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Weather The Storm

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Name of Fic: Weather The Storm

Type of Fic: Long Fic

Genre: Romance/Drama/General

Rating: T/A

Characters: Tori, Christian, Colby, Jasmine, Justin, Leah, Irene, Bella, Nikau, Ryder, Chloe

Rating: Violence

Spoilers: Yes

Summary: Tori has just kissed Christian and runs to the only person who can help... Colby. Bella and Nikau are going strong but can they help fellow friends Ryder and Chloe find common ground? Justin and Leah want to find a place of their own but is that even an option right now? And just as Colby has his life sorted his past comes back with a vengeance but who will be left standing in Weather The Storm?


Chapter 1


Colby and Bella’s Apartment


Colby opens the door to Tori and see’s she is upset. He takes her hand and drags her to the couch. They sit down on the couch with Colby looking worried.


Colby: What’s wrong?

Tori: I did something stupid.

Colby: Is this about Justin?

Tori: Sort of.

Colby: Is he ok? Did the surgery work?

Tori: No Justin’s ok. The surgery went well.

Colby: Ok then what happened?

Tori: I was so happy about Justin that I might of kissed his surgeon!

Colby: Why didn’t he kiss you back?

Tori: No he was in too much shock and I ran here!

Colby: Ok I don’t see how kissing one guy is the end of the world.

Tori: I kissed some guy I don’t even know and I don’t even know if I like him like that yet!

Colby: I’m pretty sure you will be ok.

Tori: How can you be sure?

Colby: Because your the toughest most amazing person I know. And you won’t let this break you.

Tori: How so you know the right thing to say to make me feel better.

Colby: It’s a gift.

Tori: You know I always thought I would be talking to Robbo about this stuff.

Colby: Yeah you should of been! But you have me and I’m not going anywhere!

Tori: Good! I would be a mess if you weren’t here! Losing Robbo and Mason was so hard. I can’t lose you too.

Colby: You won’t I promise.

Tori: Still no word on the investigation?

Colby: Nope. And I hope it stays that way. Ross has destoryed my life enough!

Tori: You keep talking about how strong I am but really your strong too.

Colby: Thank you.

Tori: So you want to come for a walk with me?

Colby: Do you even have to ask? I would follow you anywhere. Let’s go.

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Chapter 2


Bella and Nikau are playing pool together.


Bella: So how are we going to get Ryder and Chloe to make nice?

Nikau: I don’t know. We need a plan.

Bella: Well maybe we can force them to hang out together.

Nikau: Not a bad idea.

Bella: How about we go out together to a club?

Nikau: In Yabbie Creek?

Bella: Yeah loud music. Dancing. Fun. Surley that will get them in the mood.

Nikau: It’s worth a shot.

Bella: Ok I’ll call Ryder. And you call Chloe.

Nikau: Ok deal.

Bella: Now?

Nikau: No let’s finish our game and enjoy the rest of our time together before we deal with our friends drama.

Bella: Ah this is why I love you.

Nikau: Why because I’m thoughtful?

Bella: Your also sweet. Nice. Kind. Too good for me.

Nikau: No I’m perfect for you. We are perfect together.

Bella: See sweet.

Nikau: Ah shut up!

Bella: Make me!

Nikau starts chasing Bella around the pool table until he outsmarts her and grabs her and declared victory.

Nikau: Ha I win.

Bella: Ok you win. I surrender.

Nikau: Good.

Bella: I really do love you though.

Nikau: I love you too.

Nikau and Bella kiss.

Bella: Ok time for drama central.

Nikau: Wish us luck?

Bella: We don’t need it. We got this.

Nikau: I hope your right.

Bella: Hey if worse comes to worse. We can just leave them both in the club and bail yeah?

Nikau: True.

Bella: Ok plan sorted. Let’s do this.

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Chapter 3


The Morgan House


Justin and Leah are chatting


Leah: So you going to hide forever?

Justin: What? No!

Leah: Then why haven’t you told your sister about our plans to move out yet?

Justin: It’s not the right time.

Leah: Excuses.

Justin: Maybe? But can’t we just wait a few more days?

Leah: What so you can make up another excuse then?

Justin: I just don’t want Tori to be mad. Is that so bad?

Leah: No! It’s actually really sweet you care about your sisters opinion that much but this is our future.

Justin: Your right. I’m sorry. I will tell her I promise.

Leah: Today?

Justin: Ok I should do it before I chicken out again I guess.

Leah: Probally advisable.

Justin: Ok your right. Wish me luck?

Leah kisses Justin

Leah: Good luck.

Justin bails from the house


Bella and Colby’s Apartment


Bella, Nikau, Ryder and Chloe are all hanging out together.


Chloe: So what’s the plan?

Ryder: Yeah you said you had something to tell us?

Chloe: What’s going on?

Bella: We decided to take you guys clubbing!

Nikau: Yeah it will be fun.

Chloe: Pass.

Ryder: Yeah if she’s going I’m out.

Nikau: Why can’t you guys just get along?

Bella: Yes you both are our best mates so why can’t we all hang out together as a group and have some fun.

Nikau: Please guys for us.

Chloe: Urg fine.

Ryder: I call emotional blackmail but ok.

Bella: Great.

Nikau: Awesome.

Bella: You won’t regret it.

Nikau: Yeah it will be the best night ever.

Bella: And at the end of it. You guys will be friends.

Chloe: Don’t bet on it.

Ryder: Yeah I feel like your going to lose this bet.

Nikau: Have some faith.

Bella: This will work out.

Chloe: Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Ryder: Hey we finally agree on something. We both think this will end badly!

Nikau: Hey thats progress. Keep it up and who knows what might happen next.

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Part 4


Colby and Tori are walking on the beach still holding hands.


Tori: Thank you for always being here for me, it means a lot.

Colby: Your always their for me too. Plus I promised Robbo I would look after you and Jasmine and I will.

Tori: Yeah he might just kill you from the grave if you don’t.

Colby: I would like to see him try! But seriously I know I’m not him but I can be the next best thing.

Tori: You were never second choice. But Robbo and me, yeah it was complicated!

Colby: Yeah try explaining that to everyone who didn’t know you two and we would be here all day! Scratch that even the people who know still get confused!

Tori: That’s true! Thanks for making me feel better.

Colby: Anytime.

Tori pulls Colby into a hug and he hugs her back. Them both crying.

Tori: I miss him so much.

Colby: Me too. Every day.

Tori: But we have each other and that has to be enough now.

Colby: It will be.

Christian is walking on the Beach and see’s Tori hugging some guy and wonders what their connection is? Is she with him? Are they just friends? And if they are together why did she kiss him? So many questions and he doesn’t know how to get any answers.


The Hospital


Tori and Christian literally bump into each other!


Tori: Hey.

Christian: Hi.

Tori: Well this is awkward.

Christian: Yeah. Um can we talk?

Tori: Um sure. Let’s go to my office.

Christian: Sure lead the way.


Tori’s office at the hospital


Christian: So I...

Tori: About the...

Christian: Ok so the kiss?

Tori: Yeah, what about it?

Christian: Well why did you kiss me?

Tori: Well I...

Christian: I mean do you like me?

Tori: Um...

Christian: And what about the guy you were hugging on the beach earlier?

Tori: Wait you saw that?

Christian: Urg yeah I was out walking and saw you hugging some guy from a distance. So what’s that about?

Tori: Well I...

Christian: Am I just going to stand here asking questions and you not answering a single one? Or am I going to get an answer sometime soon?

Tori: That’s not fair! Anyway you never really gave me a chance too answer.

Christian: Here is your chance...

Tori: Well I...

Jasmine barges into Tori’s office and is very upset. Tori is instantly worried.

Tori: What’s wrong?

Jasmine: Colby... I need you.

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Chapter 5


Bella and Colby’s Apartment


Tori and Jasmine barge into the house to find Colby collapsed on the ground.

Tori: What happened?

Jasmine: I don’t know. I found him like this. I tried to help him but he asked for you.

Tori: Why didn’t you call me?

Jasmine: I did. You didn’t pick up.

Tori: Sorry, my phone must be on silent.

Jasmine: It’s ok.

Tori tries to get Colby to talk to her but he isn’t saying much of anything!

Tori: We should take him to the hospital.

Jasmine: He didn’t want to go their!

Tori: I don’t care! I need to help him and find out what’s wrong. It’s the best place for him!

Colby: No don’t...

Jasmine: Tori I really don’t think.

Tori: Then tell me what to do!

Jasmine: I don’t know! I just don’t know, ok!

Tori pulls Jasmine into a hug

Tori: It’ll all be ok.

Jasmine: How can you know that? Robbo is gone. Colby is the only one we have left!

Colby: I’m not going anywhere.

Jasmine: Colby are you ok?

Tori: Yeah what happened?

Colby: It’s...

Jasmine: What?

Tori: Please tell us.

Colby: I...

Tori: I can’t lose you. I need you.

Colby: They are sending someone out here to talk to me about Ross. I just collapsed in shock. I am fine. I swear!

Tori: How are you fine? I’m not fine!

Jasmine: How is this happening?

Colby: It will be ok. It has to be.

Tori: I can’t...

Jasmine: Tori it’ll be ok.

Tori: How do you know?

Colby: Because I will make sure of it. I have too many people who need me here. I’m not giving up without a fight. I promise!


The Diner


Christian is in the diner when he see’s Tori with that guy again. He really doesn’t get what’s going on their and he feels like he might be waiting awhile for an answer. He see’s Jasmine join them, making him more confused about what the 3 of them are too each other.

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Chapter 6




Bella, Nikau, Chloe and Ryder are all together


Bella: this will be fun right?

Nikau: Ask them?

Chloe: Ask us what?

Ryder: What’s going on?

Bella: Just saying we need more drinks?

Nikau: Yeah good idea. What does everyone want?

Chloe: Why you paying?

Nikau: We should take it in turns to pay for drinks yeah? That’s fair right?

Ryder: Deal.

Chloe: Ok.

Bella: Sounds good.

Nikau (To Bella): You coming to the bar with me?

Bella: Yes!

Nikau: Good let’s go.

Nikau takes Bella’s hand and leads her to the bar. Leaving Ryder and Chloe alone.

Chloe: So why are you here?

Ryder: Why are you?

Chloe: I was invited!

Ryder: So was I!

Chloe: Maybe we should try to get along?

Ryder: I guess we could try.

Chloe: Good, let’s dance!

Ryder: What? No one said anything about dancing!

Chloe: Where in a nightclub, that’s kind of what you do!

Ryder: Urg fine. But if your a bad dancer I’m ditching you!

Chloe: Me bad? I have moves Buddy! I’m ditching you if you can’t keep up!

Ryder: Oh is that a challenge?

Chloe: You bet let’s go.

Chloe takes Ryder’s hand and drags him on to the dance floor!

Nikau and Bella come back to find Ryder and Chloe out of sight! They start to freak out until they look around and find them together on the dance floor!

Bella: Well this is unexpected!

Nikau: Yes I thought they were going to be fighting all night but now they are dancing together?

Bella: Well maybe this is a first step to them getting along?

Nikau: Maybe?

Bella: We’ll I hope so. Would be nice to hang out as a group in peace.

Nikau: True! Anyway now that we’re alone. Let’s go dance!

Bella: What about our drinks?

Nikau: We can’t leave them unattended, let’s just take them out on the floor with us.

Bella: Ok. Let’s give Ryder and Chloe’s theirs too then disappear to a different bar!

Nikau: You want to ditch them already?

Bella: Alone time with you or friend time? Let me think.

Nikau: Ok fair.

Bella and Nikau come over to where Ryder and Chloe are dancing.

Bella: Here’s your drinks.

Nikau: Next rounds on you right?

Chloe: Thanks.

Ryder: Definitely.

Bella: We are going to the next room for some alone time. You guys cool to hang for a bit?

Ryder: Think we could manage.

Chloe: It’s ok.

Nikau: We will be back in half an hour ok?

Chloe: Ok have fun!

Ryder: Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!

Bella: Oh you guys are funny!

Chloe: We try!

Ryder: Just don’t forget to come back. Otherwise we will find you!

Bella: Don’t worry we will.

Nikau: Need those drinks remember!

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Chapter 7




Chloe and Ryder are still dancing when a guy comes over and asks to dance with Chloe. Ryder leaves them to it and says he’s going to get another drink. He gets to the other side of the dance floor and is confused about this new emotion likes he’s jealous? But he doesn’t like Chloe like that does he? No he’s not jealous he’s just worried anyway he goes to find Bella and Nikau because he wants another drink.


The Morgan House


Justin arrives back and Leah questions him.

Leah: So how did it go?

Justin: I couldn’t find Tori anyway. Looked everywhere for her too. The hospital. The diner. Salt. Colby’s place. The beach. Nothing. She’s no where to be found.

Leah: Then you know where she is right?

Justin: Of course. With Colby somewhere.

Leah: Yeah ectually so no reason to be worried.

Justin: I’m not! I’m frustrated I was all ready to tell Tori and now I have to wait another day.

Leah: Yes that does suck. But their is always tomorrow. Plus we have the house to ourselves right now and we should probably take advantage of that.

Justin: I like the way you think.

Leah and Justin kiss




Ryder finds Bella and Nikau in another bar!


Ryder: Hey guys.

Nikau: Hey.

Bella: Hey.

Nikau: Where is Chloe?

Ryder: Dancing with some guy. I left them alone.

Nikau: What? What guy?

Ryder: Go look for yourself.

Nikau: What’s your problem? Thought you two were getting along for once!

Ryder: We were!

Nikau: What changed!

Ryder: Nothing!

Bella: No spill, your hiding something!

Ryder: Maybe I’m…

Bella: Maybe your what?

Ryder: Maybe I’m jealous. Their I said it, you happy?

Bella: Wait you like Chloe?

Nikau: My sister? You like Chloe?

Ryder: So what if I do.

Bella: Wow.

Nikau: I want you to be friends not date each other!

Bella: Look at this way. At least they will get along!

Nikau: Actually good point.

Ryder: So your not mad?

Bella: No.

Nikau: Working on it. As long as you don’t screw her around then I guess it’s fine.

Ryder: Wow high praise but I will take it.

Nikau: So let’s go re-join Chloe.

Bella: Yes this should be fun.

Ryder: Pass I think I will stay here.

Bella: Nah your coming with us.

Nikau: Yeah show Chloe you care.

Ryder: Fine but if she rejects me it’s your fault!

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Chapter 8




Nikau, Bella and Ryder arrive back and spot Chloe alone on the dance floor


Bella: See the guy is gone here is your chance.

Nikau: Just don’t blow it.

Ryder: Thanks the support!

Nikau: I just don’t want her hurt.

Ryder: She won’t be, chill.

Ryder goes over to Chloe

Chloe: Oh hey your finally back.

Ryder: Yep. Where the guy go?

Chloe: Don’t know don’t care.

Ryder: Why what happened? Did he do something?

Chloe: He was a player. I don’t do players.

Ryder: Right of course.

Chloe: Anyway have you seen Bella and Nikau?

Ryder: Yeah they over their.

Chloe see’s them standing on the other side of the dance floor.

Chloe: Oh cool. Let’s go join them.

Ryder: No wait their is something I need to say.

Chloe: Ok will split it up we don’t have all night.

Ryder: We might. Anyway what I wanted to say was…

Chloe: Ryder you look nervous.

Ryder: I am nervous!

Chloe: Why?

Ryder: I don’t know because how do you tell the girl that you hated them just become friends with that you kind of might like her!

Chloe: Wait you like me? As in like like me?

Ryder: Yeah I mean I was jealous of that guy that’s how I know I do like like you.

Chloe: Wow I…

Ryder: You don’t have to say anything I just sprang this on you.

Chloe: Well I…

Ryder: Really it’s cool we don’t even have to talk about it. I can give you time. You need time right?

Chloe: Well I…

Ryder: Yeah I’ll just leave you to think. K bye.

Ryder attempts to leave but Chloe stops him.

Chloe: Wait?

Ryder: Ok so…

Chloe: Maybe I like you too!

Ryder: Really?

Chloe: Maybe I always did. From the moment we met if I’m honest.

Ryder: I thought you hated me?!

Chloe: Maybe I was pretending too so I wouldn’t get rejected if I told you I liked you and you didn’t like me back.

Ryder: Roo was right.

Chloe: Huh?

Ryder: I’m an idiot.

Chloe: Well if you are so am I.

Ryder: No I mean Roo told me I liked you ages ago I just didn’t listen to her. But she is usually right about these things so maybe I should of listened and all this would of been avoided.

Chloe: Oh.

Ryder: Yeah.

Chloe: Well we got their in the end that’s what counts right?

Ryder: Yeah.

Chloe: And now we can make up for lost time.

Ryder: How?

Chloe: How about we start with this.

Chloe kisses Ryder.

Ryder: Did we just have our first kiss?

Chloe: I think we did. And it won’t stop their.

Ryder: I should hope not.

Ryder kisses Chloe

Chloe: I think we both can do better.

Ryder: Is that a challenge?

Chloe: you tell me.

Ryder and Chloe kiss

Chloe: Hmm so dance?

Ryder: Oh so now it’s our first dance as a couple?

Chloe: Making up for lost time remember?

Ryder: How could I forget. In which case lead the way.

Chloe: What’s wrong with this quiet spot just the two of us?

Ryder: Nothing. But right now I want to be in the middle of that crowd showing you off as my girlfriend.

Chloe: Girlfriend? I like the sound of that. And does that mean I get to call you my boyfriend now?

Ryder: You better.

Chloe: Ok deal. So we’re offical.

Ryder: Yep.

Chloe: Cool let’s go dance.

Ryder kisses Chloe

Ryder: One last kiss for luck.

Chloe: Don’t need luck. We’re going to show these guys how it’s done.

Ryder: Let’s kill it.

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Chapter 9

It’s morning


Colby is walking along the grass area outside the surf club when Jasmine finds him


Jasmine: Hey.

Colby: Hey.

Jasmine: What are you doing today?

Colby: I have no plans why?

Jasmine: Your not spending time with Tori today?

Colby: Does it look like she is here?!

Jasmine: Good point! Anyway came to ask if you wanted to go for coffee.

Colby: Sounds good. You paying?

Jasmine: Who said anything about that?

Colby: I just did!

Jasmine: Ok I’ll pay but you have to catch me first!

Colby: Wait? What?

Jasmine runs off in front of him and Colby snaps out of it after a few seconds and chases after her.

Jasmine: Your a bit slow today!

Colby: Haha you had a head start!

Jasmine: Hmm, did I?

Colby: Yeah you cheated!

Jasmine: Nah all is fair in love and war and all that.

Colby: Keep telling yourself that!

Jasmine: I can ran all day!

Colby: You sure about that?

Jasmine: You sure you can catch me?

Colby: Hey Irene!

Jasmine: Wait? Irene?

Jasmine stops and looks around but doesn’t see Irene. Colby catches up to her and puts his arms around her.

Colby: What were you saying about winning?

Jasmine: What were you saying about cheating?

Colby: Fine, truce!

Jasmine: Ok fine but your paying for the coffee!

Colby: Deal let’s go.

Christian is walking alone when he see’s that guy again with Jasmine acting all happy together. He really doesn’t get them and Tori & he really wants answers about it all.


The Morgan House


Justin and Leah have just finished breakfast and Tori comes into the room


Tori: Hey guys.

Justin: Hey.

Leah: Good morning.

Tori: What’s up?

Justin: I have… I mean we have something to tell you…

Tori: Ok spill…

Justin: We’ll…

Tori: Justin why do you look nervous?

Justin: Well I…

Tori: Just tell me, how bad could it be?

Justin: Ok me and Leah are moving out!

Tori: What?!

Justin: We just feel like we want our own space you know…

Tori: What and you don’t get that here!

Justin: That’s not what I meant! I mean me and Leah want to buy our own home. Just the two of us you know…

Tori: Why what’s wrong with the 3 of us together?

Justin: Come on T. You will meet a guy and want to live with him without me eventually. We have to live apart sometime!

Tori: Not this soon. You didn’t even warn me. I can’t…

Tori storms out of the room leaving Justin and Leah shocked…


The Diner


Tori walks into the diner and see’s Colby and Jasmine having a coffee together. Colby and Jasmine both notice she is upset and Colby pulls her into a hug


Colby: What’s happened? What’s wrong?

Jasmine: Tori what’s going on.

Tori: Justin…

Jasmine: Wait is Justin hurt?

Tori: No he and Leah are…

Jasmine: Are what?

Tori: Moving out. He and Leah are moving out. And they just dropped this on me with no warning or anything and I can’t…

Colby: It’s ok. Let’s go upstairs.

Jasmine: I’ll settle the bill and meet you guys up their.

Colby: Thanks Jasmine.

Colby wraps his arm around Tori and leads her out of the diner. Just as they leave Christian arrives and is wondering what’s going on now. Jasmine is just about to leave to follow her friends but Christian stops her.


Christian: Can we talk?

Jasmine: Now?

Christian: Yes!

Jasmine: I’m busy. I can’t now.

Christian: Fine can we later?

Jasmine: Fine later. Text me. I have to go. Bye.


Jasmine leaves the diner in a hurry and Christian is concerned but kind of happy he will hopefully get some answers soon.

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Chapter 10


Colby and Bella’s Apartment


Colby is trying to clam Tori down


Colby: It’ll be ok.

Tori: You don’t know that.

Colby: Justin isn’t leaving town. Him and Leah will still be here.

Tori: I know but that’s not the point.

Colby: What is the point?

Tori: He should of gave me a heads up. A bit of warning. A sign. Anything. He can’t just drop a bomb like that and walk away.

Colby: Your right it wasn’t cool.

Tori: Promise me your not going to up and leave me too.

Colby: I would never do that.

Tori: Good I can’t handle anymore change it’s too much.

Colby: I miss him too.

Tori: I don’t know how I’m supposed to raise our daughter alone.

Colby: Your not alone! You have me and Jasmine, Justin and Leah too. We’re all here.

Tori: I know but it’s not the same.

Colby: I know and I’m sorry.

Tori: It’s not your fault!

Colby: I wish he was here too. He was one of my best friends.

Tori: He was my best friend. He was everything.

Colby and Tori hug and Jasmine arrives

Jasmine: Hey. You ok?

Tori: I will be.

Tori gets out of Colby’s arms and hugs Jasmine

Jasmine: Hey I’m here.

Tori: Thank you.

Jasmine: I’m not going anywhere. You won’t lose me.

Tori: Good. I can’t…

Jasmine: I get it. Are you guys ok here? I have to be somewhere.

Tori: What’s going on?

Jasmine: Christian wants answers.

Tori: About what?

Jasmine: You. Me. Colby. The 3 of us.

Tori: It’s none of his business!

Jasmine: He seems to think it is. You want to tell me why?

Tori: Urg I might of sort of kissed him!

Jasmine: What?! When?

Tori: After Justin’s surgery. It was a mistake.

Jasmine: You tell him that?

Tori: I did.

Jasmine: And he still wants answers? He must like you!

Tori: He can’t!

Jasmine: Why not?

Tori: I don’t want to date him!

Jasmine: You kissed him though?

Tori: So?

Jasmine: That means you like him?

Tori: No I don’t. Anyway please don’t go meet him. Stay here with us. Let’s watch a movie. Order in.

Jasmine: You really don’t want me to talk to him?

Tori: No I really don’t!

Jasmine: Ok fine you win. I’ll text him and tell him to stay away!

Tori: Good. It’s for the best. It’s the three of us against the world we don’t need anyone else anyway.

Jasmine: You sure?

Tori: Positive.

Jasmine: Ok.

Colby: Good now that’s sorted what’s for dinner?

Tori: And what movie are we watching?

Jasmine: You guys are such kids sometimes.

Tori: You love it.

Jasmine: I do! Plus I act like a kid sometimes too so I guess it’s even.

Colby: Only sometimes?

Jasmine: Ok guilty. Anyway food? Movie?

Tori: Yes let’s enjoy tonight.

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