not my fault your too slow!

Ryder: Re-match.

Chloe: When we get back sure.

Ryder: Oh it’s on!

Chloe: Ok we will see who’s better later. Let’s just go now.

Ryder: Why are you going to chicken out now too?

Chloe: No…

Ryder: Uh huh.

Chloe: Maybe. Shut up!

Ryder: Ok let’s call a truce and just leave.

Chloe: Ok I call drivers seat!

Ryder: Nuh uh it’s my car!

Chloe: And yet I have the keys!

Ryder: Wait how did you get them?

Chloe: Grabbed them off the table before I ran out here!

Ryder: You little sneak!

Chloe: Hey I won. Get over it.

Ryder: Fine. But that re-match is coming!

Chloe: Fine. Let’s just go for real now!

Chloe and Ryder get into Ryder’s car

Ryder: Ok fine. But if you hurt my baby…

Chloe: It’s a car Ryder get over it.

Ryder: It’s my first car!

Chloe: And their will be others! Not that anything is going to happen, chill!

Ryder: I’m watching you…

Chloe: Really? How much?

Ryder: Eyes on the road!

Chloe: We are still in the driveway!

Ryder: No distractions!

Chloe: Your the one distracting me!

Ryder: Ok! Ok I will stop.

Chloe: Good. Just let me focus.

Ryder: Shutting up now.

Chloe: Good some peace at last!

Ryder: Just drive!

Chloe puts the car in drive and takes off.

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Chapter 32


Colby and Bella’s Apartment


Ryder and Chloe has arrived and finds Nikau and Bella their alone


Ryder: Hey.

Bella: Hi.

Nikau: What’s up?

Chloe: You tell us!

Bella: I’m so confused!

Nikau: Me too! What’s going on?

Ryder: We’ll you two are hiding something from us!

Chloe: Yeah your being secretive!

Bella: No we’re not!

Nikau: Yeah we would tell you if their was something going on.

Ryder: Really?

Chloe: For real?

Bella: Yes. Why?

Ryder: You have been acting weird for weeks!

Chloe: Yes even I noticed… well eventually!

Bella: Guys everything is fine!

Nikau: Yeah everything is chill!

Chloe: Chill? Really?

Ryder: Your not acting like things are chill!

Bella: Well maybe I would be better if that new cop isn’t trying to pin Colby for murder!

Ryder: What?

Chloe: You serious?

Nikau: Yes he’s convinced Colby killed Bella’s dad.

Chloe: Wtf.

Ryder: Is he crazy?

Bella: Yes! I wish he would just leave my brother alone!

Ryder: I’m so sorry Bella.

Chloe: Yeah no wonder your out of it.

Ryder: Totally understandable.

Chloe: So this is why Nikau has been so secretive lately?

Nikau: Yeah I’m been supporting Bella.

Ryder: Of course you have. Boyfriend of the year apparently.

Bella: Something like that.

Chloe: We are sorry.

Ryder: And we are both here if you guys need.

Chloe: Yes our awesome 4 some!

Ryder: Oh you finally came around to that name have you?

Chloe: Shut up!

Ryder: Ok but it’s still cool.

Bella: You guys are suck dorks.

Ryder: What does that make you?

Bella: Not a dork?

Ryder: Haha, your funny.

Nikau: Ok so if we’re all good. Let’s go do something fun.

Chloe: Like what?

Bella: Pool?

Ryder: Well that is cheap!

Nikau: Pool it is let’s go.

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Chapter 33


The Beach


Tori and Christian are walking together


Tori: Are we ok?

Christian: Why wouldn’t we be?

Tori: Are you still mad?

Christian: No!

Tori: Then why are you shutting me out?

Christian: I’m not!

Tori: Really? We’ve barely seen each other for days!

Christian: I didn’t want to distract you.

Tori: Your not a distraction your my boyfriend!

Christian: Yeah but for how long?

Tori: I told you that me and Colby aren’t a thing!

Christian: How can I trust that?

Tori: Are you saying you don’t trust me?

Christian: Should I?

Tori: Yes! OMG Christian I’m not cheating on you!

Christian: I didn’t say you were!

Tori: Then what are you saying?

Christian: That you have feelings for another guy. And I don’t know what I’m supposed to do about that?!

Tori: How about you do nothing! And just be with me!

Christian: Ok.

Tori: Ok.

Christian: If you say you want me? Then why shouldn’t I believe that?

Tori: Yes that’s what I’ve been saying the whole time!

Christian: Maybe I just needed to hear it again.

Tori: Now that you have can you let this whole thing go?

Christian: I think so.

Tori: I hope your telling the truth.

Christian: I don’t want to lie to you!

Tori: Then don’t! Be honest!

Christian: Maybe you won’t like it!

Tori: Just say it anyway!

Christian: I…

Tori: Just tell me…

Christian: I can’t I’m sorry.

Tori: No Christian just talk to me!

Christian: Why do you can spin me another lie? Keep me in the dark again?

Tori: I told you everything I could!

Christian: Maybe it’s not enough!

Tori: Well if it’s not how about we just end this then? If you don’t trust me what’s the point?

Christian: Maybe we should!

Tori: Fine!

Christian: Fine!

Tori: I’m going…

Tori starts to walk away but Christian chases after that

Christian: Wait! Please!

Tori: What? I thought you wanted to break up!

Christian: I don’t want to break up!

Tori: Then what do you want?

Christian: The truth!

Tori: I told you why I can’t give you that!

Christian: And I told you why I can’t accept that!

Tori: So where do we go from here?

Christian: I don’t know! I want to trust you but I… I’ve been burned before.

Tori: This isn’t about us!

Christian: I know! I know.

Tori: Then just let it go!

Christian: I wish I could believe me!

Tori: Then try harder!

Christian: You think this is easy?

Tori: What about it being easy for me?

Christian: I didn’t think about that…

Tori: Yeah because apparently your feelings are the only ones who matter right?

Christian: That’s not what I’m saying…

Tori: Right but it’s what you meant!

Christian: I didn’t mean… I’m sorry!

Tori: Don’t…

Christian: Tori please…

Tori: No! No… you don’t get it and I tried my best to make you understand but maybe you never will or maybe you never could!

Christian: I want too!

Tori: It’s not enough!

Christian: Wow throwing my words back at me huh?!

Tori: Does that hurt?!

Christian: I really am sorry!

Tori: Just don’t…

Christian: Can we work this out please?

Tori: Well the way I see it. Trust is the most important thing in a relationship and apparently you don’t trust me. So no I don’t see how we can work this out Christian!

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Chapter 34


Colby and Bella’s Apartment


Colby answers the door to Tori who is in tears. He quickly pulls her into the apartment and leads her to the couch before pulling her into a hug


Colby: what’s happened?

Tori: Christian…

Colby: What did he do?

Tori: We broke up!

Colby: What? Why?

Tori: Because he refused to listen to me about you!

Colby: What did you tell him?

Tori: Everything I could but it wasn’t enough for him.

Colby: I’m so sorry.

Tori: It’s not your fault he doesn’t trust me!

Colby: Maybe? But I feel responsible!

Tori: You shouldn’t! You did nothing wrong!

Colby: Still he’s jealous and maybe he has a right to be.

Tori: He doesn’t! Their is nothing going on between us!

Colby: I know. But I can see why he would think their was.

Tori: If he honestly thinks I would cheat on him… then clearly he doesn’t know me as well as he thinks he does.

Colby: Maybe it’s not about that.

Tori: No it’s about trust… and he doesn’t trust me!

Colby: Maybe he doesn’t trust me?

Tori: That makes no sense. Because it’s what I do that matters not what you do! He doesn’t trust me plain and simple. And a relationship without trust never works.

Colby: Your right about that.

Tori: Why can’t things just be easy?

Colby: I don’t know.

Tori: I wish Robbo was here!

Colby: Me too! But I’m here always.

Tori: Thank you.

Colby: I love you. I won’t leave you alone.

Tori: Good.

Colby: Maybe I should talk to him?

Tori: You think he would listen to you?

Colby: It’s worth a shot honestly. Anyway what’s the worst that could happen?

Tori: If he hurts you I will kill him myself!

Colby: See with you protecting me what could possibly go wrong?

Tori: I love you. And if you think it’ll help then good luck.

Colby: Well we will see what happens. But I will try my best for you.

Tori: Your too good for me.

Colby: No I’m the lucky one. Always has been.

Tori: Then we’re both lucky.

Colby: Ok I will drop you off at home and go see your boyfriend shall I?

Tori: Ex boyfriend.

Colby: I can change that.

Tori: I hope so. But really not convinced.

Colby: You have no faith in me? I’m disappointed.

Tori: No I have faith in you! I don’t have faith in Christian right now.

Colby: That’s fair he did just dump you!

Tori: Way to make me feel better.

Colby: I’m sorry that’s not what I meant!

Tori: I know I was joking but it was a bad joke.

Colby: Yeah let’s move on.

Tori: Good call.

Colby: Ok so you really ok with this?

Tori: Well he already hates me what else could happen?

Colby: He doesn’t hate you! He’s just hurting.

Tori: Who’s side are you on?

Colby: Yours always! Just saying that I helped caused this to happen and probably is the reason it did so I feel guilty which means I should help see it from his side.

Tori: Yeah and hopefully he will see it from your side too!

Colby: Well if he does it’s a start!

Tori: You might just convince him yet.

Colby: You never know.

Tori: Ok let’s go.

Colby: Yep I hope I can fix this for you.

Tori: Even if you can’t. I know you tried and that’s all I care about.

Colby: I will never stop fighting for you… for us… it’s the most important thing!

Tori: I will never stop fighting for you either… for us… we will always stick together!

Colby: Then what’s one more challenge?

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Chapter 35


Christian’s Apartment


Christian is surprised to find Colby at his door and nearly shuts it on him but Colby puts his foot in the door to stop him.


Colby: We’re going to talk!

Christian: I think I can decide who I want to talk to myself thanks.

Colby: Too bad this isn’t up for discussion!

Christian: Fine. Come in. I promise to listen but that’s it.

Colby: It’s a start.

Colby moves into the room and sits on a chair. Christian sits on another chair.

Christian: So?

Colby: Oh now you want to talk?!

Christian: Well your here and your refusing to leave so start talking!

Colby: Ok why did you dump Tori?

Christian: Because she loves you!

Colby: Yeah so?

Christian: I mean she wants you not me.

Colby: No she doesn’t!

Christian: Yeah she does. It’s obvious!

Colby: So your blind?!

Christian: What?

Colby: You see what you want to see to justify your break up?

Christian: That’s not… she wants you. That’s real.

Colby: It’s not!

Christian: Then tell me what’s real then?

Colby: Tori loves you!

Christian: Not as much as she loves you though!

Colby: So? Your point?

Christian: I don’t want to be second best!

Colby: Your not!

Christian: I am. I can see it!

Colby: Why are you acting like your blind?!

Christian: Why are you?!

Colby: I’m not. I know the score. You don’t?!

Christian: Then tell me the truth!

Colby: I did!

Christian: No you didn’t!

Colby: Urg my life is actually none of your business and I don’t owe you anything!

Christian: But your happy to what, take everyone else down with you?!

Colby: I am protecting them! They are protecting me! It’s my family, stay out of it!

Christian: Tori is my family too!

Colby: Then know that I would never put her in danger or hurt her. I would protect her with my life you have my word on that.

Christian: How can I trust you when I don’t know everything?

Colby: I never asked you to trust me. But do you trust Tori?

Christian: Yes of course.

Colby: But you dumped her because she refused to tell you the truth about me?

Christian: That’s not why I dumped her.

Colby: Then why did you?

Christian: I figured she would eventually dump me for you anyway so I just decided to end it. Make it hurt less.

Colby: Did it?

Christian: No.

Colby: And your wrong by the way.

Christian: Wrong about what?

Colby: Tori dumping you for me. It was never going to happen.

Christian: And why is that? You clearly love her!

Colby: I do. I never denied that! But me and Tori both agreed that we can’t be a couple and that won’t change ever.

Christian: Why?

Colby: Ask her!

Christian: I’m asking you!

Colby: It’s complicated.

Christian: Uncomplicate it!

Colby: Fine. Me and Tori agreed to never date because we couldn’t risk losing our friendship if it didn’t work out. Tori already lost Robbo she can’t lose me too. It would destroy her.

Christian: What she can’t lose you? But she’s fine with losing me?

Colby: Your the one who walked away from her!

Christian: Your right this is all on me.

Colby: No part of it is on me.

Christian: Your taking responsibility for this?

Colby: Part of it. I feel guilty yes.

Christian: I’m impressed.

Colby: Why?

Christian: Because you came here to help me see things form your side and that takes guts.

Colby: I’m not gutless!

Christian: I know that now.

Colby: You didn’t before?

Christian: It was undecided.

Colby: Ok well now that I impressed you can we fix things?

Christian: Between us? Or between me and Tori?

Colby: Either. Both. I don’t care!

Christian: Ok. So you really not going to destroy my relationship?

Colby: No. I never wanted to ever. All I want is for Tori to be happy and if that is with you. Then that’s great.

Christian: Ok. I’m done with being jealous.

Colby: You were jealous of me?

Christian: Really you didn’t notice?

Colby: If you haven’t noticed I am kind of in the middle of fighting for my life so excuse me if I didn’t notice you being jealous ok.

Christian: That’s fair. And I am sorry.

Colby: You should be! I have real problems and I’m here trying to fix your relationship!

Christian: Just because your problems are bigger then mine doesn’t mean mine don’t count!

Colby: Ok that was uncalled for sorry. I didn’t say you don’t matter it’s just it seems petty compared to what I’m dealing with.

Christian: Yeah and what actually are you dealing with?

Colby: Nice try.

Christian: Worth a shot.

Colby: It wasn’t but I will allow it.

Christian: Ok thanks.

Colby: So are you done with this? Can you let this go and just make Tori happy?

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Chapter 36


The Morgan House


Tori answers the door to Christian and is surprised to see him


Tori: What are you doing here?

Christian: Oh nice to see you too!

Tori: Did Colby talk to you?

Christian: Yeah he did. I come in peace I swear.

Tori: Ok. Tell me you didn’t hurt him?

Christian: You think I would?

Tori: I don’t know. You were angry and jealous. I don’t know what to think!

Christian: I promise he is fine. He’s the reason I am here.

Tori: Really? Much of been some chat!

Christian: It was.

Tori: I guess you better come in then.

Christian: Oh I’m allowed in now?

Tori: Hurry before I change my mind!

Christian comes into the house and they both sit down on the couch.

Christian: So?

Tori: No you came here to talk! So talk!

Christian: So demanding!

Tori: No you dumped me so you have to fix it not me!

Christian: Ok that’s fair. I concede.

Tori: Good. Now start talking.

Christian: Well Colby and I talked and he explained why you two aren’t together and like why I don’t need to be jealous of him.

Tori: Right! And?

Christian: And I realised I was an idiot. Tori I still love you. Can we make it work?

Tori: Why should I just forgive you?

Christian: Because I know you love me too!

Tori: I do! But you hurt me!

Christian: I’m sorry!

Tori: And?

Christian: And I promise to drop the whole Colby thing. I won’t ask about him again ok. I’m done with that now.

Tori: What so you just suddenly trust me now?

Christian: That’s not… I didn’t…

Tori: Yeah you didn’t trust me! You thought I was going to dump you for Colby! Just admit it!

Christian: Ok! Ok. I admit I was wrong.

Tori: And?

Christian: And I didn’t trust you and I should of and I am really sorry ok.

Tori: Better. But thank you.

Christian: You really made me work for that didn’t you?

Tori: You deserved it!

Christian: Ok fair call.

Tori: So are you ok now?

Christian: Yeah I’m ok.

Tori: Good. Because I need you.

Christian: I’m not going anywhere I promise.

Tori and Christian kiss

Tori: So should we?

Christian: Now?

Tori: Well they say make up sex is the best part of making up right?

Christian: I think I have heard that saying once or twice!

Tori: We’ll let’s go test out that theory!

Tori takes Christian’s hand and leads him into her bedroom.


A few minutes later


Justin and Leah come into the house.


Justin: Anyone home?

Leah: Doesn’t sound like it!

Justin: Good. So are you ready for today?

Leah: Our first home inspection? Couldn’t be more ready.

Justin: Good I’m excited too.

Leah: I hope this is the home of our dreams.

Justin: Well only one way to find out.


The Beach


Ryder, Chloe, Bella and Nikau are on the beach together.


Chloe: So last one in the water loses!

Ryder: Loses what?

Chloe: Guess you will have to find out…

Chloe races towards the water with Ryder close behind her. They make it to the waves and dive in!

Nikau: So are you ok?

Bella: Yeah why?

Nikau: Just checking. Doing my duty as your boyfriend.

Bella: I am fine honestly.

Bella kisses Nic

Bella: Let’s just go and have some fun with our friends!

Nikau: As you wish.

Nikau starts running towards the water and Bella chases after him. She tackles him into the water and they both fall into the waves!

Chloe: So who lost?

Nikau: What?

Ryder: Yeah who made it to the water quicker?

Bella: Um…

Nikau: It’s a tie?

Bella: Yeah it’s a tie!

Chloe: Oh you shouldn’t of said that!

Bella: What! Why?

Nikau: What are you guys planning?

Ryder: All will be revealed!

Nikau: Nuh uh. Tell us now!

Chloe: Well…

Ryder: X marks the spot!

Nikau: What?

Bella: Huh?

Chloe: So your it!

Chloe and Ryder start splashing water at Bella and Nikau! Bella and Nikau soon start splashing water back resulting in a water fight!

Nikau: Ok I surrender!

Bella: No we were winning!

Chloe: You actually were but if you give up?

Ryder: Yeah no shame in losing!

Bella: If Nik gives up then we both do. We are a team remember.

Nikau: Thank you.

Nikau kisses Bella

Ryder: Do that on your own time!

Chloe: Yeah!

Bella: Oh you jealous?

Ryder: More like disgusted!

Bella: Harsh!

Chloe: But fair!

Nikau: Hey we don’t complain when you and Ryder kiss all the time!

Bella: Yeah so cut us some slack!

Chloe: Ok fine. Truce?

Bella: Truce.

Ryder: Good now I’m starving. Food?

Chloe: The diner?

Nikau: Sounds good. We will meet you their.

Chloe: Why?

Nikau: Just have to talk to Bella for a second.

Bella: Ok now your scaring me!

Nikau: It’s nothing. Chill.

Ryder and Chloe grab their towels to dry off before walking hand in hand up the beach.

Nikau and Bella wrap towels around themselves to dry off too.

Bella: So what did you need to tell me?

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Chapter 37


The Beach


Bella: Nikau you are scaring me! Just tell me what’s going on?!

Nikau: I found something in your brothers room.

Bella: Why were you in my brothers room?

Nikau: I was looking for something. It doesn’t matter.

Bella: Ok fine what did you find?

Nikau: This…

Nikau hands her a ring box. Bella opens it and isn’t surprised.

Bella: It’s my brothers wedding ring.

Nikau: Wait he was married?

Bella: Yeah to a girl named Chelsea. She was also a cop. She found out a week after the wedding about Ross and dumped him.

Nikau: I’m so sorry. Was she nice?

Bella: Yeah I really liked her.

Nikau: That sucks.

Bella: Yeah it does. You have to put it back. My brother will kill you if he knows you took it!

Nikau: Ok let’s go now then.

Nikau and Bella walk hand in hand up the beach.


Colby and Bella’s Apartment


Nikau put the ring back where he found it. But he accidentally knocks the last drawer down and when he goes to fix it he finds something else…

Nikau: Bella?

Bella comes running in.

Bella: What?

Nikau: Um I accidentally knocked this drawer down and look what fell out…

Bella bends down to pick it up and is shocked at what she is holding…

Nikau: Um so…

Bella: Yeah I don’t know…

Nikau: Who?

Bella: I can only think of one person. But I don’t get why he would?

Nikau: Should you confront him?

Bella: I guess I will have too.

Nikau: Um good luck.

Bella: Oh thanks now you abandon me!

Nikau: I think it would be better coming from you! Anyway he would kill  me if he knew I was snooping in his room!

Bella: You got me into this mess! Help me get out of it!

Nikau: How?

Bella: I could use you as backup when I tell him.

Nikau: Sure use me as a human shelid why don’t you?!

Bella: This is your fault!

Nikau: Ok I take full responsibility!

Bella: Good! Now you going to be their for backup or not?

Nikau: I guess.

Bella: If we’re both their he can’t kill us both right?

Nikau: He’s your brother you tell me!

Bella: We will be fine!

Nikau: Ok if your sure?

Bella: I’m sure.

Nikau: Ok then let’s go do this now I guess.

Bella: No time like the present!

Nikau: I’m surprised though.

Bella: So am I!

Nikau: So you think?

Bella: Yeah has to be…

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Chapter 38


Colby and Bella’s Apartment


Colby arrives back to find Nikau and Bella sitting on the couch


Colby: Ok what’s going on?

Bella: We need to talk.

Colby: So why is Nik here too?

Bella: Back-up.

Colby: Why would you need back up?

Bella: I’m worried you won’t take what I have to say well.

Colby: Oh god… your not… not

Bella: Not what?

Colby: Please tell me your not pregnant!

Bella: What? No!

Colby: Oh good.

Bella: This isn’t about me.

Colby: Ok who is it about?

Bella: You.

Colby: Ok. And?

Bella: I… we found something…

Colby: You and Nik?

Bella: Yes.

Colby: What did you find?

Bella: Well we were in your room putting something back and we accidentally knocked a draw down and well we…

Colby: Wait you were in my room why?

Bella: Um Nik accidentally took something so we had to put it back.

Colby: Wait you were in my room? Why?

Nikau: Look I was looking for something else and then I found a ring. And now I know it’s your wedding ring so I asked Bella to help me put it back and we did. And then we found something else!

Colby: Right ok we will go back to that later. But what did you find that left you guys in shock?

Bella hands him something

Colby: You… I… It’s not what you think…

Bella: So you know what I’m thinking?

Colby: Um…

Bella: Did you buy it for her…

Colby: You know the answer to that…

Bella: But she…

Colby: I know…

Bella: Then why?

Colby: Maybe I was hoping she would change her mind!

Bella: I’m sorry… I’m so sorry…

Colby: Me too…

Bella hugs Colby

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Chapter 39


The Morgan House


Colby has come to see Tori. They hug.


Tori: Hey what’s up? You sounded worried on the phone. It’s not the investigation is it?

Colby: No it’s not that.

Tori: Good! I can’t handle bad news.

Colby: Um I need to tell you something.

Tori: Ok what is it, you can tell me anything.

Colby: Urg Bella and Nikau found something of mine.

Tori: What did they find?

Colby: I wasn’t going to tell you ever but I thought you deserved to know. Even though we agreed that us wouldn’t happen.

Tori: So this is about us?

Colby: Yeah.

Tori: Ok I’m ready for anything.

Colby: You sure about that?

Tori: Of course. It’s us, we can survive anything!

Colby: Don’t hate me…

Tori: What? I could never hate you…

Colby hands Tori a ring box

Tori: You… I…

Colby: Yeah I did.

Tori: Why?

Colby: Thought maybe you would change your mind one day…

Tori: I’m sorry…

Colby: Don’t… I knew what you were going to say anyway… I just hoped for something different…

Tori: In another world… If Robbo was still here… We could of had it all…

Colby: I know…

Tori: I love you and that will never change!

Colby: I love you too always.

Tori and Colby hug

Colby: I didn’t think anyone would find it so I never thought I would have to tell you but I guess secrets never say hidden forever.

Tori: This one will.

Colby: What?

Tori kisses Colby

Colby: Why did you do that?

Tori: Because I needed to know…

Colby: To know what?

Tori: How that felt.

Colby kisses Tori back

Colby: Now we both do.

Tori: So what are you doing for the rest of your day?

Colby: I don’t know I was thinking of spending it with my best friend but I haven’t seen her around, what about you?

Tori: Oh yeah I was just looking for my best mate too. Have you seen him. Tall, good looking, local cop of this small town?

Colby: Yeah I don’t know. Have you seen her. Smart, gorgeous, local doctor of this small town?

Tori: Oh you mean Jasmine?

Colby: No I mean you!

Tori: Good answer.

Colby: So what are we doing?

Tori: Let’s go see our other best friend.

Colby: We can tell him all about my failed proposal!

Tori: Yeah and our kiss!

Colby: Yeah I think he would be telling us what idiots we are right about now!

Tori: Yep I can totally see that!

Colby: I miss him so much.

Tori: Me too.

Colby: Then let’s not keep him waiting any longer.

Tori: Pretty sure he won’t care if we’re late.

Colby: Your right. But it’s nice to be on time.

Tori: On time? Who are you?

Colby: Hey I arrive on time everywhere!

Tori: Sure you do!

Colby: Well work at least!

Tori: Yes well if you didn’t they might just fire you!

Colby: What the best cop in this town? Unlikely!

Tori: Yeah your probably right!

Colby: Probably?

Tori: Ok yes you are the best cop I know. Happy?

Colby: Extremely!

Tori: Good. Now let’s go.

Colby: Catch me if you can.

Colby runs out of the house first racing towards the car. Tori is after him fast though but Colby makes it to the car a second before she does.

Tori: You cheated!

Colby: No I didn’t!

Tori: You didn’t say go.

Colby: Was I suppose too?

Tori: Yes!

Colby: Ok rematch when we get back then?

Tori: Deal.

Tori and Colby shake hands

Colby: So who is driving?

Tori: It’s your car.

Colby: Ok just thought you might want too.

Tori: I might on the way back.

Colby: Ok all good.

Tori: Let’s go.

Colby and Tori get into the car and Colby drives off.

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Chapter 40


The Beach


Tori and Colby are on the beach together 


Colby: Seeing Robbo was good.

Tori: Yeah it was good to talk to him.

Colby: So you want to do dinner?

Tori: Yeah sure. Let’s invite Jasmine.

Colby: Cool sounds good.

Jasmine comes up behind them and scares them!

Colby: You scared me!

Tori: You mean us!

Colby: We were just talking about you.

Tori: Yep and you just appear like a ninja freaky.

Jasmine: Ok what’s going on?

Colby: You doing anything tonight?

Jasmine: Nope.

Colby: You want to come to dinner with us?

Jasmine: That sounds good.

Tori: Good.

Colby: It’ll be good to spend some time together the three of us.

Jasmine: Yes I have missed it.

Colby: Me too.

Tori: Me three!

Jasmine: So what have you guys been up to today?

Colby: Seeing your husband!

Jasmine: You went to see Robbo? How was it?

Colby: Good.

Tori: Great. We talked about some stuff.

Jasmine: What kind of stuff?

Colby: Just what’s been happening lately. Nothing important.

Jasmine: So just catching him up then?

Colby: You know it.

Jasmine: I wish he was here.

Colby: Me too.

Colby hugs Jasmine

Tori: I miss him too.

Jasmine hugs Tori

Colby: So tonight? The three of us, like old times?

Jasmine: Yes I’m in!

Tori: Wouldn’t miss it!

Colby: Cool see you guys later tonight. 6’ o’clock at salt?

Jasmine: Yep sounds good.

Tori: Lock it in.

Colby hugs Jasmine and Tori goodbye before leaving.

Jasmine: Ok what are you two hiding?

Tori: Nothing!

Jasmine: I’m not buying it, what’s going on?

Tori: Honestly it’s nothing important really.

Jasmine: Ok fine I will drop it for now. Now what’s going on with Christian?

Tori: We have made up and we’re better then ever.

Jasmine: That’s good to hear. You guys are just perfect together.

Tori: Thanks I think so too!

Jasmine: Nah I mean it. You guys are so in love it’s sickening.

Tori: Now your over execrating!

Jasmine: Maybe a little. But still it’s nice to see you happy. You deserve it.

Tori: You deserve happiness too. And you will find it again I promise.

Jasmine: Maybe I already have my eye on someone…

Tori: Really, who?

Jasmine: I think I’ll keep it under wraps for now.

Tori: Ok fine but you will tell me eventually right?

Jasmine: I’ll make you a deal.

Tori: Ok. What’s the deal?

Jasmine: I’ll tell you who I like if you tell me what your and Colby’s secret is?!

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