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Weather The Storm

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Chapter 11


The Parata House


Nikau and Bella are their alone and sitting together on the couch


Bella: Finally some alone time.

Nikau: Now that Chloe and Ryder are together they will want alone time so more time for us it’s a win win.

Bella: Oh so now your totally on board with them being a couple?

Nikau: They make each other happy and that’s I want for them.

Bella: Me too.

Nikau: So we should enjoy this time together and use it to our advantage. Empty house doesn’t happen often.

Bella: You make a good point.

Nikau and Bella kiss

Nikau: So bedroom?

Bella: You read my mind.

Bella and Nikau kiss again and Nikau takes her hand and leads them into his room…

The Summer Bay House


Ryder and Chloe are alone and sitting together on the couch


Chloe: I’m sorry it took us so long to get to this point.

Ryder: It wasn’t all on you!

Chloe: True you acted like you hated me!

Ryder: So did you!

Chloe: I was wrong!

Ryder: So was I!

Chloe: So we were both wrong but now we are both happy right?

Ryder: Yeah we are.

Chloe: I’m glad. I really like you.

Ryder: I really like you too.

Chloe and Ryder kiss

Chloe: Should we?

Ryder: We can’t!

Chloe: What?

Ryder: I mean we can’t here.

Chloe: I didn’t mean the lounge room I meant your room.

Ryder: Yes and that’s what I meant.

Chloe: What, why?

Ryder: Rules.

Chloe: Rules?

Ryder: We can’t have sex in the house. But we can go to a van if your still keen.

Chloe: Oh course I am. Let’s go.

Ryder walks up to grab a key from an unused van and then grabs Chloe’s hand and leads her outside.


Irene’s House


Jasmine has just arrived home from her night out.


Irene: Someone is home late or early!

Jasmine: I was at Colby’s.

Irene: Oh we’re you?

Jasmine: Not like that.

Irene: I know I was just teasing you. So how was it?

Jasmine: It was good. It was what the 3 of us needed honestly.

Irene: Oh Tori was their too?

Jasmine: Of course.

Irene: I’m glad you guys had fun.

Jasmine: We did.

Irene: What did you guys do?

Jasmine: Ordered in and watched movies all night.

Irene: Sounds like a good time!

Jasmine: You upset you didn’t score an invite?

Irene: And crash the party? Yeah I’m ok.

Jasmime: Maybe we could have dinner together or see a movie ourselves?

Irene: Oh you feeling bad for ditching me last night?

Jasmine: What, no!

Irene: Chill I’m joking! And dinner would be nice if I can drag you away from your best mates!

Jasmine: I think they will cope!

Irene: Then salt? 6pm?

Jasmine: Sounds perfect.

Irene: Ok cool. I’m going to work now but I will see you later.

Jasmine: I thought you weren’t working today?

Irene: I wasn’t supposed to be but Leah called in sick.

Jasmine: Oh I hope she’s ok.

Irene: Jasmine, Leah’s code for “sick” is “doing something with Justin”.

Jasmine: Oh of course. Surprised you let her get away with that!

Irene: They are young and in love. I remember what’s that like.

Jasmine: You will find someone again.

Irene: Maybe? Maybe not? I’m happy by myself.

Jasmine: Being that single boss lady you are!

Irene: You bet! Bye love.

Jasmine: Bye see you later.

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Chapter 12


The Hospital


Jasmine arrives for her shift but Christian see’s her and wants answers.


Christian: What’s going on?

Jasmine: Oh hi to you too!

Christian: Ok sorry. Hi. But seriously what’s going on?

Jasmine: Not everything is about you!

Christian: Who said it was?

Jasmine: The point is if you want answers go to Tori!

Christian: Well I would if I could pin her down but she’s avoiding me!

Jasmine: And that doesn’t say something to you?

Christian: I just want the truth! Why is that so bad!

Jasmine: The truth is never a bad thing but maybe you have to earn it!

Christian: How?

Jasmine: I don’t get how this is suddenly my problem.

Christian: Your apart of the problem!

Jasmine: How?

Christian: You and that guy are best friends with Tori right?

Jasmine: Well yeah. And his name is Colby!

Christian: Fine whatever you and Colby are best mates with Tori am I right?

Jasmine: Yes so?

Christian: And you or Tori aren’t dating Colby right?

Jasmine: Well technically no.

Christian: What do you mean?

Jasmine: I mean our relationship is more complicated than that for both of us!

Christian: But your both single?

Jasmine: Maybe you should ask Tori that!

Christian: I’m asking you!

Jasmine: I am but for the right guy I wouldn’t be I guess.

Christian: Colby not that guy for you?

Jasmine: It’s not that simple.

Christian: How so?

Jasmine: You know what I don’t actually have to explain anything to you! Or talk to you at all!

Christian: I know.

Jasmine: Well then just drop it.

Christian: I can’t. I really like Tori.

Jasmine: So?

Christian: I want to get to know her!

Jasmine: Then do that! You don’t need me for that!

Christian: I was hoping you could put in a good word for me. Convince her to give me a chance maybe?

Jasmine: Why do you think I can convince her of anything?

Christian: Because your best friends?

Jasmine: Their was only one person that Tori listened too…

Christian: Great can I talk to him?

Jasmine: He’s dead so no you can’t! And leave me and Tori alone. Neither of us needs this.

Jasmine attempts to leave but Christian stops her 

Christian: Wait I’m sorry I didn’t know ok.

Jasmine: Ectually you don’t know anything! But for some reason you think you deserve all this information and all the answers but it doesn’t work like that. Sometimes you just don’t get what you want!

Christian: I won’t stop trying.

Jasmine: Then prepare to be disappointed. And leave me alone I mean it.

Jasmine walks off leaving Christian confused and frustrated.

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Chapter 13


The Hospital


Jasmine finds Tori in her office. Tori can tell she is upset and asks what’s up.


Jasmine: It’s Christian.

Tori: What did he do?

Jasmine: He kept hounding me for answers.

Tori: Why?

Jasmine: Because he thinks he deserves answers.

Tori: He doesn’t!

Jasmine: I told him that!

Tori: Good! But your still upset why?

Jasmine: Because it would be nice to find someone who would fight for me like that.

Tori: That’s not… I’m sorry.

Jasmine: It’s not your fault!

Tori: Yeah but Robbo…

Jasmine: I got to marry him. I got the life with him. You didn’t. It’s… I’m over it.

Tori: How can you be? I’m not!

Jasmine: I’m sorry.

Tori: No don’t do that. You loved him too. You married him not me. You had that life with him. It’s matters.

Jasmine: But he loved you more.

Tori: It doesn’t matter! Me and Robbo we were never…

Jasmine: I know. But you could of been…

Tori: Yeah but I don’t want to talk about that… I just can’t…

Jasmine: I get it. I don’t want to talk about that either.

Tori: Ok so back to Christian?

Jasmine: Oh now you want to talk about him?!

Tori: I want to talk about getting him out of our lives. I don’t want or need him.

Jasmine: Then tell him that.

Tori: I don’t know how too.

Jasmine: Why?

Tori: Because what my heart and what my head is saying is completely different.

Jasmine: Because you like him?

Tori: Yes! But no! I don’t know! If Robbo was here it wouldn’t even be a question.

Jasmine: I know.

Tori: I loved him too. So much.

Jasmine: I know. And I’m sorry.

Tori: No! No he choose you! He picked you!

Jasmine: Only because you told him too!

Tori: I didn’t… I…

Jasmine: You couldn’t face your feelings!

Tori: Yeah.

Jasmine: We will always be in each other’s lives as best friends.

Tori: Thank you. I don’t deserve it.

Jasmine: No you do. You didn’t take Robbo from me and you could have. I owe you for that.

Tori: No you don’t!

Jasmine: Ok fine truce. Friends. Whatever.

Tori: Ok deal.

Jasmine: So about Christian?

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Chapter 14


The Morgan House


Tori arrives back from work to find Justin and Leah waiting for her!


Tori: Hey guys.

Justin: Hey.

Leah: Hi.

Tori: What’s up?

Justin: You tell us!

Tori: What do you mean?

Justin: I mean you ran off then you spend the night with Colby and Jasmine. Then you went to work. You have avoided us for a whole day!

Tori: I’m sorry.

Justin: So am I. Can we talk now?

Tori: Ok.

Justin: Just explain why?

Tori: I just… you blindsided me!

Justin: What?

Tori: About moving out! You never even discussed it with me. You just landed that bomb and I couldn’t…

Justin: Handle it?

Tori: Yeah!

Justin: I’m sorry.

Tori: No it’s not all your fault. I mean…

Justin: Mason?

Tori: And Robbo. I can’t lose another person I love. I just can’t…

Justin: Your not losing me!

Leah: Or me!

Justin: We are family! We stick together always!

Tori: Ok. Then why do you want to move out?

Justin: We just want our own place. I mean we aren’t getting married. But buying a house together that’s our next step.

Tori: Ok.

Justin: And we will still live Summer Bay. We’re not moving town!

Tori: Good!

Justin: So will you help us find a place?

Tori: Of course!

Justin: Thanks T. I love you.

Tori: I love you too.

Justin and Tori hug


The Hospital


Tori finds Christian at the hospital


Tori: Hey.

Christian: Hi.

Tori: So I hear you want answers?

Christian: Yeah. But will you give them to me?

Tori: Well how about we talk and I guess you will find out…

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Chapter 15


Tori and Christian are in Tori’s office


Christian: So we going to stand here all day or what?

Tori: Don’t you have work to do?

Christian: Don’t you?!

Tori: Fair. Ok so what do you want to know?

Christian: Everything!

Tori: Ok so let’s start with something simple.

Christian: Ok.

Tori: I… I like you.

Christian: Great I like you too. Next question.

Tori: Well so do you want to date me?

Christian: Yeah but do you want to date me?

Tori: Yes! No! I don’t know! It’s not that simple.

Christian: But you said you liked me!

Tori: I do!

Christian: So?

Tori: So maybe it’s not you.

Christian: Right so it’s the “it’s not you it’s me thing”.

Tori: That’s not… I…

Christian: Can you at least explain the whole Jasmine and Colby thing?

Tori: What?!

Christian: Your best friends right?

Tori: Yeah.

Christian: So why aren’t you dating this Colby guy? Every time I see you guys together you are so close. I don’t get it.

Tori: It’s complicated.

Christian: Well then uncomplicate it!

Tori: It’s not… we’re not…

Christian: For someone who said they wanted to talk your not saying much.

Tori: I don’t know how to explain it!

Christian: Just try.

Tori: I don’t let people in.

Christian: Why?

Tori: My past. And Colby and me, we’re…

Christian: Connected?

Tori: Yeah but it’s more then that.

Christian: But it’s not romantic?

Tori: It could be!

Christian: So then?

Tori: I don’t know.

Christian: So why aren’t you dating him then?

Tori: You know I have a daughter right?

Christian: Yeah and the father isn’t in the picture?

Tori: I wish. But he… he died.

Christian: I’m sorry.

Tori: It’s not your fault.

Christian: So you and him were…

Tori: Not together. We had Grace though IVF. Robbo was Jasmine’s husband.

Christian: Wait Jasmine let you have a baby with her husband?

Tori: No we made that decision to have Grace before they were even a couple.

Christian: Oh.

Tori: Me and Robbo were… I guess you could say it was us against the world. No one or nothing could come between us. We could of had it all but I was scared and I pushed him towards Jasmine. Jasmine said he only chose her because he couldn’t have me and I guess she’s not wrong.

Christian: Oh.

Tori: We were soulmates in every way but the way that mattered.

Christian: I’m sorry.

Tori: I needed to move on and Colby and me, we could of had everything together and I know we would of made it work. It’s not…

Christian: Is it because you couldn’t lose him? Like you lost Robbo right? You couldn’t take the risk?

Tori: Maybe your smarter than I thought.

Christian: Well if you give me enough information I will figure it out eventually.

Tori: I’m sort of glad you did. Maybe now you understand.

Christian: I get it. So I have one last question.

Tori: Ok what is it.

Christian: Why me?

Tori: What do you mean?

Christian: Why do you like me?

Tori: Your nice. You care about me. Your not connected to my past at all. And I need a fresh start. So yeah if you still want to try then let’s try.

Christian: I’m glad you finally opened up to me. And yes I want to try and make this work.

Tori: Then let’s start with a date tonight.

Christian: Sounds like a plan.

Tori: Thank you.

Christian: For what?

Tori: For fighting for me.

Christian: I would never regret doing that.

Tori: Then I made the right decision.

Christian: Why? You thought you made the wrong one?

Tori: I’ve made so many bad decisions over the years so you never know.

Christian: I promise you I won’t be one of them.

Tori: I’ll hold you too that.

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Chapter 16




Tori and Christian are having dinner together


Tori: This is nice.

Christian: You had doubts?

Tori: No! I…

Christian: It’s fine. I was joking.

Tori: That’s not funny.

Christian: It’s funny to see you get flustered.

Tori: Oh sure.

Christian: Your cute what can I say.

Tori: Now your just sucking up.

Christian: Is it working?

Tori: Maybe…

Christian: I’ll take it as a win.

Tori: You do that.

Christian: So what’s good here?

Tori: Pizza!

Christian: Makes sense!

Tori: You haven’t tried the whole menu yet?

Christian: Might come as a surprise considering I’m a doctor but I like to cook.

Tori: So you don’t do takeout?

Christian: Not often.

Tori: That’s fair.

Christian: You don’t cook?

Tori: My brother is a chef so.

Christian: Oh right. So you didn’t need to? Is that it?

Tori: What can I say. I save lives. He cooks good food. Stick to what your good at I say.

Christian: Touché.

Tori: But really I’m glad we’re doing this.

Christian: What trying?

Tori: Dating.

Christian: Me too.

Tori: So you want to get out of here?

Christian: No desert?

Tori: Sure if you want.

Christian: Who says I’m that easy?

Tori: I feel like if you had an issue you would of said something sooner than now.

Christian: Good point. So your place?

Tori: If you like.

Christian: You going to make me work for it?

Tori: You tell me.

Christian: Ok let’s go.

Christian gets up and starts walking towards the exit. Tori begins to follow him.

Tori: Do you even know we’re your going?

Christian: I do remember were I parked my car.

Tori: I meant do you know were your driving too? My house remember.

Christian: Actually no. So you going to give me directions or what?

Tori: Sure for a price.

Christian: Do tell.

Tori and Christian has made it outside now.

Tori: kiss me.

Christian: As you wish.

Tori and Christian kiss

Tori: Ok let’s go.

Christian: Wait did you just steal my keys?

Tori: You don’t know were your going, I do!

Christian: You could of just gave me directions.

Tori: What would be the fun in that. Come on get in!

Christian: Fine but next time I get to drive your car!

Tori: Deal.

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Chapter 17


Bella and Colby’s Apartment


Colby is in his apartment pacing. He just got a call from the homicide department and they are sending someone to the bay in 2 days time! He honestly thought he had more time to prepare but I guess it’s now or never.


The Beach


Tori and Christian are walking on the Beach together holding hands.


Tori: This is nice.

Christian: Yeah I like it here. The bay. I could get used to being here.

Tori: You like it that much do you?

Christian: It has you and that’s enough for me.

Tori: Oh you never told me you could be such a romantic guy!

Christian: I’m full of surprises!

Tori: Good ones too!

Christian: Everything about us is good!

Tori: Confidence much?

Christian: If I was a betting man I would say were perfect together.

Tori: Oh really?

Christian: Yep soulmate material!

Tori: You seem pretty sure this will work out?

Christian: I have faith in us!

Tori: And I must be crazy because so do I!

Christian: Then let’s promise right here and right now to never stop fighting for each other?

Tori: Ok deal.

Christian and Tori kiss but get interrupted by Colby!

Colby: Hey sorry to interrupt but I need you now!


Bella and Colby’s Apartment


Tori is super worried


Tori: What’s wrong?

Colby: I just called Jasmine. She’s coming now. She needs to hear this too.

Tori: It’s that bad?

Colby: Yeah… I…

Jasmine arrives and is worried sick

Jasmine: What’s wrong?

Colby: We have a problem!

Tori: What kind of problem?

Colby: A homicide detective is coming here in 2 days to talk to be about Ross’s case.

Tori: What?!

Jasmine: How?

Colby: It’ll be ok.

Jasmine: It has to be ok.

Tori: We will get though this.

Jasmine: Yes the three of us together.

Colby: Yeah I’m sorry for all this.

Tori: It’s not your fault!

Jasmine: Yeah you had every right!

Tori: Ross killed your parents! And kidnapped your sister!

Colby: Still this is all on me. If I didn’t, we wouldn’t be here now!

Tori: Hey you made a promise remember!

Jasmine: Yeah don’t give up on us now! Because we sure aren’t giving up on you!

Colby: I can do this. I’m just scared.

Tori: We will be with you every step of the way.

Jasmine: Yeah we’re not leaving you alone.

Tori: Have you told Bella?

Colby: Yeah.

Tori: How’d she take it?

Colby: She went to Nikau. He will look after her.

Tori: That kid is good for her.

Colby: Yeah he is.

Tori: And he will keep his mouth shut?

Colby: He wouldn’t betray Bella like that.

Jasmine: Good one less thing to worry about.

Colby: I just need to calm down. Keep cool, calm and collected and keep the heat off me.

Tori: Yeah we’ll help anyway we can.

Jasmine: Of course what ever you need. We got you.

Colby: I will do whatever it takes to stay. I’m not going anywhere.

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Sorry for the long wait just been busy with work and stuff.


Chapter 18


The Parata House


Bella and Nikau are together


Nikau: Hey it will be alright.

Bella: You don’t know that.

Nikau: Your right I don’t. But I do know Colby won’t leave you without a fight.

Bella: I know.

Nikau: And I’m not going anywhere.

Bella: Good I can’t lose you too!

Nikau: Your not going to lose anyone!

Bella: Thank you.

Nikau: For what?

Bella: For not giving up on me.

Nikau: Never!

Bella: I love you.

Nikau: I love you too!

Bella and Nikau kiss

Nikau: So you want to go for a walk on the beach?

Bella: Yeah I need some fresh air.

Nikau: Let’s go.


The Beach


Bella and Nikau run into Chloe and Ryder


Bella: Hey guys.

Nikau: Hey.

Chloe: Hi.

Ryder: Hey.

Nikau: So beach day?

Chloe: Yep!

Ryder: It’s fun! You should try it sometime.

Bella: We do occasionally!

Chloe: Clearly not enough! You live on the beach you should be here every day!

Bella: Are you?

Chloe: Well yeah when we’re not at work!

Ryder: Totally! And I love to surf!

Nikau: You suck at surfing!

Ryder: Harsh!

Nikau: Sorry.

Bella: So you guys just planning to hang here all day?

Chloe: Yes!

Ryder: Pretty much!

Nikau: Ok we might leave you too it then!

Chloe: No don’t leave! Hang out with us!

Bella: Nah I have to go see Colby.

Ryder: Why what’s wrong?

Bella: Nothing! He just wanted to spend time together.

Ryder: So your ditching your boyfriend and your best mate for your brother?

Bella: Yes. Sorry.

Ryder: It’s ok. I will live apparently!

Bella: That you will. Anyway bye guys.

Ryder: Bye.

Chloe: See ya.

Nikau: Just text me if you need anything.

Bella: I will. Love you, bye.

Nikau: Bye.

Bella and Nikau kiss goodbye

Chloe: So you staying?

Ryder: Yeah come hang with us!

Nikau: I guess I can chill for a bit.

Ryder: Yes!

Chloe: Swim first talk later.

Ryder: Deal.

Nikau: Ok let’s go get wet!

Chloe: I will throw you in the water myself if you don’t hurry up!

Nikau: I’m coming!

Nikau goes to join Ryder and Chloe in the surf.


Colby and Bella’s Apartment

Bella enters to find Colby by himself


Bella: Where is Tori and Jasmine?

Colby: Downstairs.

Bella: I thought you weren’t going to be alone.

Colby: I’m not your here.

Bella: I know but I wasn’t before.

Colby: I’m fine!

Bella: No your not! How can you be? I’m not!

Colby: Bella I love you.

Bella: I love you too.

Colby and Bella hug just as Tori and Jasmine arrive

Bella: Why did you leave him?

Tori: He asked for a moment.

Jasmine: And we weren’t far!

Bella: I don’t care! We all promised not to leave each other!

Jasmine: And we won’t!

Tori: No way we are all sticking together.

Bella: Promise?

Tori: I promise.

Jasmine: I promise too.

Colby: I won’t leave you guys. I’m not going anywhere.

Bella: We have to be ok. The 4 of us have to stick together.

Tori: We will.

Jasmine: No one is bailing. We are all here.

Bella: So what’s the plan?

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Chapter 19


The Diner


Colby and Tori are having breakfast together


Colby: Sorry.

Tori: What?

Colby: You probably want to spend time with Christian.

Tori: No! I want to be here.

Colby: I know and I’m happy you are. But you don’t need to be here all the time.

Tori: I told you I’m not leaving and I’m not!

Colby: Good. I couldn’t cope if I lost you.

Tori: I wouldn’t cope if you weren’t here!

Colby: I miss him too!

Tori: I wish he was here!

Colby: He would protect us all!

Tori: Yeah like a bad ass!

Colby: 100%.

Tori: I love you.

Colby: I love you too.

Tori: So should we get out of here?

Colby: Sounds like a plan.

Tori: Well let’s go.

Colby: Go where?

Tori: Anywhere!

Colby: I have just the place come on.

Colby grabs Tori’s hand and leads her out of the diner but they are stopped by someone!

Colby: You right?

Simon: Are you?

Colby: Who are you?

Simon: Someone who won’t stop until they get what I want.

Colby: And what do you want?

Simon: To find out the truth!

Colby: About what?

Simon: About your step father’s murder!

Colby: What?

Simon: Well your his step son right, Colby?

Colby: Yeah.

Simon: Well nice to meet you. I’m Det Simon.

Colby: Right well we have places to be so…

Simon: Hi, is this your girlfriend?

Colby: What’s it to you?

Simon: Just curious.

Colby: Yes she is. Now if you will excuse me.

Simon: Oh your excused but trust me you will be seeing me around. The both of you! Enjoy your date!

Colby: We will! See you around.

Colby puts his arm around Tori before leaving looking back at Simon in anger.

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Chapter 20


The Morgan House


Christian has come to see Tori


Christian: Hey.

Tori: Hey.

Christian: Are we ok?

Tori: Yes. Why? What’s wrong?

Christian: Just heard some stuff that’s all.

Tori: What stuff?

Christian: Just word around town is you have a boyfriend and it’s not me.

Tori: What?

Christian: People at the hospital talking that’s all.

Tori: Patients?

Christian: Yeah. The public.

Tori: That’s werid.

Christian: Why do I feel like your lying to me?

Tori: I’m not lying. I honestly don’t know who is saying all this stuff!

Christian: No I meant lying about knowing something not lying about well you know what I mean.

Tori: It’s complicated.

Christian: Then fill me in.

Tori: Ok I know who is telling everyone that I have another boyfriend.

Christian: Who?

Tori: Simon.

Christian: Who’s that?

Tori: The Detective that is investigating Ross’s murder.

Christian: Why would he care about us?!

Tori: He doesn’t!

Christian: Then why?

Tori: He thinks Colby killed his dad. And he’s trying to **** him off. Just ignore it.

Christian: Ok if your sure.

Tori: I am sure.

Christian: Ok I trust you.

Tori: Thank you. But honestly their is nothing to worry about. We are fine.

Christian: Good. I don’t want to lose you.

Tori: You won’t. I’m in this 100%.

Christian: Me too.

Tori: Good.

Christian: So you got plans today?

Tori: Um yeah I do. Sorry.

Christian: It’s ok was late notice and all.

Tori: How about tomorrow?

Christian: Sounds perfect.

Tori and Christian kiss

Christian: So you have to go now?

Tori: Not this second.

Christian: Hmm maybe we should take advantage of this empty house…

Tori: I like that idea.

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