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Weather The Storm

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Chapter 21




Colby and Jasmine are having dinner together


Jasmine: So what’s going on?

Colby: Nothing!

Jasmine: Come on spill!

Colby: It’s just Simon throwing his weight around. I’m handling it.

Jasmine: Ok but if your ever not handling it I’m here.

Colby: I know. Thank you.

Colby takes Jasmine’s hand

Jasmine: Hey I’m not going anywhere.

Colby: Me neither. I promise.

Jasmine: So is it true about you and Tori?

Colby: Is what true?

Jasmine: That your dating?

Colby: Who did you hear that from?

Jasmine: Patients at the hospital. Apparently it’s been going around town.

Colby: Who would do that?

Jasmine: I think you know.

Colby: Oh of course. Simon! He saw me and Tori together and I told him we were dating! And now he’s telling the whole town to rattle me!

Jasmine: Yep sounds likley.

Colby: Omg that guy has no idea what’s he’s doing does he?

Jasmine: I think he’s doing everything he can to get you angry and your giving him that!

Colby: No way because now I know his game so two can play it that way!

Jasmine: Ohh what’s your plan?

Colby: I have an idea but I need your help.

Jasmine: Anything just ask.

Colby: Let’s go show him just who we are…


The Diner


Jasmine and Irene are chatting


Irene: So when were you going to tell me?

Jasmine: Tell you what?

Irene: About your new boyfriend! Or old? I guess.

Jasmine: I’m still not following you.

Irene: Seriously? Do I have to spell it out?

Jasmine: Apparently!

Irene: You and Colby are back together?

Jasmine: Oh that. It’s not what you think?

Irene: You guys aren’t together?

Jasmine: No we are.

Irene: Ok.

Jasmine: It’s just not real.

Irene: What? Now I’m confused.

Jasmine: Um Colby likes someone else so he wants to make them jealous.

Irene: Oh who?

Jasmine: Tori!

Irene: What?

Jasmine: It’s complicated!

Irene: You better sit down and explain yourself!

Jasmine: Um well you see…


The Beach


Colby is walking along the Beach when Christian finds him


Christian: Hey can we talk?

Colby: Yeah sure what’s up?

Christian: Are you dating Jasmine?

Colby: Yes.

Christian: But you like my girlfriend?

Colby: Can we not do this now. I have to go.

Christian: I just want to know what’s going on!

Colby: It’s complicated!

Christian: You and Tori always say that!

Colby: Maybe because it’s true!

Christian: So do you like Tori or not? Answer the question!

Colby: Yes but it’s not that simple.

Christian: Why not?

Colby: You don’t get it.

Christian: Well how can I get it if you don’t fill me in?

Colby: Yeah I’m sorry honestly but you don’t need to know this.

Christian: Is my relationship safe?

Colby: Why wouldn’t it be?

Christian: Because your you.

Colby: I’m not him.

Christian: Who?

Colby: Robbo!

Christian: What does he have to do with any of this?

Colby: Everything!

Christian: I’m not following.

Colby: Robbo and Tori they were something else.

Christian: I don’t know about that.

Colby: Of course you don’t! You weren’t here!

Christian: But I’m here now! I want to be the guy for Tori now!

Colby: Maybe you have to accept that you will never be her first choice. Or second choice.

Christian: What and you are?

Colby: I’m not her first. But it’s more complicated than that.

Christian: Why?

Colby: Because… OMG do you listen? I have to be somewhere!

Christian: No were not done.

Colby: Yeah we are. We’re done. Go talk to your girlfriend not me! I’m leaving.

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Chapter 22


Colby and Bella’s Apartment


Colby arrives back angry and Tori wonders why


Tori: What’s up?

Colby: Your boyfriend!

Tori: Christian? What did he do?

Colby: Had a go at me for my feelings for you! Like I don’t have enough going on right now.

Tori: I’m sorry this is my fault.

Colby: What did you tell him ectually?

Tori: Nothing!

Colby: Well you have to say something! He might just ruin this plan!

Tori: I know. I will tell him I promise.

Colby: Good one less thing to worry about.

Tori: Have you seen Simon?

Colby: Not for a couple of days. Seems he’s hiding out for the moment.

Tori: Is that a good thing?

Colby: Don’t know. Probably not. He’s probably bidding his time or something.

Tori: I wish I could do more.

Colby: Your doing everything possible to help me!

Tori: It’s not enough!

Colby: No Tori I love you you know that.

Tori: I love you too. I can’t lose you.

Colby: You won’t. I’m not going anywhere.

Tori: So you and Jasmine?

Colby: Yes we’re good.

Tori: So this love traingle is getting a bit messy isn’t it?

Colby: What do you mean?

Tori: If you actually had the choice? Who would you pick?

Colby: You.

Tori: How did we get here?

Colby: It’s all on me. This is all my fault!

Tori: You had a choice in that moment. Do you regret it?

Colby: No! I just regret everything that came after it.

Tori: That’s fair.

Colby: Thank you for understanding and standing by me. I don’t think I could of done it without you.

Tori: Or Jasmine?

Colby: The both of you! I need you both with me.

Tori: We’re both here and neither of us is leaving you!

Jasmine arrives

Jasmine: Hey guys.

Colby: Hey.

Tori: Hey.

Jasmine: So you alone with my boyfriend do I need to be worried?

Tori: Maybe? You tell me.

Jasmine: I think… I think we’re good.

Tori: Oh good. How would I cope otherwise?

Jasmine: It would be a struggle!

Tori: Yes the biggest!

Jasmine: It’s good to see you happy again.

Tori: I have my moments. But this is all so hard?

Jasmine: Yeah for me too. That’s why the 3 of us have to stick together always.

Tori: And we will always!

Jasmine: I love you.

Tori: I love you too.

Tori and Jasmine hug

Colby: Glad you guys are good but we really do need to focus.

Jasmine: Oh yes the next part of this plan.

Tori: Yes fill us in please.

Colby: Well…

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Chapter 23


Summer Bay House


Ryder and Bella are hanging out


Ryder: So your brother and Jasmine?

Bella: Yeah what about them?

Ryder: They are together aren’t they?

Bella: Yes. I mean yeah your point?

Ryder: We’ll it’s interesting.

Bella: Why?

Ryder: Because of Tori?

Bella: She’s dating Christian.

Ryder: Yeah I know. But that’s not what I meant.

Bella: Well what did you mean?

Ryder: I feel like your brother likes Tori.

Bella: Why would you say that?

Ryder: I don’t know the way he looks at her. The way they are with each other. They are just friends?

Bella: Yeah I think so why?

Ryder: I just want everyone to be honest with each other?

Bella: I don’t get why you care so much?

Ryder: I care about you!

Bella: Yeah I care about you too! We’re friends what’s your point?

Ryder: Could get messy. Didn’t want you to get caught in your brothers drama.

Bella: I’m not! He’s fine!

Ryder: If you say so.

Bella: I really don’t get you sometimes.

Ryder: Yeah but your my best friend and as best friends we stick together.

Bella: Of course and we will.

Ryder: Good. I don’t want to lose you.

Bella: You won’t!

Ryder: I love you.

Bella: I love you too. You dork!

Ryder: Way to ruin this moment!

Bella: Sorry.

Ryder: I just want you to not get caught up in others peoples dramas focus on yourself you deserve too.

Bella: Ok your acting really weird  today what’s up?

Ryder: It’s my dad’s birthday!

Bella: Oh Ryder.

Bella hugs Ryder

Ryder: I can’t lose another person I love ok. Just promise me you won’t disappear on me.

Bella: I promise.

Ryder: So you want to watch this movie or what?

Bella: Oh can we now? Thought you just wanted to talk all afternoon!

Ryder: Oh shut up!

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Chapter 24


The Morgan House


Justin and Christian are hanging out


Christian: So how’s the house hunting going?

Justin: Nothing yet.

Christian: You will find something.

Justin: Yeah we will. Just have to keep trying.

Christian: Hang in their.

Justin: Yeah thanks. So what’s going on with you?

Christian: Can I ask you something?

Justin: Sure.

Christian: Tori and Colby?

Justin: What about them?

Christian: Why are they so close?

Justin: Didn’t T explain?

Christian: Kind of. Sort of. I don’t know.

Justin: Urg it’s complicated!

Christian: That’s what they said too but I’m getting sick of that word! How hard is it to tell the truth?

Justin: Harder than you think.

Christian: What?

Justin: Nothing!

Christian: You said?

Justin: You weren’t supposed to hear that?

Christian: But I did so spill.

Justin: Urg… it’s just… you know what why is this my problem?

Christian: I don’t know. Sorry.

Justin: If you want answers go to my sister!

Christian: What if I don’t think she will tell me the truth?

Justin: Then maybe accept that! Or just accept what she told you is as much as she can tell you I guess.

Christian: You know something?

Justin: No I don’t!

Christian: Come on just tell me!

Justin: Maybe it’s not about you!

Christian: How can it not be? She’s my girlfriend!

Justin: Yes but their was a lot of stuff that went down before you got here. Stuff you don’t know about. Maybe you should just leave it be!

Christian: Why can’t I know what’s going on?

Justin: Maybe because it has nothing to do with you!

Christian: Well I want to support Tori. I can’t do that if I’m left in the dark can I?

Justin: Urg just let my sister tell you in her own time. Until then stop causing drama! Your not helping this situation!

Christian: What situation?

Justin: Nothing! Forget it.

Christian: No I want to know what’s going on!

Justin: Maybe you can’t!

Christian: What?

Justin: Christian just stay out of it!

Christian: Why am I suddenly the bad guy here?

Justin: Your not! But you might be if you don’t stop!

Christian: Is this how things are going to be? Me kept in the dark while you both are keeping things from me?!

Justin: Maybe we’re trying to protect you!

Christian: I don’t need protection!

Justin: You say that now but if you knew the real truth… the whole truth… maybe you wouldn’t think that.

Christian: And what is the truth?

Justin: I…

Christian: Is it that bad?

Justin: Um…

Christian: Please just give me something!

Justin: I’m sorry.

Christian: Why?

Justin: Because I should never of involved you in this or mentioned anything at all. It’s nothing honesty. Just forget about it.

Christian: It didn’t seem like nothing!

Justin: Well it is. Just talk to Tori ok. She will explain.

Christian: Will she?

Justin: What do you mean?

Christian: I feel like everyone has been telling me lies lately.

Justin: No I never lied! T never lied! We just didn’t tell you everything so then we wouldn’t have to lie!

Christian: Right so you are keeping things from me?

Justin: Yes. But that’s all your getting from me. Just talk to Tori please.

Christian: Ok. And thank you.

Justin: For what?

Christian: For not lying to me.

Justin: I’ll try my best to keep that promise.

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Chapter 25


The Beach


Colby and Jasmine are having fun in the surf together


Jasmine: You know we should do this more often?

Colby: What go on a date?

Jasmime: No! Go swimming more!

Colby: You know I like surfing better.

Jasmine: Of course. And I like running. Your point?

Colby: Tochue.

Jasmine: So you heard anything?

Colby: Nothing.

Jasmine: Seen Simon?

Colby: Nope!

Jasmine: Is that a good thing?

Colby: Probably not!

Jasmine: Why can’t he just let this thing go?

Colby: I wish he would so I could go back to living my life!

Jasmine: I’m sorry.

Colby: It’s not your fault! It’s all on me!

Jasmine: It’s not all on you?

Colby: Why?

Jasmine: Because you made that choice in the moment.

Colby: Thank you for understanding.

Jasmine: Always. So lunch?

Colby: I won’t say no if your paying!

Jasmine: Nuh uh, your my boyfriend your definitely paying!

Colby: Ok fair.

Jasmine grabs Colby’s hand and drags him up the beach

Jasmine: Come on slow poke!

Colby: Me slow? I think you have me confused with someone else!

Jasmine: Uh huh! Prove it!

Colby starts running up the front of the beach track with Jasmine close  behind him.

Colby: Now who’s slow?

Jasmine: You cheated!

Colby: You never said “go”.

Jasmine: Yeah, yeah.

Colby: Ok so lunch.

Jasmine: Lunch.

Jasmine and Colby are walking towards the dinner when they see Tori coming towards them


Tori: Hey guys.

Jasmine: Hey.

Colby: Hey. Are you ok?

Tori: Why wouldn’t I be?

Colby: I can tell your upset. Spill.

Tori: It’s just Christian. I’m fine really.

Colby: No your not. Come back to my place we can talk.

Tori: I don’t want to ruin your date!

Colby: Jasmine can we re-sheulde?

Jasmine: Of course. Go talk to Tori. You clearly need him more then I do right now.

Tori: Thank you.

Jasmine hugs Tori

Jasmine: He’s not Robbo but he’ll do.

Tori: Oh will he just?

Jasmine: If you need me call. I’ll be at the diner.

Colby: Ok see you later.

Jasmine: You too. Bye guys.

Colby: Bye.

Tori: Bye.

Colby: What’s going on?

Tori: Not here.

Colby grabs Tori’s hand and leads her back to his place.

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Chapter 26


Colby and Bella’s Apartment


Colby and Tori arrive back and sit on the couch. Colby takes her hand.


Colby: So tell me what’s going on?

Tori: Christian keeps asking me for the truth but I can’t…

Colby: I’m sorry. This is all my fault.

Tori: No it’s not!

Colby: You can’t tell your boyfriend the truth because of me? Yep totally my fault!

Tori: No! And anyway it’s none of his business! He has nothing to do with this!

Colby: I know! But I still feel bad.

Tori: Well don’t! If he can’t trust me then that’s his problem not mine!

Colby: Trusting someone that you know is lying to you though?

Tori: He should respect why I can’t tell him the truth! And accept that!

Colby: Yeah it’s just hard sometimes.

Tori: I thought dating Christian would be easier because he didn’t know the truth! But now he wants all the answers and I can’t…

Colby: I’m sorry.

Tori: Like I said it’s not your problem!

Colby: But I am the problem!

Tori: But me and you? And Christian and me? It’s not the same!

Colby: I know.

Tori: I wish he would understand I can’t tell him everything and leave it at that!

Colby: I wish he would too!

Tori: It’s not just about me! Actually it’s barely about me! I just know about it!

Colby: And I’m sorry I brought you into this!

Tori: I wanted to be involved! I needed a way to protect you! And I still do!

Colby: I will protect you too! Always.

Tori: I can’t lose you.

Colby: You won’t!

Tori: So what do I tell him?

Colby: What do you want to tell him?

Tori: Apparently nothing I say is good enough!

Colby: That sucks.

Tori: Why can’t he just let this whole thing go?

Colby: Do you still want to be with him?

Tori: Of course.

Colby: Then tell him everything you can.

Tori: That’s great in theory but in practice not so much.

Colby: What do you mean?

Tori: Well if I tell him one thing then I have to explain another thing and it’s gets too close to the actual truth and it won’t make any sense without the full picture but the full picture is off limits so it’s just more lies on top of lies and yeah it’s just easier to say nothing!

Colby: That’s fair. And I am truly sorry about this whole thing and all the lying.

Tori: I would do anything to keep you safe you know that.

Colby: Me too.

Tori: Why can’t it just be simple and easy?

Colby: I’m beginning to think nothing ever is. Everything worth it is hard work!

Tori: Tochue.

Colby: What ever happens I am here for you and I’m not leaving you ever.

Tori: I’m not leaving you either.

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Chapter 27


The Morgan House


Christian has come to see Tori


Tori: Hey.

Christian: Hi.

Tori: So you want answers?

Christian: Only if you tell me the truth!

Tori: Maybe their is a reason I can’t!

Christian: I don’t care why!

Tori: Maybe you would if you knew the truth!

Christian: I don’t understand.

Tori: That’s my point!

Christian: What is?

Tori: That you want the truth? Fine! But maybe it’s not my truth to tell!

Christian: But your involved?

Tori: Yes!

Christian: But it’s not your secret?

Tori: Yes.

Christian: So who’s secret is it?

Tori: Colby’s.

Christian: Right. And why does it involve you?

Tori: It doesn’t. Not really.

Christian: Not really? How?

Tori: I just know about it.

Christian: So why can’t I know about it?!

Tori: Because it’s a need to know thing and you don’t need to know.

Christian: Why not?

Tori: Because it’s not about you! Or me!

Christian: So? Why is it so important than?

Tori: Because I need to protect him!

Christian: And you think I can’t keep a secret?

Tori: That’s not.. Like I said it’s not my secret. And you don’t need to know it so can you just drop it?

Christian: I just want to help you.

Tori: You can’t help me with this!

Christian: Why?

Tori: You just can’t!

Christian: Does Justin know?

Tori: Yes!

Christian: Why does he get to know?

Tori: I needed to tell someone I trusted. After Robbo I couldn’t…

Christian: What?

Tori: I couldn’t lose him. Justin and Leah they both know how to keep a secret plus I needed them.

Christian: Right. And you think you can’t trust me?

Tori: I never said that!

Christian: But they know and I can’t?

Tori: It’s not like that!

Christian: Then what’s it like?

Tori: You weren’t their? I mean you weren’t here then. It’s got nothing to do with you!

Christian: But I’m here now!

Tori: I know. But it’s not enough. I can’t…

Christian: Why?

Tori: Losing Robbo… it destroyed me… he was everything to me… I can’t lose Colby… I can’t!

Christian: Why what do you think I’m going to do?

Tori: I don’t know! I don’t know…

Christian: Tori I would never hurt you.

Tori: Their is too many people who know already and the more who do… the more chance… I’m sorry I can’t risk that!

Christian: You can trust me!

Tori: What if we could all end up in jail for what we know? What if I get you in trouble too?

Christian: I don’t care!

Tori: But our careers? Our jobs?

Christian: None of it means anything without you!

Tori: You really mean that?

Christian: I… yeah I really do. I love you. You are my life now. I mean that.

Tori: Ok. I want to take you somewhere. Will you come?

Christian: I would follow you anywhere. Just lead the way.

Tori: If we do this. Their is no turning back. So promise me that you are all in.

Christian: I’m all in.

Tori: Ok. And I love you too. But now everything is going to change so you better be prepared.

Christian: I’m here with you. Nothing can break that.

Tori: I hope your right. This is going to change everything!

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Chapter 28




Tori and Christian both arrive and Christian’s wonders why they are their


Christian: So this is the place you wanted to show me?

Tori: Yes.

Christian: Why?

Tori: Just wait.

Christian: Are you going to tell me what’s going on?

Tori drags him towards a grave

Tori: This!

Christian: Who’s grave is this?

Tori: Robbo’s!

Christian: Ohh.

Tori: I thought you should see it. So you would understand…

Christian: Understand what?

Tori: Why I can’t lose Colby. Why I have to protect him!

Christian: Ok. What did he do?

Tori: Something that he had to do.

Christian: It wasn’t…

Tori: Wasn’t what?

Christian: Legal?

Tori: I guess not.

Christian: But justified?

Tori: Depends who you ask.

Christian: If I asked you?

Tori: Yes.

Christian: If I asked the cops?

Tori: No.

Christian: Right. So Colby broke the law? But he’s a cop right?

Tori: Yes.

Christian: So why?

Tori: Family.

Christian: Family?

Tori: His yes!

Christian: He broke the law because of his family?

Tori: Yes.

Christian: And your keeping quiet?

Tori: Yes.

Christian: And you could get in trouble because of this? An asseory?

Tori: Yes.

Christian: Why risk it? For him?

Tori: Because…

Christian: Because why?

Tori: I love him!

Christian: What?

Tori: No not like that… it’s really not like that.

Christian: Then what’s it like?

Tori: He is my best friend ok. I mean Robbo was my best friend and then he died. And I lost him. And Colby became my rock after that. He was their for me through everything and I need him!

Christian: Where does that leave me?

Tori: I just told you what me and Colby have it’s not romantic.

Christian: But it could be?

Tori: No! No…

Christian: Because of me?

Tori: I’m sorry but no! It’s not because of you! It’s because of me!

Christian: It’s because of you?

Tori: I can’t be with him and then lose him. So we just can’t be together.

Christian: So you want me instead?

Tori: It’s not a competition! Anyway I chose you, shouldn’t that be enough?

Christian: Not if I’m second best?

Tori: Your not! But I just can’t… it’s too much…

Christian: Ok. I get it. I think anyway.

Tori: I’m glad your trying to understand. I appreciate it.

Christian: Urg thanks?

Tori: I love you. Just trust that!

Christian: I do trust that! And I trust you!

Tori: Good!

Christian: So you going to tell me the truth?

Tori: I wish I could. I want too…

Christian: Why can’t you?

Tori: I’ve said enough already. You honestly know enough now to understand at least I hope you do. Either way, I’m done talking about this. So either drop it or we are done!

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Chapter 29


Colby and Bella’s Apartment


Tori has come to see Colby and he can instantly see she is upset


Colby: What’s happened?

Tori: Nothing!

Colby: I know that’s not true! You can tell me anything!

Tori: Christian… I…

Colby: What did that guy do?

Tori: It’s not… we’re not…

Colby: Your not what?

Tori: Urg I love him but…

Colby: But?

Tori: He’s not Robbo! Or you! And sometimes I wish I could tell him everything but I can’t! And he just… Urg…

Colby: Did you guys break-up?

Tori: No! I just… we’re just… Urg…

Colby: It’s ok. And I’m sorry.

Tori: It’s not your fault! You have to believe that! And if he can’t accept your role in my life well maybe he doesn’t deserve to be in mine!

Colby: You don’t believe that?

Tori: Well no! But it’s nice to blame him for a change! He’s blamed me enough!

Colby: You? Or me?

Tori: Does it matter?

Colby: Yes!

Tori: Both I guess! I mean he’s trying to understand and I’m hoping that it’ll be enough and he will stay. But what if he doesn’t?

Colby: Then your better off without him!

Tori: I love you.

Colby: I love you too!

Tori: Here I am being selfish and dragging you into my relationship problems and you have bigger problems! How’s the investigation?

Colby: Haven’t heard anything.

Tori: That’s good right?

Colby: Maybe. I don’t know.

Tori: Well if Simon hasn’t been around that’s a good thing.

Colby: Well yeah. I’m still worried though.

Tori: I know. Me too.

Colby: Should we go for a walk?

Tori: Sounds like a plan.


The Beach


Tori and Colby are waking on the beach together.


Colby: This is nice.

Tori: Yeah nice and normal!

Colby: Yes a rare sight!

Tori: Yes what would the locals say?

Colby: Drama is coming!

Tori: Quick go run and hide!

Colby: Yeah escape while you still can!

Tori: To the moon!

Colby: I was going to stay leave town but sure the moon is as good place as any I suppose!

Tori: It doesn’t matter where we go as long as you are their with me.

Colby: Always.

Colby takes Tori’s hand. And Tori smiles at him.

Tori: See this is what I want?

Colby: Really?

Tori: Yeah. You, me, us being happy and together. It’s enough. It always has been!

Colby: Good! Because your all I think about. I love you so much.

Tori: I love you too.

Colby: But we can’t?

Tori: I know.

Colby: It would be so simple? You know. We wouldn’t even have to try!

Tori: I know.

Colby: Best friends for life though right?

Tori: Always.

Colby: Good I can’t lose you.

Tori: I can’t lose you either.

Colby: I promised Robbo I would look after you. And I will. You and Jasmine.

Tori: I know. And I’m not surprised Robbo asked that of you.

Colby: The 4 of us? We are best friends for life nothing would ever change that.

Tori: I know. And nothing will ever break us.

Colby hugs Tori and Tori hugs him back. They are interrupted by a voice though!

Simon: Hello. Nice morning isn’t it?

Colby: Yeah it was till you turned up. What do you want?

Simon: Just want to have a chat with you and your girlfriend off the record.

Colby: I don’t think so. That’s not happening.

Simon: Ah and to think I was going to play nice!

Colby: Were you?

Simon: Well no! But the thought was their.

Colby: What for 2 seconds?!

Simon: Maybe 1!

Colby: If your not arresting me then leave!

Simon: Why would I arrest you?

Colby: I don’t know. You tell me!

Simon: Ah right your dad’s murder case. Right you still claiming no knowledge?

Colby: He’s not my dad!

Simom: Fine step dad.

Colby: And I didn’t do anything!

Simon: Sure! Just like your not dating this girl next to you right?

Colby: That’s none of your business!

Simon: Yeah I heard you were dating this one. Or the other one? I don’t know. I can’t keep up!

Colby: You know nothing!

Simon: Your right I don’t! But I do know that I’m not going to stop till I get the truth so you better keep your little girlfriends out of this investigation!

Colby: If you hurt them, I will come for you!

Simon: Is that a threat?

Colby: It’s a promise!

Simom: Ok well here is my promise that I will get you for this murder. So if anyone else in this town is protecting you I advise them not too!

Colby: You trying to pin a murder on me I didn’t do?

Simon: Oh you did it!

Colby: Prove it!

Simon: Oh I will! See you around! Both of you! Have a good day!

Simon leaves. Colby pulls Tori into a hug

Colby: I won’t let him destroy everything. I’ll keep you safe I promise.

Tori: We need a family meeting now!

Colby: Your right! We all need to know what’s going on. I’ll sort it out.

Tori: It’ll be ok. It has to be…

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Chapter 30


The Morgan House


Tori and Colby are waiting for Justin, Leah and Jasmine to arrive. They literally only called them like 30 minutes ago but still waiting is annoying.


Tori: Are you ok?

Colby: Shouldn’t I be asking you that?

Tori: No this is your life Simon is trying to ruin!

Colby: Fair. But you matter too!

Tori: I’ll be fine! I’m more worried about you!

Colby: And I’m worried he’s going to come after you now! And I can’t let that happen!

Tori: I know you will protect me!

Colby: Never doubt that!

Tori: I never could!

Colby: I love you. And I will keep you safe. I promise.

Tori: I love you too. And I’m not losing you, ever!


Justin, Leah and Jasmine arrive.


Jasmine: What’s going on?

Justin: What’s the big Emergency?

Leah: Is this about the investigation?

Colby: Yes. Just sit down and I will explain everything!

Justin, Leah, Jasmine and Tori all take seats while Colby starts explaining…


The Beach


Nikau finds Bella on the beach and can tell she is upset. He pulls her into a hug.


Nikau: What’s wrong?

Bella: Colby…

Nikau: The investigation?

Bella: Yeah. That Det Simon guy won’t leave him alone!

Nikau: I’m sorry. What’s the plan?

Bella: He’s telling Justin/Leah/Jasmine and Tori now.

Nikau: Why aren’t you their?

Bella: He said he’ll tell us later.

Nikau: Us?

Bella: Yeah you need to be informed too. So you can keep me safe. His words.

Nikau: Surprised he trusts me that much!

Bella: You proved that he can! We both can! I love you so much. I can’t lose you.

Nikau: I love you too. And you won’t lose me I promise.

Bella: So you will help?

Nikau: Of course. What ever I can do to protect you.

Bella: I’m so glad I have you.

Nikau: Well I might be just the most prefect boyfriend huh!

Bella: I know your joking but you kind oh are!

Nikau: Well if I’m prefect what does that make you?

Bella: Better than prefect apparently!

Nikau: High standards!

Bella: Well I learnt from the best what can I say?

Nikau: Tochue.

Bella: We should go back to mine. Wait for Colby to come back.

Nikau: Ok let’s go.

Bella and Nikau walk off hand in hand.


Summer Bay House


Ryder and Chloe are hanging out


Ryder: You think their is something going on with Bella and Nikau?

Chloe: I don’t think so. They seem happy don’t they?

Ryder: That’s not what I meant. I mean they are acting werid. Like they are hiding something?

Chloe: I didn’t get that vibe.

Ryder: Hmm.

Chloe: What?

Ryder: Am I the only one worried about this?

Chloe: Seems like it. I’m sorry I just don’t see an issue. Why do you want their to be one?

Ryder: No of course not! I just know Bella and Nikau well and I know when they are hiding something!

Chloe: Ok well we will ask them later ok. Now isn’t their something better we could be doing?

Ryder: You have a point.

Chloe kisses Ryder

Chloe: So?

Ryder kisses Chloe

Ryder: ok enough talk. Let’s go enjoy some alone time!


Colby and Bella’s Apartment


Bella and Nikau are watching a movie when Colby returns. They instantly turn the movie off and Bella runs into Colby’s arms.


Bella: What’s happened?

Colby: I…

Bella: Talk to me!

Colby: We might have a problem!

Bella: What problem?

Colby: Simon isn’t letting this go. He wants to nail me for this murder but I’m not going down without a fight. So we’re just going to have to be careful these next few weeks.

Bella: Ok what can I do?

Colby: Well…

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